Session 360: Efficient Planning

  1. It's 8pm - Time for another #UKEdChat - Session 360, all about Efficient Planning. 
6 questions to follow. Answer A1., A2., A3. etc.
    It's 8pm - Time for another #UKEdChat - Session 360, all about Efficient Planning. 6 questions to follow. Answer A1., A2., A3. etc.
  2. #UKEdChat - Q1.
In your average teaching day, whereabouts is your lesson plan, and how often do you refer to it?
    #UKEdChat - Q1. In your average teaching day, whereabouts is your lesson plan, and how often do you refer to it?
  3. @ukedchat A1. On paper, on the desk, and always easy for me to refer to during a lesson #UKEdChat
  4. @UKEdSch In head, written in planner & either on resources I've created or written on the board #UKEdChat - Morning to check - in lesson if needed
  5. @ukedchat On paper, in a folder. I don't refer to it. It's something I am required to write but my real lp is in my resources.
  6. A1: Haven't used them since Ts Ed. Now I'm #FlipClass and use #gamification & #gbl so I have new lesson plans. I use all the time. #ukedchat
  7. @ukedchat What lesson plan?? πŸ‘€ in my head, refer to it all the time!!! Constantly evaluating too
  8. @purplechemist @UKEdSch A brave move #UKEdChat ;0) Always reliable? My problem with paper, is that I can lose the piece I am working from!
  9. @digicoled @UKEdSch My planner is invaluable. I write the basic outline & key questions as a reminder to me #UKEdchat - couldn't cope with a tech plan! A1
  10. #UKEdChat - You’re lucky. Some schools insist that it’s actually written down, on actual paper, and the likes :-/ β€¦
  11. @ukedchat Have medium term planning that's in my folder. Referred to once a week, to check objectives for the week 😊
  12. @SusanSEnglish @UKEdSch I like the idea of a tech plan, but just not practical - maybe I'm olde fashioned ;0) #UKEdChat
  13. #UKEdChat - Q2.
How do you collaborate with colleagues with short/medium/long term planning?
    #UKEdChat - Q2. How do you collaborate with colleagues with short/medium/long term planning?
  14. @Miss_jyB (remember to include #UKEdChat in your response ;0)) Do you refer to this on a Sun eve, or Mon morning? What about accompanying resources?
  15. @ukedchat Very lucky!! And trusted too, which is the biggest factor in not having to have weekly daily planning 😊
  16. @ukedchat Long term and medium term planning usually done collaboratively. Short term planning is my own, relevant to where pupils are at #UKEdChat
  17. @ukedchat Using meetings to discuss face to face, corridor conversations, Google team drive for collaborative working and Google drive to disseminate
  18. @TeachingTricks Is that in a secondary setting? #UKEdChat How does it work? Room for improvement?
  19. @ukedchat Monday morning and accompanying resources prepared the day before #UKEdChat
  20. @Miss_jyB Sometimes the resources to accompany the planning can take longer to sort out, IMHO #UKEdChat
  21. @purplechemist @UKEdSch @idoceo Not expensive and puts everything in same place - really good for my planning. I would lose paper! #ukedchat
  22. @ukedchat One form entry so only collaborate for long term planning to ensure objectives are covered through key stage #UKEdChat
  23. @ukedchat Wow, I wish it was still like that for me, I resent the time I waste writing down stuff I don't really look at again just for accountability
  24. @ukedchat Sometimes they can, definitely agree. But I've learnt to keep things that are good, have worked well and can be reused! #UKEdChat
  25. @homesal The big question - does anyone actually look at it though? #UKEdChat I mean, really look at it?
  26. A2: Our sci team has weekly meetings to plan tests and lesson plans. #ukedchat
  27. @ukedchat Yes secondary.... Works pretty well as you can't always meet up, or have time to. Also allows collaboration between schools @ukedchat
  28. @ukedchat A1) Like MissB - in my head. But we also put lesson overviews on the SmartNotes for a prompt/for supply teachers. No paper copies! #ukedchat
  29. @ukedchat on the computer and I don't look at it. I just use my notebook slides #ukedchat
  30. @PaulWat5 @k1zzylou Yes, although we are on Q2, but feel free to continue #ukedchat ;0)
  31. @ukedchat #UKEdChat with maths me and the other year 4 teacher chat each week before planning the next week
  32. @supervxn Are they well focused, or can the meetings go off on a tangent? #UKEdChat
  33. @UKEdSch Q2: currently considering cross curriculum - I am going to take an overview of all MTP and point people in eachothers direction. #ukedchat
  34. @ukedchat Also conversations with other colleagues for ideas, advice and shared good practice. #UKEdChat
  35. @ukedchat In my PowerPoint... Or the worksheet... But been doing good it 21 yrs! If an obs I have a printed 5min plan... Secondary science @ukedchat
  36. @wnfranklin Random question: What is the back-up system if a teacher suddenly goes off sick? #UKEdChat Where is the continuum for the pupils?
