Get their hands dirty!

It is essential that children in today’s ‘technology-focused world’ get real, hands-on experiences. The only things that some of my children have in their hands, once at home, are games console controls! By making learning fun and interactive we can engage children in finding out about the world around them and their past, instilling a love of learning and giving them some practical skills to use in the real world!

I set a maths challenge for the children to set up their own pizza parlour. They needed to do data collection to find out which toppings would be popular; measuring and weighing whilst making the pizzas; they looked at fractions when slicing them and then we had valuable lessons on mental addition and subtraction when we sold them to other children in school; finally, they looked at profit and sales margins when we evaluated and totalled our profits!

This week, I have taken the children back to the 1940’s cooking Wartime turnovers experiencing food when tightly rationed. Giving children hands-on experiences opens up their eyes to a range of skills needed in their futures, as well as making my job that little bit sweeter!

This ‘In Brief’ article originally appeared in the July 2016 edition of UKEdMagazine. Click here to freely read online.

@MissNina1983 Year 6 Teacher – International School – Cairo, Egypt

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