Creating an account with the UKEdChat website unlocks some great features for members including the ability to write directly (or re-blog) to the UKEdChat audiences, as well as the functionality of bookmarking your favourite resources or articles for future reference.

These features are only available to signed-in members, as is the ability to see who else is signed up on the site.

Additionally, various articles and resources are only available to members who are signed-in. We will alert registered users when we publish exclusive content, with the link allowing you access.

Please note, to access the functions mentioned below, you need to be signed into your account. You can access the sign-in page via the menu bar above.

Menu Bar:

The menu bar (the black stripe running across the top of the site) reveals drop-down options, just click or hover over the “SIGN-IN/REGISTER” text, which should reveal the following:

Here, you will see, are options for managing and using the functions allowed to signed in members.


Signed in members can bookmark (collect or store) resources or articles on the UKEdChat website, which may be useful at some point in the future. All your bookmarks are collected together and can be accessed via the ‘BOOKMARKED ARTICLES’ option in the drop-down menu (see above). To save an article or resource, scroll to the foot of the article, where you will see the following bookmarked box:

From here, you can create collections to help you store links according to your interests. For example, you could create a collection of ‘resources’, or ‘research items’, or anything you wish. You create the collections, and these stay in your control.

Writing an article

Again, from the drop-down menu option, you can ‘CREATE ARTICLE’ for publication and promotion to the UKEdChat audiences. We strongly suggest that this is a copy/paste exercise, so your writing doesn’t get lost. We are happy to publish re-blogs as well as original articles, subject to our editorial approval. Some guidance is offered when you click to create an article.

Edit your profile

Only signed-in members can view your profile via the member list. We encourage you to upload an avatar or image of yourself and update your professional information allowing for greater interactions with community members. We are working on additional functionality to allow members to interact to support each other, so keeping your profile updated could become valuable.


You may notice that the site is secured by ‘https’, and ensure our updated security software blocks any hacking attempts, so the information you add on the site is safe.

If you have any questions, concerns or request for future functionality for users, please drop us a message via the contact form below.


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