  37. @ukedchat @eenalol Love this, going to adapt it for mfl and use variations when we cover media topic #lovebooks #inspirereading
  38. Can anybody suggest an animation app which is easily adaptable and can be used to present info to a class? #UKEdChat
  39. @PaulWat5 What about medium and longer term plans? #UKEdChat How are they managed/evaluated?
  40. @UKEdSch #Ukedchat LTP -SOL sharing/adapting - MTP- bulletins fortnightly - STP- constant collaborative sharing of up to date resources - team work
  41. @wren79 @UKEdSch Phew - thought I might have been a bit low key with this one. Works for me though! #Ukedchat
  42. #UKEdChat - Q3.
How do you organise/store resources that support your planning?
    #UKEdChat - Q3. How do you organise/store resources that support your planning?
  43. @ukedchat Sometimes we have learning walks where SLT check and give feedback. Planning is also asked for if students misbehave....
  44. @ukedchat Most of the time, we're focused. But they're sooo boring! No innovation at all :-( #ukedchat
  45. @ukedchat Weekly planning done in excel in grid format to give to science techs practicals etc must be ordered a week in advance #ukedchat @ukedchat
  46. @ukedchat A2) We verbally plan and make notes during PPA, then deligate lesson preparation responsibilities and go off and get it done. #UKEdChat
  47. @UKEdSch Yes - I think there are a lot of missed opportunities! Geography and Maths for instance. #ukedchat
  48. @ukedchat Yes, we are a Google school so all in a shared drive with specific sharing rights granted to who needs it. #ukedchat
  49. @Miss_jyB @ukedchat A2 - Agreed, conversations esp informally help massively with planning & good ideas #UKEdchat
  50. @homesal Is that a good thing, or does that add pressure to teachers? #UKEdChat Genuine question.
  51. @ukedchat In Wales we use @HwbNews which enables you to collaborate on docs and create groups / communities. Great for sharing resources, files etc.
  52. A3: on @onedrive. I don't use a laptop, so that way the files on the cloud go with me. #ukedchat
  53. @supervxn Oh dear. How can that be changed / challenged? You should all feel inspired, otherwise what is the point? #UKEdChat
  54. @ukedchat Plus as it is online you can work from home on any device, no need to be in school or "dial in" to the network #ukedchat
  55. @ukedchat Totally genuine answer, it just adds pressure. Many are at breaking point.
  56. @ukedchat Resources are stored by subject, in my storage cupboard in the classroom. Separate trays for diff subjects #UKEdChat
  57. @UKEdSch #UKEdChat Q3 - memory stick/harddrive in named folders - shared VLE & newest sent via e-mail
  58. @TeachingTricks Very 1990's ;0) #UKEdChat Watch out for the millennium bug. Only kidding. Does it work well?
  59. @ukedchat A3) We've structured our planning drive on the network to be consistent across year groups so it's easy to find for anyone. #UKEdChat
  60. @ukedchat A1: No lesson plan day to day, but online planner is @Planboard - that's the one I mentioned in the video yesterday :-) #ukedchat
  61. @ukedchat Clearly labelled at the front, either in wallets, envelopes etc so easy to find #UKEdChat
  62. @wnfranklin PPA still exists? #UKEdChat In seriousness, it's all a shared experience for colleagues?
