Book – The Birmingham Book via @CrownHousePub

Lessons in urban education leadership and policy from the Trojan Horse Affair. Edited by Colin Diamond

Book: Bringing Forth the Bard by @greeborunner via @CrownHousePub

Widening the lens on the teaching of Shakespeare in the English classroom.

Book: Leadership for Sustainability by @DrDavidDixon1 via @CrownHousePub

Sustainability: Saving the planet one school at a time

Book: Imperfect Leadership in Action by @steve_munby & @marieclaire78 via @CrownHousePub

A practical book for school leaders who know they don’t know it all.

Book: Cooperative Learning via @CrownHousePub

Improving learning and attainment without any increase in teacher workload? Book written by Jakob Werdelin and Drew Howard.

Book: The CPD Curriculum by @greeborunner & @EnserMark via @CrownHousePub

How can schools design and deliver CPD that truly lives up to its name?

Book: Middle Leadership Mastery by @MrARobbins via @CrownHousePub

Middle leaders – the engines of the school

Book: Obstetrics for Schools by @RMacfarlaneEdu via @CrownHousePub

A Guide To Eliminating Failure And Ensuring The Safe Delivery Of All Learners

Book: The Ladder by @EnterpriseSBox via @CrownHousePub

Future aspirations, pathways and career aims for young people.

Book: The Kindness Principle by @davewhitaker246 via @CrownHousePub

Making Relational Behaviour Management Work in Schools

Book: A School Built on Ethos by @JamesHandscombe via @CrownHousePub

Ideas, assemblies and hard-won wisdom by James Handscombe

Book: Mentoring in Schools by @HughesHaili via @CrownHousePub

How to become an expert colleague

Book: After the adults change by @PaulDixTweets via @CrownHousePub

Achievable Behaviour Nirvana

Book: ASBO Teacher by @ASBOTeacher via @CrownHousePub

An Irreverent Guide To Surviving In Challenging Classrooms

Book: Love Teaching, Keep Teaching by @PRadfordSpeaker via @CrownHousePub

The essential guide to improving wellbeing at all levels in schools

Book: Tails from the Classroom by @HEL71_ & @RussellGrigg via @CrownHousePub

Learning and teaching through animal-assisted interventions

Book: 15-Minute STEM (Book 2) by @howtostem via @CrownHousePub

Quick, Creative Science, Technology, Engineering And Mathematics Activities For 5–11-Year-Olds

Book: The Complete Learner’s Toolkit by @jackiebeere via @CrownHousePub

Equipping the modern learner with the thinking, social and self-regulation skills to succeed at school and in life

Book: Cognitive Load Theory by @Garnett_S via @CrownHousePub

CLT claimed to be the single most important thing that teachers should know.

Book: Beyond wiping noses by @sputniksteve via @CrownHousePub

Building an Informed Approach To Pastoral Leadership In Schools

Book: Leader – Know, love and inspire your people via @CrownHousePub

A theory built on the latest evidence, stories and experience, to help you become the best leader you can be.

Book: Transition by @bravehead via @CrownHousePub

Independent Thinking on Transition: Fostering better collaboration between primary and secondary schools.

Book: Forget School by @MartinIllingwor via @CrownHousePub

Why Young People Are Succeeding On Their Own Terms And What Schools Can Do To Avoid Being Left Behind

Book: MFL by @CristaHazell via @CrownHousePub

This book shares tips, techniques and inspirational ideas geared to help teachers build confidence, increase enjoyment and improve outcomes as they take their MFL teaching to a whole new level.

Book: Zest for Learning by @LucasLearn & @DrEllenSpencer via @CrownHousePub

A key capability is zest: the curiosity and desire to experience new things. This book provides a framework for zest.

Book: A Curriculum of Hope by @DebraKidd via @CrownHousePub

Book exploring how good curriculum design can empower schools to build bridges between their pupils’ learning and the world around them.

Book: Middle Leadership by @TeacherInforma1 via @CrownHousePub

The essential elements of a contemporary leadership approach that will help middle leaders successfully navigate a rapidly changing educational landscape.

Book: The School Fundraising Handbook by @MsLindsMarsh2 via @CrownHousePub

This is an essential book to have on hand for school leaders or school business managers who are looking at opportunities to maximise income.

Book: Making every MFL lesson count by @Ni_Principal via @CrownHousePub

Bursting with templates, examples and flexible frameworks, this gimmick-free guide provides educators with a range of practical techniques designed to enhance their students’ linguistic awareness and help them transfer the target language into long-term memory.

