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Advertise your education / teaching job for a one-off payment of £99 (and current only £55 special offer for schools posting directly), for each job listed. We need basic information, and payment can be made immediately using PayPal (see Option 1 below), or by School Purchase Order (See Option 2 below).

PayPalOption 1 - You can complete the form below paying immediately via credit/debit card through PayPal. We add the position as soon as possible, and promote the vacancy through our various education community channels. We will provide a receipt for the transaction.

PayPalButton1*This offer currently only applies to UK Schools advertising directly with ukedchat


SchoolPurchaseOrderLogoOption 2 - (Available to UK Schools Only) - We will add the vacancy upon the completion of the form below. We require a School Purchase Order number, email of person who pays the invoice and name of recipient; complete your school purchase order form with full order details and send to us by email on headed stationary to [email protected]. You will be invoiced for your order upon listing. Payment for Purchase Orders may be by cheque or BACS. Payment terms are within 30 days of placing the order.

Option 3 -  (For Non-UK Schools, and commercial educational businesses) - We will add the vacancy upon completion of the form. Payment by BACS, Bank Transfer, or cheque. The listing will be listed as soon as possible. Please contact us for further information via [email protected].


  • We will not link to job adverts listed on other sites where a fee has been paid to advertise. Jobs listed on school websites are required.
  • On going job vacancies will be limited to a maximum of 3 months on the site.
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