The UKEdChat Twitter account was formed, alongside the weekly educator chats, back in 2010. Since then, the growth of our audience has been significant, and the account now enjoys respect, authority and is seen as a quality source of information for educators globally.

Take a look at the account, you can see the size of the audience for yourself.

This growth has been organic, and we are often approached by companies wanting us to re-tweet and share products or events, as the value and quality of our audience are appreciated. We are happy to support companies and event organisers to do so but need to cover our costs to undertake this work.

Our social media mirroring service is now available to all, allowing you to purchase credits (redeemable within a specified time period). One credit is worth one re-tweet.

How it works:

  • Complete the order form below (payment required)
  • DM your message/s to the @UKEdChat account (with full link) that you want re-tweeting from the account.
  • Terms and conditions apply, where we reserve the right to refuse orders if they are deemed inappropriate or offensive.

The cost:

We have created packages that offer great value.

  • 5 credits = £50 (payable immediately through the booking form below)*
  • 10 credits = £95 (payable as soon as invoice is issued)*
  • 25 credits = £200 (payable as soon as invoice is issued)*
  • 50 credits = £400 (payable as soon as invoice is issued)*


To proceed, please complete the booking form below (Click here if online booking form does not appear below)

We will respond as soon as possible.

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*Prices offered in GBP£, although payment can be made online through your own local currency. Information will be provided when the invoice is issued.