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  • Every teacher can be inspiring, but it requires intentional effort.
  • Engaged learners make an extra effort to explore the subject because they want to know more.
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Dark nights, cold and wet weather. Inspiring learners in the depths of winter, or at any time, takes constant work. This discussion took place in the first week back after the winter break, with a new wave of Covid-19 reaching record numbers of infections. Engaging and inspiring learners seems particularly challenging with such a backdrop… but this is why it is more important than ever.

While teachers should not see themselves as entertainers, making the subject matter engaging is important and inspiring delivery and lessons, where the educator shares their own excitement and awe for the ideas, skills and interactions being investigated, is what separates a good teacher from the expectational.

Inspiring teaching is difficult to acquire for many early career educators, and it is often difficult to pin down and describe, but everyone knows it when they see it. Every teacher has those ‘Dead Poet Society’ moments with their classes. The moments where there is a buzz in the air and everything goes perfect. In this discussion, we hope to share ideas about how to achieve more of these moments.

In this #UKEdChat session, which took place on Thursday 5th January 2022 at 8pm(UK), we discussed how to engage your learners with inspiring lessons, how to shift the classroom culture so learners feel free to explore their wonder, and how to turn the tide when engagement has decreased.


  1. In your opinion, what does inspiring teaching look like?
  2. Who do you remember as an inspiring teacher when you were at school, and why did you think they were inspiring?
  3. If it happens, what is the main reason learners lose their sense of awe and wonder at school?
  4. How can schools foster a culture which inspirers a sense of awe and wonder?
  5. Cite examples from your own teacher of moments when your learners were inspired and you felt ‘that buzz’.
  6. What keeps you inspired, both in and outside of teaching?
  7. Can inspiring teaching be taught to other teachers, and if so, how?
  8. Which teacher inspires you?

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