Book: The Teacher Journal by @teacherjournal_ via @BloomsburyEd

Supported by Bloomsbury Education Publishing The Teacher Journal is the must-have resource for early career teachers

Book: I Can’t do Maths! by @AlfColes & Nathalie Sinclair via @BloomsburyEd

Why children say it and how to change it: Why children say it and how to make a difference.

Book: Representation Matters by @itsrepmatters via @BloomsburyEd

For all educators wanting to take a stand against racial inequity and bring about true, lasting change for staff and pupils.

Book: Fast Feedback via @BloomsburyEd

How one primary school abolished written marking

Book: 50 Fantastic Ideas to Encourage Diversity and Inclusion via @BloomsburyEd

A collection of 50 fun and effective activities to nurture kindness and inclusivity in your Early Years setting.

Book – A Year of Primary PE by @cook_pe via @BloomsburyEd

Over 100 games to support whole-child development for the entire school year

Book: The Emotionally Intelligent Teacher by @TeachingAHT via @BloomsburyEd

Enhance teaching, improve wellbeing and build positive relationships, by Niomi Clyde Roberts

Book: Succeeding as an English Teacher via @BloomsburyEd

A #UKEdChat Book Review – The ultimate guide to teaching secondary English

Books: Comprehension Ninja: Poetry & Fiction by @VocabularyNinja & @authoradam via @BloomsburyEd

Comprehension worksheets for primary. By Andrew Jennings & Adam Bushnell.

Book: The Wellbeing Curriculum by @HealthyToolkit via @BloomsburyEd

Embedding children’s wellbeing in primary schools. Book by Andrew Cowley

Book: Reading Recharged by @MrB_Y3 via @BloomsburyEd

Activities to put the spark into guided and whole-class reading, by Alex Barton

Book: Time to….series by @PennyTassoni via @BloomsburyEd

A book series helping teach children aged 0-5 important personal and social skills.

Book: Yapping Away by @joshuaseigal via @BloomsburyEd

Hilarious to heartfelt poems for young children.

Book: Sensory Processing Differences by @Griffin_OT via @BloomsburyEd

100 ideas for Primary School Teachers, by Kim Griffin

Book: Across the Spectrum by Francine Brower & Keith MacKenzie Cox via @BloomsburyEd

A journey towards understanding and supporting individuals with autism – By Francine Brower and Keith MacKenzie Cox

Book: Mastery in reading comprehension by @rogue_reading via @BloomsburyEd

A guide for primary teachers and leaders – By Kala Williams

Book: 50 Fantastic ideas for making music via @BloomsburyEd

Ideas to create music in the early years. By Judith Harries.

Book: The Headteacher’s Handbook by @RaeSnape via @BloomsburyEd

A must-read guide to being a primary headteacher. By Rae Snape.

Books: Vocabulary Ninja Workbooks by @VocabularyNinja via @BloomsburyEd

Workbooks aimed at supporting primary students, by Andrew Jennings.

Book: Grammarsaurus by @Grammarsaurus1 via @BloomsburyEd

Ultimate guides to teaching non-fiction writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar by Mitch Hudson & Anna Richards.

Book: Feel Free to Smile by @_MrsC_S via @BloomsburyEd

The behaviour management survival guide for new teachers, by Nikki Cunningham-Smith

Book: Proactive Pastoral Care by @MariaONeill via @BloomsburyEd

Nurturing happy, healthy and successful learners, by Maria O’Neill.

Book: Outstanding Computing Lessons by @clcSimon via @BloomsburyEd

Part of the 100 ideas for secondary teachers series, published by Bloomsbury Education.

Book: Which food will you choose? by @stopfussyeating via @BloomsburyEd

Supporting fussy eating young children to try new foods.

Book: 50 Fantastic ideas for songs and rhymes by @hbattelley via @BloomsburyEd

A compilation of songs and rhymes supporting cognitive and movement skills, by Helen Battelley.

