Staying Safe Over the Festive Season

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  • Schools need to prepare for a potentially difficult winter period
  • How can schools balance learning, mental well-being and health?
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The festive season is traditionally a time of gatherings and Number 10 Downing Street Schools are no exception, which parties, plays and other social gatherings. However, 2020 was a very different story, with all of the UK in various tiers of lockdown. With the rise of the Covid cases and reports in the media of increased restrictions coming over the winter period, how should schools respond? With the Department for Education in England allegedly finding it difficult the follow the lockdown law, should schools cancel their plans to protect lives even if they are not required to do so, or should they follow the example of our leaders and carry on?

While there is a confusing picture and no clear guidance, schools are being asked to make these decisions, and whatever actions they choose to take are likely going to anger someone. But clear, early and decisive expectations are essential no matter what schools decide to do. With many pupils not vaccinated, both those who are legible and those who are not, schools need to take a look at their individual situation and the wider community in which they serve to balance the health and well-being of their neighbourhood.

This is in addition to the teachers trying to mitigate the many hardships that some of our young people face at home over the Christmas break.

In this #UKEdChat session, which took place on Thursday 9th December 2021 at 8pm(UK), we discussed how to remain safe and well over another difficult winter, whether events should be cancelled, and if so, which event, and how to send off and support learners through a potentially difficult winter holiday and potentially lockdowns coming soon. We also discussed alternatives to face-to-face nativity plays, virtual staff parties, and class events. It may be a bah humbug topic, but an important one.


  1. What is your schools approach to Christmas gathering and events in light of rising Covid cases?
  2. How do you see the next few weeks and months of schooling changing in light of rising Covid cases?
  3. How can schools support learners over what is potentially going to be a difficult winter break?
  4. How can individual teachers support learners over what is potentially going to be a difficult winter break?
  5. Should school parties still go ahead in light of rising Covid cases and the allegedly lockdown-busting gatherings at the center of Government last year?
  6. Is it possible to take elements of a Christmas performance or Nativity play socially distanced and/or online? How?
  7. As a teacher in the time of Covid, what changes how you made in the run-up to Christmas over a ‘normal’ year?
  8. Are they any positives that can be taken from a potentially socially distanced Christmas?

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