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Book: Making it as a teacher by @MrsHumanities via @RoutledgeEd

Supported by Routledge Education Within the education system of England, there is a serious issue

Book: Simplicity Rules by @Jo_Facer via @RoutledgeEd

Supported by Routledge Education There’s a lot about teaching that is, and should be, pretty

Book: Boys Don’t Try? By @Positivteacha & @mr_englishteach via @RoutledgeEd

I was reading a fascinating article recently, published in the LA Times (link), telling the

Book: How to Build Communication Success in your School by @Fit2Communicate

For a school to communicate effectively is now even more important than ever before. With

Book: The Teacher Gap by @profbeckyallen & @Sam_Sims_ via @RoutledgeEd

Review compiled by: Rebecca Hall Supported by: Routledge Education Publishing The Teacher Gap by Rebecca Allen and

Book: Identifying Special Needs by @GlynisHannell via @RoutledgeEd

Identifying Special Needs provides expert guidance to recognising and categorising the specific characteristics of a range of special needs.

Book: Powerful Pedagogy by @powley_r via @RoutledgeEd

In Powerful Pedagogy, Ruth Powley, Love Learning Ideas blogger and experienced teacher and school leader, debunks teaching and learning myths and shows how the more we know about pedagogy, the more able we are to make informed and efficient choices about our practice, saving ourselves valuable time.

Book: Responsive Teaching: Cognitive Science and Formative Assessment in Practice by @HFletcherWood via @RoutledgeEd

Review compiled by: Peter Hall Supported by: Routledge Education Publishing I wish this book had been written

Book: Closing the Vocabulary Gap by @HuntingEnglish via @RoutledgeEd

Alex Quiqley’s book explores the glaring vocabulary gap, exploring how teachers can utilise practical and supportive classroom strategies to help pupils develop.

Book – Developmental Dyslexia from Birth to Eight: A Practitioners Guide by Carol Hayes via @RoutledgeEd

Review compiled by: Rebecca Hall Supported by: Routledge Education Publishing Developmental Dyslexia a Practitioners Guide is