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Book: Thrive in Your First 3 Years in Teaching by @thrive_teach

Review compiled by: Martine Ellis Supported by: Crown House Publishing According to figures released by the […]

Book: Developing Tenacity by @LucasLearn & @DrEllenSpencer

Review compiled by: Emma Strickland Supported by: Crown House Publishing What are those key phrases you hear […]

Book: #BOTB Engagement by @WallaceIsabella & @LeahKirkman

Supported by: Crown House Publishing Many educators expect that all students in the classroom will […]

Book: The Working Class: Poverty, education and alternative voices by @ITLWorldwide

Review compiled by: Hope Wilton-Waddell Supported by: Crown House Publishing Social mobility is a buzzword flying across […]

Book: Leadership Dialogues II by John West-Burnham and @bravehead

Review compiled by: Rebecca Halls Supported by: Crown House Publishing Education is a continuously evolving […]

Book: Uncharted Territories by @Hywel_Roberts & @DebraKidd

To spark writing, you need to ignite the imagination. To be imaginative, you need experiences, […]

Book: Dare to be different by @WillRyan3

Working within schools, it is easy to be scared, follow the crowd, and dance along […]

Book Review: The Learning Power Approach by @GuyClaxton

Learning is such an important and crucial aspect of being. No matter what path our […]

Book Review: The GCSE Mindset by @VESPAmindset

With so much pressure placed upon teachers and pupils to produce good results by the […]

Book Review: Neuroscience for Teachers by @teacherled_RCTs @EllieJane1980 & @idevonshire

A Promoted UKEdChat Review Gradually, an important and growing evidence of the impact of understanding […]

Book Review: Living Contradiction by @Sean_S_Warren & @StephenBigger

A Promoted UKEdChat Review Although many teachers will embark on their career with the best […]

Book: Release your @inner_drive

A Promoted UKEdChat Review Every now and then, life has a knack for throwing a […]

Book review- When the adults change, everything changes by @pivotalpaul

A Promoted UKEdChat Review Even with ‘expert’ advice from consultants, self-proclaimed gurus, or politicians, managing […]

Book: Really Lazy Teacher’s Handbook (New Edition) by @thelazyteacher

A Promoted UKEdChat Review The amount of effort and energy used up in the role […]

Book: Teaching Creative Thinking by @LucasLearn & @DrEllenSpencer

Teaching Creative Thinking Developing Learners Who Generate Ideas And Can Think Critically A UKEdChat Book […]

Book: Making every English lesson count by @atharby

For English teachers, getting the key and critical nuances of the English Language over to […]

Book: Clean Language in the Classroom by @JulieMcC

You can sometimes get the feeling of ‘banging your head against the wall’ when trying […]

Book: This Much I Know About Mind Over Matter by @JohnTomsett

The subject of Mental Health continues to be given attention across society, yet the topic […]

Book: Making every Science lesson count by @shaun_allison

I love science. It’s just fascinating but allows for practical exploration, demands our attention, and […]

Book: Messy Maths by @CreativeSTAR

Messy Maths: A playful, outdoor approach for early years. One of the greatest joys of […]

Book: Feedback by @WallaceIsabella & @LeahKirkman

What we think…: Getting feedback right, as a teacher, is a skill that is refined […]

Book: Stretch and Challenge for All by Torsten Payne

Ensuring pupils receive the appropriate challenge within their learning is often an important factor when […]

Book: The Artful Educator by @Sue_Cowley

In our recent UKEdChat session on Creativity in Schools, I alluded to creativity being a […]

Book: Progress by @WallaceIsabella & @LeahKirkman

Measuring progress within educational circles is one of those constants that just continues throughout teaching […]

Book – How to teach: Reading for Pleasure by @KennyPieper

One of the biggest claims against pupils in contemporary society is that they don’t read […]

UKEdMag: Book shelf – Making the leap: Moving from Deputy to Head by @jillberry102

Applying to be a Headteacher! It’s a daunting task, and a decision that must not […]

Book: Opening Doors to Quality Writing by @BobCox_SFE

We all can understand the challenge involved in getting all our students to produce quality […]

Review: Don’t Send Him In Tomorrow by @JarlathOBrien

The general population is an eclectic mix of individuals. No two people are the same, […]

