Knowing Your Place: How to Embed Geography Across the Curriculum

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  • Knowing geography gives you insight into current affairs
  • A global outlook is a huge advantage to learners who possess it.
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Many places, which most of us have not heard much about before, are now headline news. Geography is destiny, and if history gives you insight into what is happening, geography is often the ‘why’.

A global outlook is vital for our young people like never before. A growing number of our learners will one day live and work abroad, but more than that, our everyday lives are now very much global where events in far off lands can impact all of us like never before, and to truly understand today’s geo-politics, the ‘geo’ needs to be understood.

In this #UKEdChat session, which took place on Thursday 2nd June 2022 at 8pm(UK), we discussed how geography can be embedded across the curriculum, how to use what is local to teach about the world, and what tools can be used to help learners acquire cultural understanding.


  1. Why is geography important in modern times?
  2. How can geography be taught to instil a global outlook?
  3. How can we teach about the places and cultures of the world without slipping into stereotyping?
  4. How can we use what is local to teach about the wider world?
  5. How can technology be used to improve the teaching and learning of geography?
  6. What are the best resources for teaching geography?
  7. Cite your best examples of cross-curriculum geography.
  8. What are your top tips for geography lessons?

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