Book: Utterly Jarvellous by @sai_path via @BloomsburyEd

50 primary (junior) science activities you can do in a jar – By Dr Sai Pathmanathan

Book: Let’s hear it from the Boys by Gary Wilson via @BloomsburyEd

What boys really think about school and how to help them succeed

Book: Stepping into Senior Leadership by @TeamTait via @BloomsburyEd

A #UKEdChat Book Review – A guide for new and aspiring school leaders

Book: Assemblies for all by Paul Stanley via @BloomsburyEd

Diverse and exciting assembly ideas for all Key Stage 2 children

Book: Those who can, teach by @Andriazaf via @BloomsburyEd

A a rallying wake-up call that shows what life is really like for schoolchildren today.

Book: The Inclusive Classroom by @seainclusion & @InclusionExpert via @BloomsburyEd

A new approach to differentiation

Book: Mark. Plan. Teach 2.0 by @TeacherToolkit via @BloomsburyEd

Fully updated edition of Ross Morrison McGill’s bestselling Mark. Plan. Teach

Books: Looking for Learning by @littlemiss_ey via @BloomsburyEd

How to identify learning in child-initiated play

Book: Live well, learn well by @abbiemann1982 via @BloomsburyEd

A practical approach to supporting student wellbeing

Book: 50 fantastic ideas for forest school by @childcareguru_ via @BloomsburyEd

Filled with activities that spark creativity and learning in a natural environment.

Book: A School without Sanctions via @BloomsburyEd

A new approach to behaviour management based on neuroscience and psychology understandings.

Book: 50 Fantastic Ideas for Supporting Children’s Wellbeing via @BloomsburyEd

Ideas to improve children’s physical, emotional and mental health in the early years

Book: The Great Revolt by Paul Dowswell via @BloomsburyEd

Thrilling historical adventure set during the English peasants’ revolt of 1381

Books: Heroes – High Low Fiction via @BloomsburyEd

Bloomsbury’s High Low fiction is perfectly tailored for children whose reading age is lower than their

Books: Maths Mastery Reasoning by @MrBeeTeach via @BloomsburyEd

Mathematics reasoning resources for Key Stages 1&2

Book: Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble chosen by @PaulCooksonPoet via @BloomsburyEd

Paul Cookson brews a spell of fantastically magic poems.

Book: Literacy Beyond the Classroom by @Dom_Traynor & @cebgconsulting via @BloomsburyEd

Ten real-world projects proven to raise attainment in Primary English

Book: It’s OK to Cry by @PotterMolly via @BloomsburyEd

A fantastic book to use with younger children to help explore the language and understanding of feelings and emotions.

Book: Science – 100 ideas for Primary Teachers via @BloomsburyEd

A fantastic mix of practical science activities for primary schools.

See It Like a Poet: @BloomsburyEd Children’s Poetry Showcase

Bloomsbury celebrates National Poetry Day with a week of poetry activity

Book: Happy School 365 by @ActionJackson via @BloomsburyEd

Action Jackson’s Guide to Motivating Learners

Book: Teaching Rebooted by @teamtait via @BloomsburyEd

Using the science of learning to transform classroom practice.

Book: The Grammar Book by @ZoeParamour & @timparamour via @BloomsburyEd

A really useful book for primary teachers focusing on grammar requirements, with a focus on fun.

Book: Lighting the way by @nourishedschool via @BloomsburyEd

The case for ethical leadership in schools

Books: The National Curriculum Outdoors via @BloomsburyEd

A series of books packed with ideas and resources supporting outdoor learning

Book: No worries: Your guide to starting secondary school by @jennyalexander4 via @BloomsburyEd

A guide for starting secondary school, for young people.

Book: The National Archives History Toolkit for Primary Schools via @BloomsburyEd

Book covers main topics covered in History for primary schools.

Book: Mastery in Primary Mathematics by @tjpgarry via @BloomsburyEd

Draws on cognitive science as current developments in this field are crucial to understanding how children learn.

Book: Riding the Waves by @jameshilton300 via @BloomsburyEd

Riding the Waves offers practical strategies, advice, reflective questions and activities for developing the fulfilling aspects of school leadership to carry school leaders through these challenging times.