Book: @Storycraft6 by @VESPAmindset & @MayhewJ via @CrownHousePub

How to teach narrative writing is an inspiring and practical resource to support secondary school teachers in developing their students’ creative writing.

Books: Opening doors to a richer English curriculum by @BobCox_SFE via @CrownHousePub

Supported by Crown House Publishing ‘Opening Doors to a Richer English Curriculum’ takes Bob Cox’s award-winning

Book: From able to Remarkable, by @DoctorMassey via @CrownHousePub

Robert Massey provides a pathway to help teachers guide their students through the gauntlets of the gifted, the underpasses of underachievement and the roadblocks to remarkable on their learning journeys.

Book: Curriculum, by @Trivium21c via @CrownHousePub

Martin Robinson’s Curriculum: Athena versus the machine explores the educational value of a curriculum rooted in the pursuit of wisdom – and advocates the enshrinement of such a curriculum as the central concern of an academic institution.

Book: Teach like nobody’s watching by @EnserMark via @CrownHousePub

This book explores three key pillars that underpin effective, efficient teaching: the lesson, the curriculum and the school’s support structure. 

Troubled Hearts, Troubled Minds by Peter Nelmes via @CrownHousePub

A book about emotions, and how emotions play a role in the learning of all children, and indeed adults, whether or not their behaviour is challenging, and whether or not they are troubled.

Book: How to teach English by @Xris32 via @CrownHousePub

Recent figures show that nine million adults in the UK are functionally illiterate, and one

Book: The Expert Teacher by @DKMead via CrownHousePub

In this day of trying to reduce the workload of teachers, pick-up-and-go lesson plans and

Book: Learning without fear by @juliastead1 and @Missvintagepink via @CrownHousePub

Supported by Crown House Publishing Within the teaching profession, there are many theories that seem

Book: Teach like you imagined it by @ListerKev via @CrownHousePub

Before you became a teacher, you pictured yourself as a teacher; in your imagination, you

Book – Powering up students by @GuyClaxton & Graham Powell via @CrownHousePub

I reviewed the original Learn Power Approach (LPA) book back in 2018 (see here), concluding

Book: Dynamically Different Classrooms by @greatergadsby and Jan Evans via @CrownHousePub

In Dynamically Different Classrooms: Create spaces that spark learning, Claire Gadsby and Jan Evans provide teachers with a visually striking masterclass on how to maximise the potential of every cubic inch of the learning environment.

Book: Making every maths lesson count by @MccreaEmma via @CrownHousePub

Making Every Maths Lesson Count is underpinned by six pedagogical principles – challenge, explanation, modelling, practice, feedback and questioning – and presents 52 high-impact strategies designed to streamline teacher workload and ramp up the level of challenge in the maths classroom.

Book: The Monkey-Proof Box by @GuerrillaEd via @CrownHousePub

Essentially, this is a book for primary practitioners, leaders and those with a vision of making a curriculum based around essential skills for children which inspires, is relevant, and prepares them well for the opportunities that life will give.

Book: Visible Maths by @MrMattock via @CrownHousePub

Getting mathematical concepts to stick with students is one of the more challenging aspects of

Book: Powering Up Children by @GuyClaxton & @beckycarlzon via @CrownHousePub

Review by Sarah Wordlaw Supported by: Crown House Publishing As educators, we know that in

Book: Making every geography lesson count by @EnserMark via @CrownHousePub

This book maps out the key elements of effective geography teaching, showing teachers how to

Book: Making Kids Cleverer by @DavidDidau via @CrownHousePub

A journey through a structured discussion to help us understand why the education gap exists and to point us towards some solutions.

Book: The Student Mindset by @VESPAmindset via @CrownHousePub

This book would help any educators to think about and evaluate their own teaching pedagogy and adapt it to the needs of their classes so that they can make the intended progress that they need to.

Book: How To Explain Absolutely Anything to Absolutely Anyone by @ATharby via @CrownHousePub

This is a book packed with helpful ideas, some to challenge the reader to think, some to inspire the reader to improve their practice and some to help remind us about our core beliefs about teaching.

Book: Teaching On A Shoestring by @RussellGrigg & Helen Lewis via @CrownHousePub

In their new ‘Teaching on a Shoestring’ book, Russell Grigg and Helen Lewis focus upon 4 C’s (communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity) for the early years of schooling, but they also acknowledge that some of the resource ideas can also support mathematical development and knowledge and understanding of the world.

