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 Thursday 5th March 2020

Vote via Twitter below. The full questions are:

  • NQTs & supporting them – Exploring how schools and teachers can support NQTs better and how NQTs can improve their practice.
  • Webinars in Education – How webinars and video presentations can be used to enhance learning, and how pupils can create them too
  • Poverty & Education – Discussing how poverty can impact on education and opportunities, and how schools can support pupils and families.
  • Educational Toys & Play – Discovering which toys can support learning, and the role of play in development.

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Want to become a host for a #UKEdChat session? We welcome applications from teachers, experts, or researchers who want to learn, gain insights, or add value to the discussions. Please e-mail, or privately message us on the @UKEdChat Twitter account.


  1. The use of 3D printers in the classroom? Is it just another fad or a really useful piece of educational hardware?

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