Book: Phonics at home by Kate Robinson via @BloomsburyEd

A great book filled with resources to help your child with letters and sounds.

Book: Succeeding as a Head of Year by @TeamTait via @BloomsburyEd

A book filled with practical, honest and open guidance to help you succeed as a head of year.

Book series: Comprehension Ninja by @VocabularyNinja via @BloomsburyEd

This series of essential handbooks for primary school teachers is filled with strategies and photocopiable

Book: Looking for learning by @littlemiss_ey via @BloomsburyEd

Click here to view these books on the UKEdChat Amazon Store Looking for Learning: Loose

Book: Research Informed Practice by @MissJLud via @BloomsburyEd

Research-Informed Practice provides simple, manageable strategies for busy classroom teachers to access and engage with research and use it to transform teaching.

Books: Time to…by Penny Tassoni, via @BloomsburyEd

Supported by Bloomsbury Education Click here to view these books on Amazon UK Featuring practical

Book: What Works? by: Lee Elliot Major, Steve Higgins via @BloomsburyEd

This book does not promise a magic medicine that will create perfect teaching – no book could – but it will help you navigate the uncertain world, improving the likelihood your pupils will achieve their potential.

Book: Just great teaching by @TeacherToolKit via @BloomsburyEd

A book that inspires readers to open their eyes to how particular problems can be resolved and how other schools are already doing this effectively.

Book: The Arts in Primary Education by @Gigske via @BloomsburyEd

Why the arts absolutely must be at the very heart of primary education.

Book: Supporting pupils with SEMH difficulties by Roy Howarth via @BloomsburyEd

Children with social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) difficulties can be among the most challenging

Book: The If Machine by @The_if_man via @BloomsburyEd

Amid all the noise, busyness and the striving towards top marks in our schools, little

Book Review – Adolescence: How to survive it by Tony Little and Herb Etkin via @BloomsburyBooks

Working with teenagers is such a privilege. Seeing young people metamorphose into adults, with all

Book: The Wellbeing Toolkit by @Andrew_Cowley23 via @BloomsburyEd

The Wellbeing Toolkit is an invaluable resource for promoting wellbeing among all school staff, thereby improving staff attendance and retention, and helping all teachers fall back in love with teaching.

Book: Vocabulary Ninja: Mastering Vocabulary by @MrJenningsA via @BloomsburyEd

This book demonstrates that vocabulary has the power to impact writing, improve oracy and allow pupils to access all areas of the curriculum.

Book: What’s Going On Inside My Head? by @PotterMolly via @BloomsburyEd

Perfect for starting conversations with children about their mental and emotional health, What’s Going On Inside My Head? is a must for every parent who understands the importance of keeping a healthy mind.

Book: MasterClass in Science Education by @DrKeithSTaber via @BloomsburyAcad

What is a science teacher? For many, it is those who specialise in the core

Book: How to be an Outstanding Primary Middle Leader by @ZoeParamour via @BloomsburyEd

When Zoë’s book came up for review I put my hand up to read it

Book: 50 Fantastic ideas for engaging dads by @JuneOSullivan & @alicesharp66 via @BloomsburyEd

Children benefit from the sensitive and supportive engagement of both their parents from the earliest

Book: Engaging Parents by @janetifimust & @Parentengage via @BloomsburyEd

The gulf between communicating with the parents of our students seems to widen as children

Book: Raising Attainment In The Primary Classroom via @BloomsburyEd

The book culminates with a whole set of training plans to help CPD to run smoothly in any primary school addressing raising attainment and can be easily adapted to a secondary academy format.

Book: A Manifesto for Excellence in Schools by @Carpenter_Rob via @BloomsburyEd

The author explains how schools ought to be far better considering all the efforts and initiatives that have been put in place.

Book: Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom by @AdrianBethune via @BloomsburyEd

This book is about offering pupil strategies to explore how to manage stresses, anxieties, or feelings that might result in depression.

