Schools, Teaching and the Menopause

Thursday 25th November 2021

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  • Menopause continues to be a taboo in schools
  • There are many myths and misunderstanding surrounding menopause.
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In recent weeks there has been a high profile campaign to raise awareness of the impact that menopause has on people, their wellbeing, and what the workplace can do to support them. Educational establishments are no exception. Breaking the taboo (and taboo so ingrained in our society that it was impossible to find a good stock photo for this topic!) and creating a work environment where those impacted by menopause feel they can talk, be listened to, and find support and understanding are just the first steps.

Senior leaders should draw up a formal policy to support everyone who is impacted by menopause and to educate themselves and dispel common myths and misunderstandings enough staff. As menopause is rarely spoken about, there are many misconceptions about it, including for those going through it. In a recent interview on Radio 4, one person recounted that they thought they were having a mental health crisis when the effects of the menopause began to manifest, and low mood or anxiety, along with difficulty sleeping are cited as possible symptoms by the NHS. But as symptoms vary from each individual, blanket support is also not the answer and must be tailored to the needs of the individual person.

Schools are meant to be places that excel in catering for individuals, and ensuring that provision and support are available for those who need it when they need it will enable staff to work at the top of their game.

In this #UKEdChat session, which took place on Thursday 25th November 2021 at 8pm(UK), we discussed what menopause is, how schools and staff can support individuals, and what can we teach our learners to bring about more understanding about menopause which may be occurring at home, or in the wider community.


  1. What is your understanding of what the menopause is and how it presents? Can’t answer this question? Visit
  2. How can we make menopause less of a taboo in schools and beyond?
  3. Does your school have policies and procedures to support individuals going through menopause? Why (not)?
  4. How do/might the symptoms of the menopause impact on teachers and other staff in schools?
  5. What support should schools have in place to support individuals going through menopause?
  6. What isn’t / wouldn’t be helpful from schools to support individuals going through menopause?
  7. How have you personally supported someone going through menopause in a school setting?
  8. Should schools teach about menopause more in sex-ed classes? If so, what should be covered?

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