James Hilton

UKEdChat 2020 Online Conference

Title of Talk: Can introverts make great school leaders?

More information: • Modern school leaders are required to carry out a wide variety of roles beyond that of the historical, figurehead approach. • Leadership today requires subtlety and nuance, calling for a different kind of leader. • Extrovert leaders require high levels of stimulation.
• Introverted leaders feel the most switched on and capable in quieter environments but recognise the need to ‘put themselves out there’. • Whatever the stereotypes, introverted leaders can, and do, make good heads!
• Extrovert and introverted leaders are rarely polarised.
• Many leaders exist as ambiverts, displaying traits of both depending on the situation.
• Regardless of personality type, school leadership is essentially about a) communication and b) getting people on board.
• The people you lead are also skewed either to introversion or extroversion. Adapt your style. One size does not fit all.
• There is no one right way to be a school leader – the best leaders achieve balance.

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