Session 343: A focus on Mental Health

  1. Welcome to #UKEdChat - this week:
A focus on Mental Health 
Please remember the hashtag in responses.
Questions to follow. Enjoy the chat
    Welcome to #UKEdChat - this week: A focus on Mental Health Please remember the hashtag in responses. Questions to follow. Enjoy the chat
  2. #UKEdChat - Q1.
What experiences of stigmas, barriers and opening conversations about Mental Health have you come across in Ed?
    #UKEdChat - Q1. What experiences of stigmas, barriers and opening conversations about Mental Health have you come across in Ed?
  3. @ukedchat A1 Confusion as to clearly defining mental health. Finding the signs early #UKEdChat
  4. Jeevan Chagger, 20, Lead Health Mentor @Evolve_Impact Working in a Birmingham Primary to help improve pupil Health & Wellebing #ukedchat
  5. @ukedchat One of the biggest problems is a refusal to talk about MH issues in an open and unjudged way #ukedchat
  6. #UKEdChat A1 often concerns from colleagues that teachers aren't best placed to opening conversation on #mentalhealth #cpd skill shortage 
  7. @PaulWN1 #UKEdChat - I think many individuals are good at putting a lid on MH issues. Some cope. Some don’t.
  8. A1- Being able to define Mental Health problems and not having the knowledge of what signs to look out for #ukedchat
  9. @MsHMFL Could/should training on dealing with Mental Health be part of the teacher training process? #UKEdChat
  10. #UKEdChat A1 - Biggest problem is the misunderstanding on how real and damaging mental issues can be.
  11. @ukedchat I think there's still a huge issue around judgement; people feeling embarrassed to say. Mental or physical, it's health #ukedchat
  12. A1) @UKEdSch There are more conversations & far more awareness about the issues than ever before - for students & teachers alike #ukedchat
  13. @KLMorgan_2 Very true. Breaking such a stigma is a huge societal challenge #UKEdChat Schools well placed to start conversations?
  14. A1 @PaulWN1 accepting the reality that 1 in 4 of us will suffer from this condition @ukedchat #UKEdChat
  15. @ukedchat #UKEdChat #mentalhealth training needs to be in ITT and rolled out for upskilling all teachers
  16. @ukedchat @MsHMFL I think it does;but not just about Ss mental health but also T mental health.
  17. @Mroberts90Matt Some people are very good at dealing with challenges in life, others aren’t #ukedchat We all need to recognise that.
  18. @Mroberts90Matt @ukedchat the problem is that only someone who has suffered from mental health issues can truly understand what it's like
  19. A1. Big problem is not being able to define Mental Health problems and uncertainty of how to deal with them #UKEdChat
  20. @ukedchat @MsHMFL Most definitely. It is significantly important. We train to teach, but nurture/health/warfare is equally important.
  21. @TheMrBirch @Mroberts90Matt Yes, and there are so many strands to MH issues. All different to everyone #ukedchat
  22. @HecticTeacher @ukedchat #ukedchat there is a need for @MHFAEngland parity with physical first aid in schools like many businesses do
  23. #UKEdChat - Q2.
Supporting Boys Mental Health
What strategies work best?
    #UKEdChat - Q2. Supporting Boys Mental Health What strategies work best?
  24. @KLMorgan_2 @ukedchat that's true but we also find that people, especially kids struggle to recognise that they have an issue
  25. A1: the biggest issue is fathoming who has MH concerns and providing them with the space and time to discuss their worries #UKEdChat
  26. @ukedchat They have to be. There's a huge need for far less judgment & far more compassion in society; schools must champion this #UKEdChat
  27. @Mroberts90Matt We can all be a bit stand-offish - which really doesn’t help #UKEdChat The elephant in the room
  28. @MrPatelsawesome @a_haq @ukedchat Yes, but we’re talking about it here. MH issues can easily be swept under the carpet #ukedchat
  29. @a_haq not all the time No and really depends on the symptoms and conditions which people are displaying #ukedchat
  30. @a_haq #UKEdChat ran assemblies this week on #mentalhealth looked at historical stigma of just not discussing it and how this is changing
  31. A2 - #Outdoor Learning and a whole school play policy, including rough and tumble play. (Yes imp for girls too!) #UKEdChat
  32. @KLMorgan_2 @ukedchat I must admit doing a formal CPD course help me to better understand the extent of #mentalhealth. #ukedchat
  33. A1: Around 20 people have contributed to #UKEdChat so far, 5 of which will endure MH problems. Do we have the skills to discuss such issues?