  63. @ukedchat All stored on 3 external hard drives, 1 active 2 backups, plus on Google drive (I have lost it all before so many copies) #ukedchat
  64. @ukedchat Important to keep resources backed up to save workload. Naming them properly & having folders etc. I've learned this recently! πŸ˜‚ #ukedchat
  65. @ukedchat I will scan and keep any handwritten resources so no need to keep papercopies... #ukedchat
  66. @TeachingTed More secondaries should explore such opportunities. Agree, many opportunities to cross topics with different subjts. More holistic #ukedchat
  67. @SusanSEnglish @ukedchat Conversations definitely undervalued in some places!! Need a good strong trusting team free from judgement #UKEdChat
  68. @ukedchat Resources all filed on hard drive by academic year, the ks and topic easy to find and logical structure #ukedchat
  69. @SusanSEnglish @Miss_jyB @ukedchat Do you add in ideas found elsewhere, such as Twitter, and throw into the mix? #UKEdChat
  70. @UKEdSch #UKEdChat anything digital is only printed on demand, physical resources in labelled clear pocket wallets in filing cabinet organised by yr
  71. @ukedchat Store most electronically in 'sensibly' named folders. Paper resources scanned and also hard copies in folder with index. Backed up to dbox
  72. @UKEdSch A lot of us play at cross curriculum - yet to see a sch nail it. #ukedchat
  73. @supervxn @onedrive What if there was a major computer outage/hack? #UKEdChat Do you back-up, just in case?
  74. @Miss_jyB @ukedchat Absolutely - helps promote subject knowledge development too. Learn so much from other people in our team #Ukedchat Challenges my thinking
  75. @digicoled @SusanSEnglish @ukedchat Yes definitely. Twitter, blogs, dare I say Pinterest lol.... lots of ideas shared...a constant process, never stops #UKEdChat
  76. @homesal That's the tragedy about it #UKEdChat Are the SLT aware of this added pressure and what it's doing to staff?
  77. @digicoled @Miss_jyB @ukedchat Absolutely, and blog info too. #Ukedchat It all helps to develop what we are doing and to make it better for the S's
  78. @ukedchat Very... I am not a paper planner person, all meetings go in (before, after sch or during ppa's) so I have a weekly overview #ukedchat
  79. @ukedchat So effective that it is shared with faculty and used by many #ukedchat
  80. #UKEdChat - Q4.
How do online platforms support teachers in their planning, and what about back-ups?
    #UKEdChat - Q4. How do online platforms support teachers in their planning, and what about back-ups?
  81. @ukedchat Yes electronically, different folders for different subjects. Not shared whole school however, which has great potential IMO #UKEdChat
  82. @ukedchat Answer is possibly, but needs must! If they know and don't care this is another matter. If they don't know and don't care.....
  83. @ukedchat @onedrive Yeah. We have an external drive connected to our home PC. #UKEdChat
  84. @ukedchat Im interested in the responses here - looking at VLE for sch - is it worth it? Or should I just stick with google classroom? πŸ‘#ukedchat
  85. @ukedchat To some extent! We are given an AM or PM p/w as a team but often at least one will be busy/covering a class/in meeting/ marking #UKEdChat
  86. Quick poll - On average each week, how long does planning take you? Poll closes in 20 minutes -> β€¦
  87. @UKEdSch No - just the way that I do it at the moment. Our shared area is v organised which helps all tchs, cloud good too - dropbox etc. #Ukedchat
  88. @TeachingTed @ukedchat #UKEdChat VLE didn't take off at my school. Too time consuming to upload and edit. Not user friendly 3 years ago. May have changed since.
  89. @ukedchat A4) I found having Dropbox installed on my home PC useful for automatically saving my planning to the cloud. No USB stick to lose! #UKEdChat
  90. @TeachingTed @ukedchat It really does depend on your needs, but we use Google Classroom and it works for us. #ukedchat
  91. @TeachingTricks That's key #UKEdChat No need to change if everyone uses and is effective.
  92. @digicoled @Miss_jyB @ukedchat Of course, why wouldn't you? Its nothing to be ashamed off and try to credit other people when they deserve it #Ukedchat
  93. @digicoled @SusanSEnglish @ukedchat Admit that ideas stem from social media? Yes of course!! I want others to know about it and do the same 😊 sharing is caring πŸ˜‰ #UKEdChat
  94. @ukedchat Mine are taking over my living room and 2 cupboards in my house. Going to make my partner build some shelfs and stuff so I can tidy up
  95. @ukedchat Wrote about @SkoolerUK recently. Takes easy planning to the next level #UKEdChat
  96. @Miss_jyB And very easy to set up #UKEdChat Where there's a will....etc.
  97. @TeachingTed @ukedchat Stick with Google classrooms.... We have tried a VLE then went to this so much easier and more buy in / use from staff & students #ukedchat
  98. @ukedchat I use PlanBoard to share my planning and documents with my Co-Teacher.  Also allows Dropbox sharing too.
