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The Wellbeing Curriculum: Embedding children’s wellbeing in primary schools













  • An invaluable book for primary schools split into three sections: knowing ourselves; knowing others, and; putting wellbeing values into action.
  • Andrew carefully articulates how to create a curriculum and school ethos built around resilience, respect and recognition.
  • Ideas are offered that are compatible for each primary key stage, allowing for progression of key considerations and ideas, developing as children mature.
  • School assembly ideas are shared throughout the book, allowing for a whole-school approach to actively be created.
  • A handy reading resource list is provided, allowing for developing ideas and stories with children to help them understand key points.

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Schools are responsible for giving children the tools and emotional resilience to cope with the changes and challenges they will face in the future. Developing a comprehensive wellbeing curriculum for primary-aged children is crucial: when taught how to make good life choices and care for their physical and mental health, children will thrive both at primary school and beyond.

The Wellbeing Curriculum covers a range of issues from self-awareness, looking after others and building trust, to exercise, healthy eating, cyberbullying, leadership, diversity and empowerment. It offers practical ideas for embedding a wellbeing curriculum in lessons, assemblies, PSHE and RSE sessions and as part of the school ethos. This is the must-have book for schools looking to adapt their pastoral approach and put pupil wellbeing at the heart of the curriculum.

Andrew Cowley, author of The Wellbeing Toolkit and co-founder of Healthy Toolkit (@HealthyToolkit), presents the ultimate guide to help primary schools develop a practical, principled and values-driven wellbeing curriculum for their pupils.

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