Book: Connect the Dots by Tricia Taylor via @JohnCattEd

Connect The Dots lays out the research worth knowing and applies that research to ready-to-use teaching tools for real classrooms.

Book: Reframing Education by @MMurryay via @JohnCattEd

Mike Murray’s book attacks the narrow high stakes accountability and marketized vision which has distorted our education system, the fragmentation of education thinking into warring camps and silos and offers a radical optimistic vision of how we can emerge from the current impasse.

Book: Retrieval Practice by @87History via @JohnCattEd

As more teachers and school leaders are realising the benefits of Retrieval Practice, this book by Kate Jones offers practical guidance, research and resources to successfully implement within the classroom.

Book: In search of my alumni by @PhilCrompton3 via @JohnCattEd

In his book, Phil Crompton is challenged by two old school friends to question the impression the school system with England has left on a generation of people, embarking on a tour around the country.

Book: Building Belonging by Cathal Lynch via @JohnCattEd

A systematic approach to school improvement and emotional wellbeing

Book: Why Teach? by @BenNewmark via @JohnCattEd

9 confusing educational questions, 9 straightforward answers.

Book: Learning with Leonardo by Ian Warwick & Ray Speakman via @JohnCattEd

From the outset, I want to be clear – Leonardo da Vinci, not Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Compassionate Teacher by @andy_samm via @JohnCattEd

As a profession, if we all start showing and living a little more compassionately, then the results for everyone can be more optimistic.

How to Teach English Literature – Overcoming Cultural Poverty by @FunkyPedagogy via @JohnCattEd

Published by John Catt, this excellent book supports teachers of secondary English Literature in providing resources and ideas to support all their pupils to succeed at the subject.

Book: Love to teach by @87History via @JohnCattEd

For a majority, the love and passion of teaching is a joy to behold. Kate

Book: The Thinking School by Kulvarn Atwal (EdD) via @JohnCattEd

Kulvarm Atwal has been on a journey. A significant learning journey, focusing on teacher learning

Book: Hairdresser or Footballer by @year6missNW with @RossMcGill via @JohnCattEd

This book stands out for its ability to make you reflect upon your own practice and the personal experiences that have shaped them.

Book: The Nine Pillars of Great Schools by David Woods, Rachel Macfarlane & @damianmcbeath via @JohnCattEd

The Nine Pillars outlined in this book provide a guiding reference point to help self-analyse, reflect and improve upon some of the challenges faced each day.

Book Review: The Curriculum: Gallimaufry to coherence by @MaryMyatt via @JohnCattEd

This book overflows with wisdom about curriculum design and is a must for any CPD library no matter the level of the teacher from NQT to Senior leaders anyone in the teaching industry should read it and be able to embrace the ideas contained.

Book: Thinking Reading: What every secondary teacher needs to know about reading by @ThinkReadTweet via @JohnCattEd

Drawing on the work of experts from around the world, the authors explore how we learn to read, how the many myths and misconceptions around reading developed, and why they continue to persist.

Book: Liminal Leadership by @LeadingLearner

Liminal Leadership is engaging, varied, honest and wise. You should read it for all those reasons. You will learn much here about a potential journey from focus to flow; beyond informed to wise; beyond ethical to humane.

Book: By @DavidDidau & @Nick_J_Rose – Psychology – What every teacher needs to know

What Every Teacher Should Know is a powerful, handy, non-nonsense reference book that busy teachers can dip in and out of to support their practice and professional development.