The UKEd Podcast from UKEdChat is our regular audio commentary of all things education, whether they are pedagogically focused, classroom innovations, or features exploring issues where education is at the heart.

You can listen to all episodes by clicking here

But we want the UKEdChat community to get involved in creating audio pieces to be featured in future episodes. We’re really interested in the following:

  • Educators showcasing a piece of research they’ve done in the classroom, and whether it worked or failed.
  • Educators showcasing education in their local area, and how you have seen differences compared to other parts of the world you may have worked.
  • Opinion pieces about policy decisions that are affecting your daily workload.
  • Pedagogical strategies, resources or services that have positively or negatively impacted on your work.
  • Opinion pieces about behvaiour strategies, classroom management strategies, or whole-school strategies that impact your daily work.

The list above is only meant as a guide, and we welcome contributions that are relevant to our educational audience. It might just be a short piece about your reflections and thoughts on a previous UKEdChat online discussion.

Got something to say? Recording is simple, as most Smartphones have in-built voice memo capability.


  • We accept most audio files, but will not broadcast commercial or product-based audio. If you want to advertise within the podcast, then speak to our marketing team here.
  • Aim to create an audio piece no shorter than 30 seconds, but no longer than 5 minutes. We’re happy for you to involve other people.
  • Consider the background ambient noise. The noise from a busy school is completely acceptable and adds true authenticity to the piece. If it’s an opinion piece, try somewhere quiet.
  • Once you hit the ‘record’ button, do not touch your microphone (or smartphone) at all during the recording. Take your voice to the microphone – this stops noise picked up from your microphone when you are moving it. If you make a mistake – carry on, and repeat what you were saying. We’re happy to delete and edit the audio when preparing the episode where it will be featured.
  • Once completed, most apps allow you to export the audio file via a different app, such as e-mail, allowing you to e-mail the file to us. If there is an option, please send as an mp3 or wav file. If not, it doesn’t matter, we can usually figure it all out and convert into our process.
  • Send your audio file to and include your name, Twitter handle, and ensure the file is attached. We’ll e-mail back confirmation.
  • Alternatively, if you saved your audio file, you can upload using the form below.

    By submitting an audio piece via e-mail or the submission form above, you agree to UKEd Media to publish your audio piece, allowing us to edit the audio and adding it to a UKEd Podcast episode of our choice.  You will be alerted if and when the audio segment is included in an episode.