How to Be Assertive by @SigneWhitson via @JKPBooks

Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers

How to Be Assertive - Strategies to Help Kids Express Anger Constructively













  • This short video online series explores aggression, passivity, passive aggression, and assertiveness.
  • An exploration of guiding young people how to be angry from negative destructive styles to constructive styles to make life better.
  • After the introduction, the videos are 16, 13, 15, and 12 minutes long, making them digestible, accessible and informative.
  • Signe’s warm style to camera helps keep the viewer engaged with the topics being explored, whilst providing step-by-step guidelines for building anger management strategies for young people.
  • This is a great resource for those working with young people who may struggle with negative and destructive patterns of behaviours.

Supported by JKP Publishing

How to Be Assertive is the perfect training course for parents and professionals working with young people who have benefited from the book by the same author, How to Be Angry. This training course comprises a series of four short videos explaining the neuroscience behind anger and outlining the practical skills adults can teach to children. Covering a variety of techniques, from regulation practices to sensory-based strategies, these videos offer the ultimate toolkit to move a young person from every counterproductive style of anger expression, be it aggression, passivity or passive aggression, to assertiveness, the most constructive form.

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