The story began with a single online poll which asked educators of their preferred weekly time to participate in these Twitter based discussions, with Thursday’s at 8pm proving the most popular time, using the #ukedchat hash tag.

We have evolved since our foundation in 2010, and now do a lot more than just manage Thursday night #UKEdChat Sessions on Twitter.

The founder gathered active Twitter users who were going to help host the sessions, with the first session taking place on Thursday 24th June 2010.


Hundreds of teachers have continued to take part in the weekly sessions, and this was featured in The Guardian in 2011.

Martin Burrett has helped administer ukedchat sessions since March 2012, with the sessions continuing to attract new Twitter users, new teachers and promoting reflective practice for teachers with an interest in UK education.

Supporting the ukedchat community, we have developed the website, UKEd.Careers and UKEdMagazine, now trading as a Social Enterprise Limited Company with our mission statement aiming to engage, support and promote the benefits of teacher collaboration through social media sources.

SEUK_New_BlackUKEdChat is an online community-based project that aims to engage with educators, promoting the benefits of online collaborations, sharing practice and professional development through access to networks, news and resources.

We are a Social Enterprise Initiative, as we look to benefit teaching communities for the benefits of the pupils in their learning journey.

Vision Statement:

We seek to develop and expand our role in supporting educators to access networks, news and resources relevant to improving quality of education, by working with and in partnership with teachers and organisations.

We will continue to be innovative in response to the needs of educators, and forward thinking in the means by which it develops a sustainable community-based organisation.

This site has been created to support the #ukedchat community, which is Twitter based. We make no attempt to claim ownership of the hash tag, as it is purely a community tool, via online services and the UKEdMagazine. The community was organically built by educators, and this remains at the core of how we operate.

Are you a company who would like to support the ukedchat communities via sponsorship or advertisement? Please contact for more information.

Endorsements about UKEdChat:

The above endorsement about the UKEdChat Archive was spotted via (December 2013)



UKEdChat has just upgraded and improved . It has information and resources pertinent to connected teachers and those teaching in the 21st century. It is really encouraging to see all these upgrades going on around the Net and it is largely a result of the connectedness of teachers who are now blogging and engaging in online personal and professional development chats. I said it would make us grow stronger and update our teacher image. The UKEdChat site offers a lot by way of apps, posters, blogging, a magazine and so much more! Every country needs its online portal for teachers which reaches out to other educators around the world as well as supporting teachers in its own country.



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