What I Want The Education Secretary to Know

Thursday 16th September 2021

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  • Every teacher has a different idea of what education is all about
  • Discussing the difficulties that you and your learners face can be difficult.
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With a new Secretary of State for Education for England newly appointed, it seems appropriate to discuss what you want your education leader, whether that is in the four nations of the UK or beyond, to know about teaching, schooling and learning today. Whether newly in the post or an established face, no doubt they have said that they are listening (that’s what politicians do!), so this is an opportunity to make your voice heard wherever you are in the world.

Each school, each classroom is unique and has particular characteristics which make it special. Each teacher has a difficult idea for what makes a good education which drives everyone you do as a professional. From the way you approach CPD to your attitude to school culture, I have never met a teacher who isn’t passionate about the way education should be.

In this #UKEdChat session, which took place on Thursday 16th September 2021 at 8pm(UK), attempted to put politics to one side and have a constructive discussion about what a new or existing Education Secretary should know about education, from the difficulties you and your learners face to the achievements you have collectively made during the last academic year.


1. What is special about your classroom which others should know about?
2. What is the biggest barrier to learning for your learners?
3. What do you want to hear from your education leaders?
4. What extra support do your learners need from education leaders?
5. What are the biggest problems you face as a teacher?
6. What has been your biggest success as an educator in recent times?
7. What support from education leaders do you need to improve your CPD?
8. What piece of advice would you give to the education leader of your country or area?

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