Review: The College Collection (Set 1) by @MsGeorginaJonas

For every teacher teaching literacy and reading to pupils who are less than enthused about […]

Review: How to teach Secondary Science by @CatrinGreen

We all remember science lessons from our school days. Whether the lessons were with the […]

Book: Big Ideas in Education: What every teacher should know by @russellgrigg

There are so many aspects involved in education, but at the core is one important element […]

Book: Understanding Leadership by Libby Nicholas & John West-Burnham

Are current leadership roles and relationships appropriate in a rapidly changing world? Do we need […]

Book: Amazing Assemblies for Primary Schools by Mike Kent

Primary school assemblies should be exciting and interesting. They should allow children to share in […]

UKEdMag: Book review – Take Control of the Noisy Class by @RobPlevin

The humble classroom door. Often neglected. Often abused. Rarely utilised. But the classroom door holds […]

Book Review: The Art of Being a Brilliant Classroom Assistant by @beingbrilliant

The Art of Being a Brilliant Classroom Assistant is another new addition to the successful […]

Book: Teacher-Led Research by Richard Churches and Eleanor Dommett

With knowledge of scientific method teachers can conduct their own research into areas of particular […]

Book: There is Another Way by Ian Gilbert @ITLWorldwide

Following on from the resounding success of Ian Gilbert’s Independent Thinking book (see our review […]

UKEdMag: Book Review – The Buzz by @davidhitl (via @Ezzy_Moon)

The Buzz is an interesting and topical self-help style book aimed at building the confidence […]

Book: Games for Teaching Primary French by @FrenchMatters & Sue Finnie

Teaching modern foreign languages can be challenging, and a daunting prospect for teachers who are […]

UKEdMag: Book Shelf – Of Teaching, Learning and Sherbet Lemons by @MusicMind

As any teacher will tell you, day to day teaching has many sour and sweet […]

Book Considerations via @tim_jumpclarke: @EducatingRuby by @GuyClaxton & @LucasLearn

A thought-provoking and empassioned book from Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas about what our children […]

UKEdMag: Bookshelf – By @JohnTomsett This much I know about love over fear…

I’ve delayed writing my review of this book because I wanted to find the right […]

UKEdMag: Book Shelf – Teacher Geek by @rlj1981

As a teacher, I’m usually a bit wary of books written by other teachers suggesting […]

UKEdMag: Book Shelf – By @LearningSpy – What if everything you knew about education was wrong?

Didau’s book has created quite a storm on social media, gaining both a hashtag and […]

UKEdMag Book Shelf: By @martinillingwor – Think Before You Teach: Questions to challenge why and how you want to teach

As a teacher, it is easy to go throughout a school year in ‘auto-pilot’ mode: […]

Book: Making Every Lesson Count by @shaun_allison & @Atharby

It is difficult to judge what makes a great teacher. It can be all very […]

UKEdMag: Good Ideas for Good Teachers who want Good Jobs by Gerald Haigh

It is very easy to get complacent and comfortable at your current school, working with […]

UKEdMag: Book Review – Learning with ‘e’s by @timbuckteeth

It’s all around us. There is little escape. Technology is embedded into our everyday lives, […]

Book Review: @JakeHuntonMfL Fun Learning Activities for Modern Foreign Languages

Sometimes, pupils just ‘don’t see the point’ of learning a foreign language, being very self-conscious […]

The Art of Being a Brilliant Teacher by Gary Toward, Chris Henley & Andy Cope

Ask yourself: How many times have you been asked to think ‘outside the box’? Such requests usually […]

UKEdMag Book Review: How to Teach Literacy by @PhilBeadle

The English Language is a complex beast. There are so many rules, conventions and expectations […]

UKEdMag Book Review – Leadership Dialogues: Conversations & Activities for Leadership Teams

Creating a school culture that is built upon professional and positive dialogues takes time, trust […]

The UKEdMag Bookshelf: Freaked Out! By @Freaked_Out123

This review originally appeared in the January 2015 edition of UKEdMagazine Click Here to Freely […]

Book Review: The Perfect (Ofsted) Science Lesson by John Beasley

Science certainly is not a static subject. New discoveries are being unearthed on a daily […]