Book: Let’s Perform by @cath_howe via @BloomsburyEd

From ‘They’re Digging up my School Today’ to ‘The Giant African Land Snail’s Rap’, this

Book: Ten Traits of Resilience by @JamesHilton300 via @BloomsburyEd

In this thought-provoking book, James Hilton explores ten traits of resilience and demonstrates to school leaders how they can embed these traits into their own practice and into their school to create a climate of resilience in every classroom.

The @UKEdPodcast – Episode 28 – Poetry & Writing for Young People featuring @MichaelamorganM & @JennyMcLachlan1

Hosted by Colin Hill, we attended the launch of the Bloomsbury Young Readers series, speaking

Help children step into a world of books with @BloomsburyEd #BloomsburyYoungReaders Series

Bloomsbury Young Readers are the perfect way to get children aged 5-7 reading, with book-banded

Book: Senior Leadership by @TeamTait via @BloomsburyEd

This book stands out because it has clear, concise information broken into bite-size chunks. Full credit to Jon Tait as there are useful takeaways and practical ideas for those thinking about applying for a senior leadership role, allowing the reader to reflect about their educational future.

Book: Teaching for mastery in writing by @MikeCain_Ed via @BloomsburyEd

Teaching for Mastery in Writing provides a practical approach to developing mastery in writing which helps all primary children to develop their skills and inspires a love of writing.

Book – 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers: Coding by @ICTMagic via @BloomsburyEd

Burrett’s book provides a range of seeds (‘ideas’) which can be developed into a variety of different flowers. His ideas are practical and cover the basics of coding, especially the offline section which allows children to develop their thinking before getting their hands on tech.

Book: Live Well, Teach Well by @AbbieMann1982 via @BloomsburyEd

Live Well, Teach Well is a must read for new and old teachers in a wide range of educational settings, it is a practical and helpful guide to help professionals and learning establishments to create a good working environment for all with the key focus still on learning.

Books: The #FootballTrials series by @DrJohnHickman – Published by @BloomsburyEd

Imagine being a young football fanatic. Nothing else in life really matters, and your dream

Book: The Silver Hand by Terry Deary

At the time of writing, we are drawing towards the centenary of the end of

@BloomsburyEd launches new Online Resource for Early Years Practitioners

Bloomsbury Education is delighted to launch Bloomsbury Early Years, a subscription website for Early Years

Book: Mastering Primary English by Wendy Jolliffe & David Waugh

With the (re) introduction of phonics, grammar and a focus on some classic texts, there

Book: Mastering Primary Science by Kenna Worthington & Amanda McCrory

In their book Mastering Primary Science, Amanda McCrory and Kenna Worthington explore some crucial information to help understand the issues, problems and opportunities that teaching the subject can provide you as a developing practitioner in the subject.

Book: The Dyslexia Assessment by @DysGuiseUK & @DrGavinReid

The Dyslexia Assessment is a complete assessment tool for investigating reading, writing and spelling difficulties in learners.

Book: How to be an Outstanding Primary Teaching Assistant by Emma Davie

This easy-to-use book includes creative advice to how to best assist both the teacher within the classroom and the children they teach, including those with special educational needs, English as an additional language, or behavioural difficulties.

Book: How to be an Outstanding Primary School Teacher by @HeadTeachDunn

With so many expectations, requirements and scrutiny of primary school teachers, it is easy to

Book: Engaging Learners (100 ideas) by @TeamTait

Engaging a bunch of teenagers after lunch on a Friday afternoon is no mean feat.

14 Great books for the Early Years EYFS

The Early Years of a child’s development are a delight to behold. Finding their place

Book: Supporting Children with SEN and Disabilities by @cherrylkd

The training for teachers in supporting pupils with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities (SEND)

Book: Teaching Primary Geography by @StephenScoffham & @PrimaGeographer

The exploration opportunities that such a rich subject as Geography offers are boundless. There is

Book: Stretch and Challenge by Debbie Light @TeacherTweaks

As part of an ongoing series, this publication provides a comprehensive package of developing Stretch

Book: Motivating Unwilling Learners in Further Education by Susan Wallace

Motivating students once they arrive at the Further Education (FE) level – students aged 16-18