  34. @meetwohelps @ukedchat Yes, v.true hence why training is so important to enable teachers to support children to opening up;talk #ukedchat
  35. @sporty169 Hmm, I think it’s easy to define and categorise, but society is poor with dealing with them, I’d agree #ukedchat
  36. @ukedchat the same things that work for girls, the hard part is getting boys to understand that it doesn't make them weak
  37. @ukedchat We've had lots of success with circus skills with boys who needed a boost in morale or confidence. Taking competition away helps.
  38. @ukedchat A2 you have build that relationship to a level 1st where they are comfortable. I often share my own mental health issues #ukedchat
  39. @chrisbourne2win I think it’s about allowing them a voice in talking about MH concerns, and then available support #ukedchat
  40. A2: find their hook and build sessions around that. The key is patience and time. Tortoise and the hare springs to mind #UKEdChat
  41. @sporty169 how would you deal with someone suffering from mental health? #ukedchat
  42. @a_haq @ukedchat Sadly, my only real insight has been from family members/ friends who've been brave enough to fight inside & out #ukedchat
  43. @UKEdSch Shoot me down for generalising, but boys enjoy positive male role-models who they can talk to. These opps need developing #ukedchat
  44. @MsHMFL what would you say has changed over time? Acceptance or acknowledgement? #ukedchat
  45. @ukedchat #UKEdchat boys & girls have different problems outside, but root causes are same Strategies for adults are same so why not same for children
  46. A1 & A2 - don't 'label' mental health. Supporting the whole child and their family is important. #UKEdChat
  47. @chrisbourne2win always got a story including to tell Mr Lincoln. All those bedtime stories #ukedchat
  48. Time for #PSCHE & Circle Time is paramount. We need a new #SEAL programme that provides opportunities for empathy & sharing #ukedchat 
  49. @MsHMFL @KLMorgan_2 @TimetoChange #ukedchat I've deleted this tweet once already is #ironic... I'm a sufferer - and I'm open with my pupils.
  50. #ukedchat A1 A lot of prejudging and misunderstanind from some staff, but often parents too. Kids are the most understanding often!
  51. @fox_damon @ukedchat I think that is important. Sharing stories about MH issues, and making them ‘normal’ #ukedchat Not to be ashamed.
  52. @KLMorgan_2 @ukedchat a lot of my post 16 students do suffer from mental health but are afraid to be stigmatised. #ukedchat
  53. @UKEdSch A2 don't be seen to treat them any different, put strategies in behind the scenes #ukedchat
  54. @KLMorgan_2 #ukedchat our focus of empathy this term has really helped with #Mentalhealth being taught school wide teaching students openly
  55. A1 staff don't feel equipped and under stress themselves with many suffering MH issues themselves #ukedchat
  56. @MrPatelsawesome @MsHMFL @TimetoChange Huge respect, Pran. We openly discuss coughs, colds etc but what about feeling really low #ukedchat
  57. @ukedchat @KLMorgan_2 #ukedchat schools are well placed to start the process, problems start at school age so help needs to start at school age
  58. #UKEdChat - Q3.
Supporting Girls Mental Health
What strategies work best?
    #UKEdChat - Q3. Supporting Girls Mental Health What strategies work best?
  59. @digicoled @ukedchat Absolutely, we have all been children & we have had own life experiences which children look up too #ukedchat
  60. @a_haq I think #ukedchat acknowledging that we all have #mentalhealth opens up a normal conversation about #lifeskills
  61. @ukedchat #ukedchat A3 Encouraging and embracing a culture of transparency and talking...talking...talking...talking.
  62. @a_haq @ukedchat I wonder what role social media plays in this. Comparison, especially 'perceptions', are the thief of joy #ukedchat
  63. @ukedchat Generally speaking, girls prefer social groups for emotional and MH support. These need to be managed carefully #ukedchat
  64. @aquaholistics @ukedchat @KLMorgan_2 we agree. Our research showed that kids are v receptive to being signposted towards support
  65. A3: same as boys - find the hook, work sessions around it and allow time and patience. MH is just a concerning for both. #ukedchat
  66. @KLMorgan_2 @a_haq @ukedchat #ukedchat A HUGE role I expect. Feature on this on the news tonight. The pressure is enormous on young people.
