Enhanced Effort: Going Above & Beyond

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  • There are many reasons why learners effort dwindles.
  • Good effort is often admired, but not formally rewarded.
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At a previous school I worked in there was a yearly tradition of ‘New Year’s Honours’ just before the winter holidays. Rewards were given for myriad things things, for academic achievement in a given subject area, prowess on the sports field, or good conduct. Many schools do something similar at the end of the academic year. But there was award that many teachers saw as a consolation prize. Something to give someone who was a deserving, but didn’t quite fit the other awards – ‘Good effort’.

Yet, putting the work in, having a good work ethic, and being self-motivated is, surely, the pinnacle of what we as teachers wish to mould our learners into (if it is not the case to start with). We may measure the progress being made with our tests and assessments – but the thing that teachers often admire and wish to foster in their learners is to push through the struggle to grasp the concept.

This has been packaged (for book selling purposes) as ‘mindset’, ‘grit’ and many other terms besides in the ‘self-help’ genre, but in each case, it is about the effort being put in and maintained, and going above and beyond what the you of yesterday could achieve.

In this #UKEdChat session, which took place on Thursday 28th October 2021 at 8pm(UK), we discussed what enhanced effort looks like, how it can be fostered, what actions may shut it down, and how to discover the value of ‘good effort’ in our assessment.


  1. What does good effort look like in a learner?
  2. What factors contribute to learners to decrease their efforts and self-motivation in class?
  3. What role does the culture of the school play in the effort that learners put in?
  4. At the whole school level, what can be done to improve the work ethic and effort of learners?
  5. How can increased effort be promoted by a teacher in class?
  6. What is the link between praise, rewards and effort?
  7. How can the physical classroom be modified to increase effort?
  8. Cite an example of a learner whose effort went above and beyond.

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