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Welcome to the Classroom Books bookcase. A list of books that can be used within the classroom to help teaching and learning. To use this table, you can sort each column to help find something you are interested in.

All books listed here are within the UKEdChat Amazon UK store, which is accessible at – Any purchases made through the Amazon UK link can help contribute a little to the costs of managing UKEdChat, so thank you for your support. *All prices correct at the time of adding.

What are we missing? Let us know about any valued classroom books that you think are essential that should be added to this list. Scroll down and add your suggestions in the comment box at the foot of this page, or contact us via social media.

Looking for books that support professional development for teachers and school leaders? Please click here to view our comprehensive list.

AuthorTitleDateAge-groupSubjectAmazon UK LinkPublisherPrice*
Bradman, Tony (retold by)Macbeth20207-11Fiction-reading Link Bloomsbury £5.99
Pearson, MaggieTaliesin20207-11Fiction-reading Link Bloomsbury £5.99
Impey, RosePandora’s Box20207-11Fiction-reading Link Bloomsbury £5.99
Morgan, MichaelaThe thing in the basement20207-11Fiction-reading Link Bloomsbury £5.99
Oldfield, PamelaThe Queen’s Token20207-11Fiction-reading Link Bloomsbury £5.99
Goodfellow, MattBright Bursts of Colour20205-11Poems Link Bloomsbury £5.99
Lawrence, IsziThe Unstoppable Leggy Pegg20207+Fiction-reading Link Bloomsbury £6.99
Seigal, JoshuaWelcome to my Crazy Life20205-11Poems Link Bloomsbury £5.99
Doyle, MalachyThe Miracle of Hanukkah20194-8Religion Link Bloomsbury £6.99
Potter, MollyHow are you feeling today?20193-8PSHE Link Bloomsbury £6.99
Guillain, Adam & CharlotteIt’s too scary20194-7Fiction-reading Link Bloomsbury £3.99
Pearson, MaggieI am not a frog20194-7Fiction-reading Link Bloomsbury £3.99
Doyle, MalachyBig bad Biteasaurus20194-7Fiction-reading Link Bloomsbury £3.99

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