Advice for Moderators

Do you fancy hosting a session? Please e-mail us, or tweet to @ukedchat or @ICTmagicScroll down to see available sessions.

The idea of moderators/co-hosts is that they contribute and add to the conversation, as well as helping come up with possible topic polling questions/issues. Host Moderators also scan through the tweets, selecting a brief overview/record of the ukedchat session.

  • Prior to the event you are hosting, please help promote to your own networks and/or re-tweet our promotional tweets.
  • Between 7-8pm, promote the discussion to the #ukedchat hashtag, and any other hashtags you think may be suitable.
  • Remind participants to use the #ukedchat hashtag – Point to this site to any new participants who may need guidance.
  • We will tweet out the questions as graphics from the @UKEdChat Twitter account, with the host’s Twitter handle in the tweet so you will see it in your timeline to retweet.
  • Throughout the hour, moderators/hosts engage/reply/discuss issues with people, RT’ing any good tweets, and generally keeping the conversation flowing.
  • During the discussion,keep discussion on track (keep reminding of subject). Try to bring subject back to initial question.
  • Please do not feel obliged to respond to all tweeters – it’s impossible. Engage with those tweets that catch your eye.
  • Ignore the SPAMMERS!
  • At 9, moderators thank all the participants for their contribution, formally closing the discussion, although some people will spill over the hour, which is fantastic!


  • The host moderator (it is recommended) should ‘favourite’ any good tweets they note throughout the hour, as this will help you when you complete the summary!

Links shared (relevant to the conversation) will be collected by ukedchat for you, and shared at the end of the session.

The Summary

The summary is published to this blog. Please try to complete this as soon as possible after the session (no more than 48 hours).

Fancy hosting a session? Please e-mail

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