Book: 15-Minute STEM by @howtostem via @CrownHousePub

Quick, creative science, technology, engineering and mathematics activities for 5–11-year-olds offers an exciting collection of 40 tried-and-tested, easy-to-resource STEM activities designed to engage and inspire young learners.

Book: The Decisive Element by @PositiveWeather @DecisiveChris & Mick Malton via @CrownHouse

An abundant array of tools and techniques to help schools nurture a more positive, praise based culture in which everyone can thrive.

Book: Exam Literacy by @JakeHuntonMFL via @CrownHouse

In Exam Literacy: A guide to doing what works (and not what doesn’t) to better prepare students for exams, Jake Hunton focuses on the latest cognitive research into revision techniques and delivers proven strategies which actually work.

Book: Thrive in Your First 3 Years in Teaching by @thrive_teach

Martha, Emily and Ben are thriving teachers. In Thrive they share their personal experiences and demonstrate how you too can thrive during the tricky training year, the daunting NQT year and the crucial RQT year.

Book: Developing Tenacity by @LucasLearn & @DrEllenSpencer

Bill Lucas and Ellen Spencer’s Developing Tenacity: Teaching learners how to persevere in the face of difficulty is a powerful call to action and a practical handbook for all teachers who want to stimulate and strengthen their pupils’ learning tenacity.

Book: #BOTB Engagement by @WallaceIsabella & @LeahKirkman

Isabella Wallace and Leah Kirkman’s Engagement is a carefully curated collection of experts’ insights on the theme of teacher and learner engagement, which – as they ably demonstrate – can be facilitated and encouraged in a number of ways.

Book: The Working Class: Poverty, education and alternative voices by @ITLWorldwide

In The Working Class: Poverty, education and alternative voices, Ian Gilbert unites educators from across the UK and further afield to call on all those working in schools to adopt a more enlightened and empathetic approach to supporting children in challenging circumstances.

Book: Leadership Dialogues II by John West-Burnham and @bravehead

Dave Harris and John West-Burnham’s Leadership Dialogues II: Leadership in times of change examines eight more themes crucial to the effective education of our young people in schools.

Book: Uncharted Territories by @Hywel_Roberts & @DebraKidd

Hywel Roberts and Debra Kidd’s Uncharted Territories: Adventures in learning is a book of prompts, provocations and possibilities designed to nourish creativity and generate ideas that will get teachers and pupils excited about learning.

Book: Dare to be different by @WillRyan3

Working within schools, it is easy to be scared, follow the crowd, and dance along

Book Review: The Learning Power Approach by @GuyClaxton

In The Learning Power Approach: Teaching learners to teach themselves Guy Claxton sets out the design principles of a pedagogical formula that aims to strengthen students’ learning muscles and develop their independence, initiative, determination, and love of learning.

Book Review: The GCSE Mindset by @VESPAmindset

With so much pressure placed upon teachers and pupils to produce good results by the

Book Review: Neuroscience for Teachers by @teacherled_RCTs @EllieJane1980 & @idevonshire

A Promoted UKEdChat Review Gradually, an important and growing evidence of the impact of understanding

Book Review: Living Contradiction by @Sean_S_Warren & @StephenBigger

A Promoted UKEdChat Review Although many teachers will embark on their career with the best

Book: Release your @inner_drive

A Promoted UKEdChat Review Every now and then, life has a knack for throwing a

Book review- When the adults change, everything changes by @pivotalpaul via @itPressUK

A Promoted UKEdChat Review Even with ‘expert’ advice from consultants, self-proclaimed gurus, or politicians, managing

Book: Really Lazy Teacher’s Handbook (New Edition) by @thelazyteacher

A Promoted UKEdChat Review The amount of effort and energy used up in the role

Book: Teaching Creative Thinking by @LucasLearn & @DrEllenSpencer

Teaching Creative Thinking Developing Learners Who Generate Ideas And Can Think Critically A UKEdChat Book

Book: Making every English lesson count by @atharby

For English teachers, getting the key and critical nuances of the English Language over to

Book: Clean Language in the Classroom by @JulieMcC

You can sometimes get the feeling of ‘banging your head against the wall’ when trying

Book: This Much I Know About Mind Over Matter by @JohnTomsett

The subject of Mental Health continues to be given attention across society, yet the topic

Book: Making every Science lesson count by @shaun_allison

I love science. It’s just fascinating but allows for practical exploration, demands our attention, and

Book: Messy Maths by @CreativeSTAR

Messy Maths: A playful, outdoor approach for early years. One of the greatest joys of

