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AuthorDateBook TitleSubjectEduPhaseReviewAmazonUKPublisher
Prince, Tammie201950 Fantastic ideas for MindfulnessEarly YearsEYFSN/A Link Bloomsbury
Harries, Judith201950 Fantastic ideas inspired by famous artistsEarly YearsEYFSN/A Link Bloomsbury
Lister, Kevin2019Teach like you imagined itCPD-Whole schoolAll Review here Link Crown House
Munby, Steve2019Imperfect LeadershipCPD-LeadershipAll Review here Link Crown House
Gadsby, Claire & Evans, Jan2019Dynamically different classroomsCPD-Whole SchoolAll Review here Link Crown House
McCrea, Emma2019Making every maths lesson countMathematicsSecondary Review here Link Crown House
Cowley, Andrew2019The Wellbeing ToolkitCPD-Whole SchoolAll Review here Link Bloomsbury
Ward, Jackie2019On the fringesSENAllN/A Link Crown House
Webb, Jennifer2019How to teach English Literature - Overcoming Cultural PovertyEnglish LiteratureSecondary Review here Link John Catt
Gerver, Richard2019Education - A manifesto for changeCPD-LeadershipAll Review here Link Bloomsbury
Dellenty, Shaun2019Celebrating DifferenceCPD-EqualityAllN/A Link Bloomsbury
Doull, K., Russell, C. & Hales, A.2019Mastering Primary HistoryHistoryPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
James, M & Stern, J.2019Mastering Primary Religious EducationReligious EducationPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Mattock, Peter2019Visible MathsMathematicsAll Review here Link Crown House
Atwal, Kulvarn2019The Thinking SchoolCPD-Whole SchoolPrimary Review here Link John Catt
Jones, Kate2019Love to teachCPD-PedagogyAll Review here Link John Catt
Small, Iesha2019Unexpected LeaderCPD-LeadershipAllN/A Link Crown House (ITP)
Ashes, Lisa Jane2019Teacher in the CupboardCPD-Classroom ManagementAllN/A Link Crown House (ITP)
Enser, Mark2019Making every geography lesson countGeographySecondary Review here Link Crown House
Wood, Natasha201950 fantastic ideas for children with EALCPD-EALEYFSN/A Link Bloomsbury (Featherstone)
Sobel, Daniel2019Leading on pastoral careCPD-Pastoral CareAllN/A Link Bloomsbury
Taber, K.S.2019MasterClass in Science EducationScienceSecondary Review here Link Bloomsbury Academic
Horrie, C. & Hillman, R.2019History (100 ideas for primary teachers)HistoryPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Davy, Annie2019A sense of placeCPD-Early YearsEYFSN/A Link Bloomsbury (Featherstone)
Worley, Peter2019Questioning (100 ideas for primary teachers)CPD-Classroom ManagementPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Bates, Bob2019Learning theories explained (2nd edition)CPD-TheoryAllN/A Link SAGE
Willis, Nikki2019Growth mindset - a practical guideCPD-MindsetPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Howe, Cath2018Let's PerformLiteracy-DramaPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Hattie, J & Zierer201810 Mindframes for Visible LearningCPD-PedagogyAll Review here Link Routledge
Bethune, Adrian2018Wellbeing in the primary classroomCPD-WellbeingPrimary Review here Link Bloomsbury
Hunton, Jake2018Exam LiteracyCPD-RevisionSecondary Review here Link Crown House
England, Laura2018Schemas - A practical handbookCPD-Early YearsEYFSN/A Link Bloomsbury (Featherstone)
Myatt, Mary2018The Curriculum: Gallimaufry to coherenceCPD-CurriculumAll Review here Link John Catt
Taylor, John2018Independent LearningCPD-PedagogySecondaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Woods, D., Macfarlane, R. & McBeath, D.2018The nine pillars of great schoolsCPD-School ImprovementAll Review here Link John Catt
O'Sullivan, J. & Sharp, A.201850 fantastic ideas for engaging dadsCPD-ParentsEYFS Review here Link Bloomsbury (Featherstone)
Quigley, Alex2018Closing the vocabulary gapCPD-Whole SchoolAll Review here Link Routledge - David Fulton
Sargent, Marianne2018Observation, Assessment and Planning (100 ideas for early years practitioners)Early YearsEYFSN/A Link Bloomsbury
Anderson, Kirsty2018Primary EAL Provision: Getting it Right in a WeekCPD-EALPrimary Review here Link Critical Publishing