Book Review: Teaching Backwards by @OTeaching

Despite our feature image, Backwards Teaching does not literally mean standing with your back to […]

Book Review: The Brain Box Study Guide by @DavidHitl & @TimBenton

Helping students prepare for their upcoming exams can seem like an uphill struggle for educators, […]

Book Review: Teaching with Flowers for a Blooming Curriculum by @BloomingCurric

There is nothing quite like connecting with nature, but this can be quite a puzzle […]

Book Review: Provocations – Philosophy for Secondary School

Finding time in such a packed curriculum to explore more creative aspects of learning (and […]

Book Review: Teaching, Notes from the Front Line by @DebraKidd

Within many nations, there is a crises in what education should mean each one looking […]

Book Review: The Perfect Further Education Lesson by Jackie Rossa

The gulf between secondary school and further education experiences can be quite a shock to […]

Book Review: Opening Doors to Famous Poetry and Prose by @BobCox_SFE

When we are exposed to great writers and great writing, we’re all capable of discovering […]

Book Review: 365 Things to Make you go Hmmm… by @SparkyTeaching

Following from our UKEdChat Subject Special focusing on Philosophy for Children, it seems fitting to […]

UKEdMag: Book Review – Talk-Less Teaching by @WallaceIsabella & @LeahKirkman

Book review originally appeared in the July 2014 Edition of UKEdMagazine. Click here to read […]

Book Review: The Numberverse by @AndyDay3000

  Imagine there are some aliens on another planet, called Octies, who have four fingers […]

Book Review: The Perfect Totally Practical Maths Lesson by @IanLoynd

One of the greatest gifts for teaching maths is when your pupils ‘get it’ and […]

Book Review: Never Mind the Inspectors, Here’s Punk Learning by @Totallywired77

When you think about the term ‘punk’, you are usually faced with stereotypical images from […]

Book Review: Perfect (Teacher Led) CPD by @Shaun_Allison

When you were thrown off your university course, and expected to teach, there would have […]

UKEdMag: Book Review – The Best Job in the World by Vic Goddard

We know the face. Our television screens were filled with the emotional rollercoaster which balances […]

Book Review: The Secret of Literacy by @LearningSpy

Please be seated. What we are about to share will shock many, and we don’t […]

Book Review: Learning Through a Lens, by @JaneH271

Extract, from the April Edition of UKEdMagazine. Book Author: Jane Hewitt (@JaneH271) Easily share this […]

Book Review: Primary Heads – Exceptional Leadership in the Primary School, by Bill Laar.

Stepping up to the role of a head-teacher is not an easy decision. Many considerations […]

Book Review – The Little Book of Laughter by Dave Keeling

Sometimes you just have to laugh. The absurdities that life throws at us every now […]

Book Review: Thoughtings – Puzzles, Problems and Paradoxes in Poetry to Think With

With World Poetry Day on 21st March this year, We thought we’d review a book, […]

Book Review: UnHomework by @ep3577

Homework, homework, homework. As a teacher it can sometimes feel that you’re damned if you […]

Book Review: The Perfect SENCO by @NataliePacker

Being given the remit of Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) in a school can be […]

Book Review: The Little Book of Dyslexia

The focus of the UKEdChat Book Reviews currently is on aides which support teachers, leaders, […]

Book Review: The Little Book of The Autism Spectrum

Being placed on the Autistic Spectrum can be a very vague term, as so many […]

Book Review: Perfect ICT Every Lesson by @ICTEvangelist

  Many teachers lack confidence when using technology in the classroom because of their concerns […]

Book Review: Thinking Teacher by @OliverQuinlan

  As a teacher, it is sometimes difficult to stop, think and reflect. With the […]

UKEdMag: Oops! Helping Children Learn Accidentally by @Hywel_Roberts

–Book Author: Hywel Roberts Are you planning not to smile to your students until Christmas? […]

Book Review: Independent Thinking (Ian Gilbert)

Quite simply, the wisdom written on the back cover of this book speaks volumes about […]

Book Review: Book of Plenary (Phil Beadle)

The attention and detail given to plenaries in the classroom can be varied from setting […]

Book Review: The Practically Perfect Teacher (Jackie Beere)

–Author: Jackie Beere OBE (Twitter: @JackieBeere) The main aim of any teacher is to support […]

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