Book: Feedback by @WallaceIsabella & @LeahKirkman

What we think…: Getting feedback right, as a teacher, is a skill that is refined

Book: Stretch and Challenge for All by Torsten Payne

Ensuring pupils receive the appropriate challenge within their learning is often an important factor when

Book: The Artful Educator by @Sue_Cowley

In our recent UKEdChat session on Creativity in Schools, I alluded to creativity being a

Book: Progress by @WallaceIsabella & @LeahKirkman

Measuring progress within educational circles is one of those constants that just continues throughout teaching

Book – How to teach: Reading for Pleasure by @KennyPieper

One of the biggest claims against pupils in contemporary society is that they don’t read

UKEdMag: Book shelf – Making the leap: Moving from Deputy to Head by @jillberry102

Applying to be a Headteacher! It’s a daunting task, and a decision that must not

Book: Opening Doors to Quality Writing by @BobCox_SFE

We all can understand the challenge involved in getting all our students to produce quality

Review: Don’t Send Him In Tomorrow by @JarlathOBrien

The general population is an eclectic mix of individuals. No two people are the same,

Review: The College Collection (Set 1) by @MsGeorginaJonas

For every teacher teaching literacy and reading to pupils who are less than enthused about

Review: How to teach Secondary Science by @CatrinGreen

We all remember science lessons from our school days. Whether the lessons were with the

Book: Big Ideas in Education: What every teacher should know by @russellgrigg

There are so many aspects involved in education, but at the core is one important element

Book: Understanding Leadership by Libby Nicholas & John West-Burnham

Are current leadership roles and relationships appropriate in a rapidly changing world? Do we need

Book: Amazing Assemblies for Primary Schools by Mike Kent

Primary school assemblies should be exciting and interesting. They should allow children to share in

UKEdMag: Book review – Take Control of the Noisy Class by @RobPlevin

The humble classroom door. Often neglected. Often abused. Rarely utilised. But the classroom door holds

Book Review: The Art of Being a Brilliant Classroom Assistant by @beingbrilliant

The Art of Being a Brilliant Classroom Assistant is another new addition to the successful

Book: Teacher-Led Research by Richard Churches and Eleanor Dommett

With knowledge of scientific method teachers can conduct their own research into areas of particular

Book: There is Another Way by Ian Gilbert @ITLWorldwide

Following on from the resounding success of Ian Gilbert’s Independent Thinking book (see our review

UKEdMag: Book Review – The Buzz by @davidhitl (via @Ezzy_Moon)

The Buzz is an interesting and topical self-help style book aimed at building the confidence

Book: Games for Teaching Primary French by @FrenchMatters & Sue Finnie

Teaching modern foreign languages can be challenging, and a daunting prospect for teachers who are

Book: Of Teaching, Learning and Sherbet Lemons by @MusicMind via @CrownHousePub

As any teacher will tell you, day to day teaching has many sour and sweet

Book Considerations via @tim_jumpclarke: @EducatingRuby by @GuyClaxton & @LucasLearn

A thought-provoking and empassioned book from Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas about what our children

UKEdMag: Bookshelf – By @JohnTomsett This much I know about love over fear…

I’ve delayed writing my review of this book because I wanted to find the right

UKEdMag: Book Shelf – Teacher Geek by @rlj1981

As a teacher, I’m usually a bit wary of books written by other teachers suggesting

UKEdMag: Book Shelf – By @LearningSpy – What if everything you knew about education was wrong?

Didau’s book has created quite a storm on social media, gaining both a hashtag and

UKEdMag Book Shelf: By @martinillingwor – Think Before You Teach: Questions to challenge why and how you want to teach

As a teacher, it is easy to go throughout a school year in ‘auto-pilot’ mode:

Book: Making Every Lesson Count by @shaun_allison & @Atharby

It is difficult to judge what makes a great teacher. It can be all very

UKEdMag: Good Ideas for Good Teachers who want Good Jobs by Gerald Haigh

It is very easy to get complacent and comfortable at your current school, working with

UKEdMag: Book Review – Learning with ‘e’s by @timbuckteeth

It’s all around us. There is little escape. Technology is embedded into our everyday lives,

Book Review: @JakeHuntonMfL Fun Learning Activities for Modern Foreign Languages

Sometimes, pupils just ‘don’t see the point’ of learning a foreign language, being very self-conscious

The Art of Being a Brilliant Teacher by Gary Toward, Chris Henley & Andy Cope

Ask yourself: How many times have you been asked to think ‘outside the box’? Such requests usually