Anderton, Hollie2018Hairdresser or Footballer: Bridging the gender gap in schoolsCPD-Gender GapAll Review here Link John Catt
Philpot, C. & Poultney, V.2018Evidence-based TeachingCPD-PedagogyAll Review here Link Critical Publishing
Grigg, R. & Lewis, H.2018Teaching on a shoestringCPD-Classroom ManagementEYFS Review here Link Crown House
Murphy, J&D2018Thinking Reading: What every secondary teacher needs to know about readingCPD-SpellingSecondary Review here Link John Catt
Hayes-Jacobs, Heidi2018Active literacy across the curriculumLiteracyPrimaryN/A Link Routledge
Porter, Helen2018Educating OutdoorsCPD-PedagogyPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Howells, Kristy2018Mastering primary physical educationPhysical EducationPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Joliffe, W. & Waugh, D.2018Mastering primary EnglishLiteracyPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Ambrossi, P. & Constant-Shepherd, D.2018Mastering primary languagesMFLPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
McCroy, A. & Worthington, K.2018Mastering primary scienceSciencePrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Hope, Gill2018Mastering Primary Design and TechnologyDesign and TechnologyPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Smith, R. & Simpson, K.2018Literacy (100 ideas for primary teaching)LiteracyPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Roberts, H. & Kidd, D.2018Uncharted territoriesCPD-CreativityAll Review here Link Crown House (ITP)
McCaughan, Mark2018Igniting children's writingLiteracy-WritingPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Bates, B. & Bailey, A.2018Educational Leadership SimplifiedCPD-LeadershipAllN/A Link SAGE
Cowley, Sue2018The ultimate guide to differentiationCPD-DifferentiationAllN/A Link Bloomsbury
Pin, Chris2018Supporting EAL Learners (100 ideas for primary teachers)CPD-EALPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Ripp. Pernille2018Passionate readersLiteracyAllN/A Link Routledge
Tyrer, Graham2018Literacy across the curriculum (100 ideas for secondary teachers)CPD-Literacy skillsSecondaryN/A Link " target="_blank"> Link Bloomsbury
Atherton, Chris2018AssessmentCPD-AssessmentAll Review here Link Critical Publishing
Bottrill, Greg2018Can I play now? Rethinking the early yearsEarly YearsEYFSN/A Link SAGE
Maciver, Tracey2018Forest School (100 ideas for early years practitioners)Early YearsEYFSN/A Link Bloomsbury
Driver, C. & Pim, C.2018Supporting EAL Learners (100 ideas for secondary teachers)CPD-EALSecondaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Wallace, I. & Kirkman, L.2018EngagementCPD-PedagogyAll Review here Link Crown House
Hutchinson, Alison201850 fantastic ideas for exploring numberEarly YearsEYFSN/A Link Bloomsbury (Featherstone)
Atherton, Pete201850 ways to use technology enhances learning in the classroomCPD-TechnologyAllN/A Link SAGE
Wright, Sally201850 fantastic ideas for tuff traysEarly YearsEYFSN/A Link Bloomsbury (Featherstone)
Grimmer, Tasmin2018School readiness and the characteristics of effective learningEarly YearsEYFSN/A Link Jessica Kingsley
Walker, Gary2018Working together for children (second edition)CPD-Whole schoolAllN/A Link Bloomsbury
Bottomley, J., Pryjmachuk, S. & Waugh, D.2018Studying for your education degreeCPD-StudyAllN/A Link Critical Publishing
Hunt, Emily201815 Minute STEMSTEMPrimary Review here Link Crown House
Medlicott, Mary2018Storytelling and story-reading in early yearsEarly YearsEYFSN/A Link Jessica Kingsley
Toward, G., Malton, M. & Henley, C.2018The decisive elementCPD-Whole SchoolAll Review here Link Crown House
Laar, B. & Holderness, J.2018Reclaiming the curriculumCPD-PedagogyPrimaryN/A Link Crown House
Bottomley, J., Pryjmachuk, S. & Waugh, D.2018Academic writing and referencing for your education degreeCPD-StudyAllN/A Link Critical Publishing
Lockyer, Stephen2018Interventions (100 ideas for primary teachers)CPD-Whole schoolPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Wright, R.J. & Ellemor-Collins, D.2018The learning framework in numberMathematicsAllN/A Link SAGE