Book: 100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers – Supporting Students with Autism by Claire Bullock

With the many challenges faced by teachers on a daily basis, supporting pupils with autism

Book: Effective Transition into Year One by @ABCDoes

Depending upon the school approach, the transition between the Early Years (pupils aged up to

Book: A Practical Guide to Nature-Based Practice by Niki Buchan

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Book: 100 ideas for Primary Teachers – Differentiation by @RachelOrr

When teachers are faced with 30 (or more) pupils who offer such wide a range

UKEdMag: Book shelf – Secondary Curriculum & Assessment Design By @ragazza_inglese

In the past few years, the way we think about assessment has undergone a revolution.

Book: Raising Boys’ Achievement by Gary Wilson

Gary Wilson is a man on a mission. Following on from his Pocket Pal Raising Boys’

Review: Creative approach to teaching spelling by Kate Robinson

Becoming proficiently strong at spelling is one of those challenges that faces most individuals throughout

Book: Mental Health Matters by Paula Nagel

Published 8th September 2016 There’s an elephant in the room, as we say here in

Book: 100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Tutor Time by Molly Potter

Some love tutor time. Some hate it. Yet tutor time creates the opportunity to forget

Book: Teaching Primary Computing by @ICTMagic

We are living in a world where society is becoming more reliant upon computers, technology

Boys will be Brilliant by @linda_ltc and Gary Wilson

According to recent reports, boys are twice as likely to fall behind girls in the early

Book: 100 ideas for EY Practitioners – Supporting EAL Learners by @MarianneSargent

The number of children in UK schools who speak English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Book: Inclusion by @NancyGedge

All children are entitled to access to equal opportunities in their education, however children with

50 Fantastic Ideas for Messy Play by Phill and Sally Featherstone

Messy play is at the heart of the early years curriculum, supporting creativity and imagination,

Book: Supporting Students with Dyslexia by @DrGavinReid & Shannon Green

Do you need ready-to-use, fun and engaging ideas for supporting students with dyslexia in your

Book: Middle Leadership by @pkainsworth

Designing a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme can be daunting. Whether you are looking to

Book Review: Marking and Feedback by @MsFindlater

Designing a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme can be daunting. Whether you are looking to

Book Review: Leading from the Edge by @JamesHilton300

Taking control. It might seem impossible when you are a school leader, and chaos is

UKEdMag Book Shelf: By @TeacherTweaks – Lesson Planning Tweaks for Teachers

Planning a successful lesson is a deeply personal thing, and every teacher has his or

Book: A Creative Approach to Teaching Rhythm & Rhyme

This book aims to help teachers with poetry through using words, sounds, echoes, patterns and rhythm and celebrating the music of ordinary speech.

UKEdMag: Book Review – The Spider Strategy by @marcellamccar16

– There are so many considerations with teaching, add in the constant pressure from changing

UKEdMag: How to survive an Ofsted Inspection by @msfindlater

Many fear the inspection regimes currently in place in many educational systems, but love them

Book Reviews: 100 Ideas Series via @ACBedu

– We review the following five books from a series of 100 Ideas titles published

Book Review: Maths is all Around You, by Marianne Knaus & Sally Featherstone

For practitioners and teachers who are blessed to work in the early years, finding activities

Book Review: Getting the Buggers to Behave by @Sue_Cowley

Managing behaviour looks different in each and every classroom as personal dynamics and situations vary

Book Reviews: A Creative Approach to Teaching Writing

–A Creative Approach to Teaching Writing by Steve Bowkett Teaching writing combines practical activities with

Book Review: Outstanding Maths Lessons – 100 Ideas by @MichaelOllerton

Teaching maths at a secondary level can be a real challenge. Pressures are mounted to

Book Reviews: Pocket Pal

Three updated editions of an expanding series of practical teaching books published by Bloomsbury now

Book Review: The Ultimate Guide to Using ICT Across the Curriculum, by Jon Audain

With technology becoming more portable, implementing ICT across different subjects is now a lot easier.