Thursday 27th August 2020

  • Everything in moderation – How can we improve moderation to ensure pupils’ learning is optimal? #UKEdChat from 8pm.
  • Planning for metacognition – Metacognition is one of the most effective and impactful pedagogical strategies available to educators. Read how to implement metacognitive strategies in this new school year. UKEdChat.
  • Period poverty: Schools in England ‘not aware’ they can order free tampons. BBC News.
  • One-third of the world’s children unable to access remote learning when schools closed during lockdown, Unicef finds – Children in poorest households and rural areas most affected. The Independent.

Wednesday 26th August 2020

  • The UK’s A-level fiasco has left thousands without grades – Nearly two weeks after results day, homeschooled students still don’t have grades and its unlikely they’ll get any at all. WiredUK.
  • School grades in 2021 ‘should be set by teachers’ – Plaid Cymru said students should not have to rely on exams next summer “following such a disrupted education journey”. BBC News.
  • Greta Thunberg returns to school after a year of climate activism. Guardian.
  • How are European countries reopening schools? BBC News.
  • Primary pupils’ learning gap widens for the first time since 2007. BBC News.

Tuesday 25th August 2020

  1. Scotland considers mandatory face masks in high schools as 22 teachers and pupils test positive in an outbreak. The Independent.
  2. Researchers find that residential green space may be beneficial for the intellectual and behavioural development of children living in urban areas. PLOS Medicine.
  3. Head teachers in England want clarification over whether staff or pupils can wear masks in school. BBC News.
  4. BTec students to start receiving revised grades – students will start receiving their revised grades today after their release had been delayed by the exam board. BBC News.
  5. Handwriting – What’s the point? UKEdChat

Monday 24th August 2020

  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson has today made a direct appeal to parents to return their children to the classroom when schools in England reopen next week. GOV.UK
  • The National Education Union (NEU) also accused ministers of being “negligent in the extreme”, saying schools had been left in the dark on how to deal with a coronavirus outbreak. The Independent
  • Reception-age children will benefit from a multi-million pound package of funding to boost their early language skills. GOV.UK
  • First day back to school for many pupils in Northern Ireland – pupils in years seven, 12 and 14. BBC News
  • Teenagers less anxious – A study published today suggests anxiety levels among 13 and 14-year-olds actually fell during lockdown. UKEdChat