Claxton, Guy2018The learning power approachCPD-PedagogyAll Review here Link Crown House
Salter, L. & O'Shaughnessy, S.2018British values - getting it right in a weekCPD-Whole SchoolAllN/A Link Critical Publishing
Mainstone-Cotton, Sonia2018Promoting emotional wellbeing in the early yearsEarly YearsEYFSN/A Link Jessica Kingsley
Goodall, J. & Weston, K.2018Engaging Parents (100 ideas for primary teachers)CPD-ParentsPrimary Review here Link Bloomsbury
Ryan, Will2018Dare to be differentCPD-LeadershipAll Review here Link Crown House
Kell, Emma2018How to survive in teachingCPD-WellbeingAllN/A Link Bloomsbury
Sobel, Daniel2018Narrowing the attainment gapCPD-Whole schoolAllN/A Link Bloomsbury
Dudeck, T.R. & McClure, C.2018Applied ImprovisationCPD-PedagogyAllN/A Link Bloomsbury Methuen
Dempster, K. & Robbins, J.2017How to build communication success in your schoolCPD-CommunicationAll Review here Link Routledge - David Fulton
Sheninger, E. & Rubin, T.2017BrandEdCPD-Whole SchoolAll Review here Link Wiley - Jossey-Bass
Waller, Nicky2017A creative approach to teaching scienceSciencePrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Lawrence, Tracey2017Practical behaviour management for primary school teachersCPD-BehaviourPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Lucas, B. & Spencer, E.2017Teaching creative thinkingCPD-PedagogyAll Review here Link Crown House
Dunn, David2017How to be an outstanding primary school teacher (2nd edition)CPD-PedagogyPrimary Review here Link Bloomsbury
Faultney, M. & Daubney, A.2017Assessment: Getting it Right in a WeekCPD-AssessmentPrimary Review here Link Critical Publishing
Payne, J. & Scott, M.2017Making every primary lesson countCPD-PlanningPrimaryN/A Link Crown House
Davie, Emma2017How to be an outstanding primary teaching assistantCPD-Whole SchoolPrimary Review here Link Bloomsbury
Featherstone, Sally2017Making sense of Neuroscience in the Early YearsEarly YearsEYFS Review here Link Bloomsbury (Featherstone)
McCarthy, Marcella2017Bloomsbury CPD Library: Mentoring and coachingCPD-MentoringAllN/A Link Bloomsbury
Bowkett, Steve2017Developing self-confidence in young writersLiteracy-writingPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Sheninger, E. & Murray, T.C.2017Learning TransformedCPD-Whole SchoolAllN/A Link ASCD
Hawkins, Kevin2017Mindful teacher, mindful schoolCPD-WellbeingAllN/A Link SAGE
Thomas, Emily2017Outstanding history lessons (100 ideas for secondary teachers)HistorySecondaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Bartram, Danielle2017Making maths memorable, accessible and relevantMathematicsAll Review here Link Crown House
Rogers, David2017Outstanding geography lessons (100 ideas for secondary teachers)GeographySecondaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Prince, Tammie2017Mindfulness in the classroom (100 ideas for primary teachers)CPD-PedagogyPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Cowley, Sue2017The artful educatorCPD-CreativityAll Review here Link Crown House
Robertson, Juliet2017Messy MathsMathematicsPrimary Review here Link Crown House (ITP)
Smith, Jim2017The really lazy teacher's handbook (New edition)CPD-PedagogyAllN/A Link Crown House (ITP)
Howard, C., Burton, M., Levermore, D. & Barrell, R.2017Children's mental health & emotional well-being in primary schoolsCPD-WellbeingPrimaryN/A Link SAGE
Churches, R., Dommett, E. & Devonshire, I.2017Neuroscience for teachersCPD-NeuroscienceAll Review here Link Crown House
Hussey, W. & Hymer, B.2017Puffed out - the three little pigs' guide to a growth mindsetCPD-MindsetPrimaryN/A Link Crown House
Rose, Jazz2017Teaching Primary PEPhysical EducationPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Bushnell, A. & Waugh, D.2017Inviting writingLiteracy-WritingPrimaryN/A Link SAGE
Hodgson, David2017What else can a teacher do?CPD-Career developmentAllN/A Link Crown House
Swainston, Tony2017A mindset for successCPD-MindsetAllN/A Link Crown House
