Whilst the popularity and audience has increased for UKEdChat since being formed in 2010, schools and teachers have experienced funding for professional development decline to worrying levels. School teachers and leaders are experts in their fields, and there is plenty of opportunity to mix up that expertise to a wider community.

UKEd.Academy aims to provide teachers, school leaders, educational experts, lecturers, or consultants to write courses, which will then be promoted to the UKEdChat communities.

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UKEd.Academy courses

The focus of the courses on UKEd.Academy are centred on pedagogy, classroom innovation, resources, and can be specific to curriculum specialism.

How it works

Firstly, if you have an idea for a course then you make a proposal to the UKEdChat editorial team using the form below – We don’t want you to waste time if we don’t approve the idea. Once approved, we ask that you write the course using the structure below. We will guide you, but the course can be broken into various lessons, topics, and include reflective quizzes or free-form answers.

Once written, our editorial team will create the course, and assign you as a ‘teacher’ on the UKEd.Academy. You will then be able to see the progress made by colleagues, as well as being able to see how many people are taking your course.

Course price

You can set the price of the course, but suggest that full courses cost at least £10.


The structure on the academy is 70% : 30% in favour of the course writer. Payment is made at the end of each calendar month.


We must insist that the course content is not copied or placed on another platform. You will be liable to copyright restrictions, and you will be named as the author of the course. Any information sources must be fully acknowledged within the course.


Courses allow the following media files:

  • Text
  • Images (png/jpg)
  • Video (self-hosted, YouTube, Vimeo)
  • Audio files
  • E-books (pdf)
  • Documents

Course structure

Course structure

This is the basic structure, however the site allows additional flexibility for each course.

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