Thank you for visiting the UKEdChat website. This page has been developed in support of the Metacognition presentation made at The Education Show on Friday 25th January 2019 in London, UK.

Please see below for all links and references made during the presentation, and also an opportunity for you to contact us, if you require more information.

Please click the ‘contact‘ tab option below to contact us about the presentation, or if you are interested in further training, consultancy or support for your school, college or business.

You can also contact Colin by e-mailing or his Twitter account @digicoled.

Please explore the links below, referred to in the on-stage presentation:

  • Click here to read: Why Metacognition? 12 reasons for educators by @digicoled
  • Click here to read: Hattie’s 2018 Top 16 most effective influences relating to student achievement, by @digicoled
  • Click here to read: Metacognition and self-regulated learning on the Education Endowment Foundation website.
  • Click here to listen: Dartmoor Dispatch Podcast
  • Click here for: The UKEdChat Podcast

Please explore the links below to the books referred to in the on-stage presentation:

  • Click here to view “10 Mindframes for Visible Learning” by John Hattie and Klaus Zierer, on Amazon UK, or Click Here to read our review about the book.
  • Click here to view “Thinking, fast and slow” by Daniel Kahneman, on Amazon UK.


If you are interested in further training or support for your school, college or business, you can contact us via the form below, or contact Colin directly by e-mail at, or via his Twitter account @digicoled.

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