  99. @ukedchat I use Evernote and tag tag tag! There's a chance I might find it then..#ukedchat
  100. @wren79 @UKEdSch Ha ha - love this 'going rogue' with your planning. That is most def my kind of life on the edge πŸ˜‚#Ukedchat
  101. @ukedchat Also helped avoid duplicate versions of a lesson plan/slides ending up on school network. We're yet to utilise online collaborative docs...
  102. @TSciTNinja @TeachingTed Sounds familiar. The idea was great. The implementation was shockingly poor #UKEdChat A lot of money wasted nationally.
  103. @TeachingTed @ukedchat Google classroom isn't the perfect solution, but it's free, backups are automatic and it works on 99% of devices. #ukedchat
  104. @LauraWMaths Or....throw it all away ;0) (After it's all been added to Dropbox or something) #UKEdChat
  105. @ukedchat A1 I have a weekly plan with LI + support.Lesson plan is evident on a PowerPoint but will be adapted depending on how things go. #UKEdChat
  106. @kieronmiddleton @TeachingTed Agree with you, although nothing is truly 'free', which has always been a concern #UKEdChat
  107. @ukedchat A2 I create a medium term plan and class teachers create short term plan after year group meeting where we can share ideas. #UKEdChat
  108. @UKEdSch A5. #UKEdChat Trust is key. Good collaboration between staff will build trust, which *should* spiral upwards.
  109. A4 all docs stored on onedrive. Use @OneNoteEDU for planning, collaborating and sharing with other staff. #UKEdChat
  110. @ukedchat A3 Physical resources are located around the school and in classroom. Electronic resources on Dropbox, shared drive & USB. #UKEdChat
  111. @ukedchat Everything backed up daily on external hard drive, weekly onto Google drive. Back up anything you can't afford to lose... #ukedchat
  112. @ukedchat I couldn't throw things away while working at where I was. I didn't have access to a printer where I taught I had to go to a different site
  113. @wnfranklin @ukedchat A4 I also use Dropbox for some resources and a book app on iPad, you can store SATs papers etc to use offline on there. #UKEdChat
  114. @lcatherine91 @ukedchat How many schools are aware, you are required to be a registered data controller to run manual backups to comply with data security laws.
  115. @LauraWMaths #UKEdChat Imagine if printers and photocopiers were banned from every school! Imagine the uproar! LOL
  116. @ukedchat @TeachingTed Agreed that it's not totally free. Someone in your school will need to manage it and their time costs money. #ukedchat
  117. @ukedchat Online collaboration using Google drive team drive is great. All versions saved u can see who's done what & revert 2 old versions #ukedchat
  118. @ukedchat One of the reasons I left. I was only allowed to use the photocopier after admin staff had left (at 5pm) and they locked the paper up
  119. @UKEdSch A5 #ukedchat MTPs help by leadership - we have to apply to alter them. STP not monitored
  120. @UKEdSch A5 Our HT asks for a weekly plan with L.I.s, differentiation & support indicated. All other planning is up to us. #UKEdChat
  121. @ukedchat I went to a different site at the weekend where they didn't lock the paper up but my access to that building was to be removed in September
  122. Just before the final #UKEdChat - You have 5 minutes left before this closes. How much time do you take planning? -> β€¦
  123. Question 6 #UKEdChat Where do you get inspiration from to develop your planning for the benefit of your pupils?
  124. @ukedchat A6. A mix of what has worked/not worked previously, Twitter, Pinterest, courses, and local/national guidance #UKEdChat
  125. @UKEdSch A6 #UKEdChat Peers, observations, teacher training, pinterest, Instagram, google search, colleague discussion in staffroom...
  126. @ukedchat Real life, I try, wherever possible, to give real life hooks and examples so students can see relevance of what they are learning #ukedchat
  127. @TSciTNinja @UKEdSch A great response #UKEdChat - Always on the look out for ideas and inspiration?
  128. @ukedchat Reflect on previous lessons what worked and didn't... Adapt change alter.... Magpie from Twitter talk to other teachers #ukedchat
  129. @ukedchat Colleagues, social media (twitter, blogs, IG etc).... #UKEdChat
  130. @ukedchat Not forgetting my own evaluation and constant reflection of what has/hasn't worked...and how it could be adapted etc #UKEdChat
  131. @TeachingTricks @ukedchat There's nothing wrong with that. It's good to share back as well #UKEdChat It's all about give and take :-)
  132. Boom! It's 9pm. Huge thanks for all contributions in the #UKEdChat session this evening. See the archive now at
    Boom! It's 9pm. Huge thanks for all contributions in the #UKEdChat session this evening. See the archive now at β€¦