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The Emotionally Intelligent Teacher Enhance teaching, improve wellbeing and build positive relationships













  • Niomi advocates that emotional intelligence should run through every little vein within a school community, recognising that even the smallest of comments can have a major impact.
  • The book goes through exploring empathy, communication, and the place of emotional intelligence in schools.
  • Each trait of emotional intelligence is explored, looking at self-awareness, self-regulation, social skills, motivation, and empathy.
  • Each chapter is quite short, but filled with stories, advice and steps in becoming an emotionally intelligent educator.
  • This is a useful book for educators who may want to explore, develop and improve their emotional intelligence skills. Further, the book offers a good starting point to ensure that the skills developed can be used within a school community.

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Have you ever felt like workplace politics were distracting you from doing your job? Ever been lost for words in a difficult conversation with a colleague? The Emotionally Intelligent Teacher is a unique guide to managing your emotions in order to enhance teaching, boost wellbeing and combat power struggles in schools.

Using scientific research and real-life examples, Niomi Clyde Roberts demonstrates how empathy and clear communication can make every teacher and leader feel motivated, fulfilled and respected. From knowing when to say no and responding to negativity, to working effectively as a team and letting every member know they’re valued, Niomi believes emotional intelligence in education is the key to enhanced productivity and superb teaching, benefiting both staff and students.

The Emotionally Intelligent Teacher will uplift every teacher from ECTs to senior leaders, inspiring them to build positive staff relationships, and paving the way to a successful teaching career.

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