Metacognition Teaching Strategy

The Metacognition Teaching Strategy (MTS) was developed in 2019, following a combination of research study, classroom practice, and in-school training that supports metacognitive teaching and learning in schools.

The Metacognition Teaching Strategy is built of four simple steps that are easily accessible to educators, no matter which phase of teaching they undertake, and no matter what subject area is focused on. The four steps are designed to support the professional development of teachers, along with helping improve and reflect upon practice at micro, local or larger level.

At a basic level, the four steps involved in the MTS are:

  1. Understanding metacognition, cognition and automated responses,
  2. Understanding metacognitive teaching,
  3. Encouraging metacognition learning processes,
  4. Providing students with metacognitive strategies that can help them become independent learners.

We have developed the MTS into a programme accessible to educators globally, and invite that you take part.

The Metacognition Teaching Strategy is now live – Click here to view more information