UKEdMag Book Review: How to Teach Literacy by @PhilBeadle

The English Language is a complex beast. There are so many rules, conventions and expectations

Book Review – Leadership Dialogues: Conversations & Activities for Leadership Teams

Creating a school culture that is built upon professional and positive dialogues takes time, trust

The UKEdMag Bookshelf: Freaked Out! By @Freaked_Out123

This review originally appeared in the January 2015 edition of UKEdMagazine Click Here to Freely

Book Review: The Perfect (Ofsted) Science Lesson by John Beasley

Science certainly is not a static subject. New discoveries are being unearthed on a daily

Book Review: Teaching Backwards by @OTeaching

Despite our feature image, Backwards Teaching does not literally mean standing with your back to

Book Review: The Brain Box Study Guide by @DavidHitl & @TimBenton

Helping students prepare for their upcoming exams can seem like an uphill struggle for educators,

Book Review: Teaching with Flowers for a Blooming Curriculum by @BloomingCurric

There is nothing quite like connecting with nature, but this can be quite a puzzle

Book Review: Provocations – Philosophy for Secondary School

Finding time in such a packed curriculum to explore more creative aspects of learning (and

Book Review: Teaching, Notes from the Front Line by @DebraKidd

Within many nations, there is a crises in what education should mean each one looking

Book Review: The Perfect Further Education Lesson by Jackie Rossa

The gulf between secondary school and further education experiences can be quite a shock to

Book Review: Opening Doors to Famous Poetry and Prose by @BobCox_SFE

When we are exposed to great writers and great writing, we’re all capable of discovering

Book Review: 365 Things to Make you go Hmmm… by @SparkyTeaching

Following from our UKEdChat Subject Special focusing on Philosophy for Children, it seems fitting to

UKEdMag: Book Review – Talk-Less Teaching by @WallaceIsabella & @LeahKirkman

Book review originally appeared in the July 2014 Edition of UKEdMagazine. Click here to read

Book Review: The Numberverse by @AndyDay3000

  Imagine there are some aliens on another planet, called Octies, who have four fingers

Book Review: The Perfect Totally Practical Maths Lesson by @IanLoynd

One of the greatest gifts for teaching maths is when your pupils ‘get it’ and

Book Review: Never Mind the Inspectors, Here’s Punk Learning by @Totallywired77

When you think about the term ‘punk’, you are usually faced with stereotypical images from

Book Review: Perfect (Teacher Led) CPD by @Shaun_Allison

When you were thrown off your university course, and expected to teach, there would have

UKEdMag: Book Review – The Best Job in the World by Vic Goddard

We know the face. Our television screens were filled with the emotional rollercoaster which balances

Book Review: The Secret of Literacy by @LearningSpy

Please be seated. What we are about to share will shock many, and we don’t

Book Review: Learning Through a Lens, by @JaneH271

Extract, from the April Edition of UKEdMagazine. Book Author: Jane Hewitt (@JaneH271) You need to

Book Review: Primary Heads – Exceptional Leadership in the Primary School, by Bill Laar.

Stepping up to the role of a head-teacher is not an easy decision. Many considerations

Book Review – The Little Book of Laughter by Dave Keeling

Sometimes you just have to laugh. The absurdities that life throws at us every now

Book Review: Thoughtings – Puzzles, Problems and Paradoxes in Poetry to Think With

With World Poetry Day on 21st March this year, We thought we’d review a book,

Book Review: UnHomework by @ep3577

Homework, homework, homework. As a teacher it can sometimes feel that you’re damned if you

Book Review: The Perfect SENCO by @NataliePacker

Being given the remit of Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) in a school can be

Book Review: The Little Book of Dyslexia

The focus of the UKEdChat Book Reviews currently is on aides which support teachers, leaders,

Book Review: The Little Book of The Autism Spectrum

Being placed on the Autistic Spectrum can be a very vague term, as so many

Book Review: Perfect ICT Every Lesson by @ICTEvangelist

  Many teachers lack confidence when using technology in the classroom because of their concerns

Book Review: Thinking Teacher by @OliverQuinlan

  As a teacher, it is sometimes difficult to stop, think and reflect. With the

UKEdMag: Oops! Helping Children Learn Accidentally by @Hywel_Roberts

–Book Author: Hywel Roberts Are you planning not to smile to your students until Christmas?

Book Review: Independent Thinking (Ian Gilbert)

Quite simply, the wisdom written on the back cover of this book speaks volumes about

Book Review: Book of Plenary (Phil Beadle)

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Book Review: The Practically Perfect Teacher (Jackie Beere)

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