Babtie, Patricia2017Numeracy difficulties and dyscalculia (100 ideas for primary teachers)MathematicsPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Bates, Bob2017A quick guide to special needs and disabilitiesCPD-SENAllN/A Link SAGE
Busch, B. & Watson, E.2017Release your inner driveCPD-MotivationSecondary Review here Link Crown House
Warren, S. & Bigger, S.2017Living ContradictionCPD-PolicyAll Review here Link Crown House
McGill, Ross Morrison2017Mark. Plan. TeachCPDSecondaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Bird, Ronit2017The dyscalculia toolkitMathematicsAllN/A Link SAGE
Mulvenney, Sheila2017Overcoming barriers to learningCPD-Mental HealthAllN/A Link Worth Publishing
Packer, Natalie2017The teacher's guide to SENCPD-SENAllN/A Link Crown House
Didau, D. & Rose, N.2017What Every Teacher Needs to Know About PsychologyCPD-PsychologyAll Review here Link John Catt
Oakes, S. & Griffin, M.2017The GCSE MindsetCPD-MindsetSecondary Review here Link Crown House
Oussoren, Ragnhind2017Write danceEarly yearsEYFSN/A Link SAGE
Picardo, José2017Using technology in the classroom (Bloomsbury CPD library)CPD-TechnologyAllN/A Link Bloomsbury
Reid, G. & Guise, J.2017The dyslexia assessmentCPD-SENAll Review here Link Bloomsbury
Jolliffe, W. & Waugh, D.2017NQT - The beginning teacher's guide to outstanding practiceCPD-NQTAllN/A Link SAGE
Dix, Paul2017When the adults change everything changesCPD-BehaviourAll Review here Link Crown House (ITP)
Lucas, Jenna2017Homework (100 ideas for primary teachers)CPD-HomeworkPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Kellsey, D. & Taylor, A.2017The Learning WheelCPD-PedagogyAll Review here Link Critical Publishing
Southall, Ed2017Yes, but why?MathematicsAllN/A Link SAGE
Tierney, Stephen2016Liminal LeadershipCPD-LeadershipAll Review here Link John Catt
Wood, P. & Smith, J.2016Educational Research - Taking the plungeCPD-ResearchAllN/A Link Crown House (ITP)
Robinson, Martin2016Trivium in practiceCPD-Whole SchoolAllN/A Link Crown House (ITP)
Nagel, Paula2016Mental Health MattersCPD-Mental HealthPrimary Review here Link Bloomsbury
Bullock, Claire2016Supporting students with autism (100 ideas for secondary teachers)CPD-SENSecondary Review here Link Bloomsbury
Burnham, Louise2016How to be an outstanding early years practitionerEarly-YearsEYFSN/A Link Bloomsbury
Lockyer, Stephen2016Lesson planning for primary school teachersCPD-PlanningPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Barton, A. & McLachlan, A.2016Teaching primary frenchMFL-FrenchPrimaryN/A Link Bloomsbury
Tassoni, Penny2016Reducing educational disadvantageEarly YearsEYFSN/A Link Bloomsbury (Featherstone)
Newton, Nicki2016Math running records in actionMathematicsPrimaryN/A Link Routledge
Cope, A. & Spendlow, S.2015The art of being a brilliant primary teacherCPDPrimaryN/A Link Crown House
Littlemore, Sam2015Girl BullyingCPD-BullyingAllN/A Link Crown House
Gerver, Richard2014Creating tomorrow's schools todayCPD-Whole schoolAllN/A Link Bloomsbury
Didau, David2014The Secret of LiteracyCPD-Literacy skillsSecondary Review here Link Crown House (ITP)
Day, Andrew2014The NumberverseMathematicsAll Review here Link Crown House
Birch, David2014Provocations - Philosophy for secondary schoolPhilosophySecondary Review here Link Crown House
McCarthy, Marcella2014The Spider StrategyCPD-PlanningSecondary Review here Link Bloomsbury
Hewitt, Jane2014Learning through a lensPhotographyAll Review here Link Crown House (ITP)
Gilbert, Ian2014Independent ThinkingCPD-Thinking skillsAll Review here Link Crown House (ITP)
Roberts, Hywel2012Oops! Helping children learn accidentallyCPD-PedagogyAll Review here Link Crown House (ITP)
Worley, Peter2012The Philosophy ShopPhilosophyAllN/A Link Crown House (ITP)
Worley, P. & Day, A.2012ThoughtingsPhilosophyAll Review here Link Crown House (ITP)
Forde, C., McMahon, M., McPhee, A.D. & Patrick, F.2006Professional development, reflection and enquiryCPDAllN/A Link SAGE

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