  67. @MsHMFL @a_haq #ukedchat the mental health help we provide needs to be in the form of useable life skills for the future
  68. @MrPatelsawesome @KLMorgan_2 #ukedchat used the link with we'd show compassion for physical illness in #mentalhealth assemblies
  69. @ukedchat A3: in both cases, positive role models. This is key & not gender specific #ukedchat
  70. A2- Listening and letting them talk. Finding something in common and using that as the focus. #ukedchat
  71. @KLMorgan_2 @a_haq @ukedchat I believe the expectancy from the media ... Patriarchal (scratch that) kyriarchal structures hurts us all
  72. @UKEdSch for both it's a time to listen and a time to talk - MH as important as PH, part of curriculum and peer mentors #ukedchat
  73. @KLMorgan_2 @ukedchat perhaps something we have to work on with all children (and often ourselves) - less judgement, more care. #ukedchat
  74. @ukedchat Once boys are taught a skill that suits them or that clicks very often it's the kind of thing they'd take themselves off to do.
  75. @chrisbourne2win Yes, but supporting MH strategies are different for the different sexes, generally speaking #UKEdChat IMHO
  76. @ukedchat @ukedchat #ukedchat Absolutely. There has to be patience and there has to be openness. We have to address with positive voices, not whispers
  77. A3- Letting them talk and listening. I would say it works the same as boys. Patience is key and giving them time and chances #ukedchat
  78. @KLMorgan_2 @ukedchat definately. People think because you are a teacher you are mentally stable. #ukedchat
  79. #ukedchat any advice on best CPD for a new college lecturer (business studies) in Scotland?
  80. @KLMorgan_2 @a_haq @ukedchat research shows that there can be some huge benefits if within the right framework
  81. @aquaholistics @a_haq #ukedchat essential to have a scheme of learning for #mentalhealth life skills appropriate for year groups
  82. @ukedchat I do find it's helping staff realise the therapeutic benefits and that it's not just playing is a tough nut to crack though.
  83. @KLMorgan_2 @a_haq @ukedchat #ukedchat pressure and stress are the thief of joy. biggest cause of mental health problems is stress
  84. So tonight on #ukedchat we are discussing mental health, an issue for both staff & pupils. Look at the qus & join in the discussion.
  85. Spot on #ukedchat and can be tougher than it sounds. How a look is perceived can trigger dark thoughts, through no-ones fault. 
  86. @chrisbourne2win totally agree. Often quite frightening that we tend to turn to girls to address this first. #ukedchat
  87. @TwinklEnglish @a_haq @ukedchat Agree. Bring back memorising house phone numbers...and TALKING...face-to-face! #ukedchat
  88. @MsHMFL @KLMorgan_2 had the weakness chat with my vith formers! Would you call a diabetic weak for taking insulin? #Ukedchat
  89. #ukedchat A1 there seems to be a lot of resistance to acknowledging the powerful role schools and teachers can play in preventing MH issues
  90. @EdSupportUK our school has invested in mindfulness and wellbeing courses / CPD 👍🏼 mindfulness #ukedchat
  91. @meetwohelps @KLMorgan_2 @a_haq Surely there is no right framework. If there was, there would not be a MH issue for anyone? #UKEdChat
  92. @esioul #ukedchat Is it because we're always having to discuss it in hushed tones and keep it all hidden away?
  93. @UKEd_NW one that needs talking about but is often swept under the carpet #ukedchat
  94. #ukedchat A3 Girls listening to/reading about role models on mental health issues... can be more influnced by celebs than boys... a start?
  95. @sporty169 does your institution have enough support in place for individual suffering from mental health issues? #ukedchat
  96. @digicoled I would say different for each individual, not necessarily the gender split #ukedchat
  97. #ukedchat A1 teachers and schools need to role model openness to MH issues, and teach children that it is more than okay to ask for help.
  98. @dawnhallybone @UKEdSch Agree. It’s finding time to act on this, in a crowded education space #ukedchat
  99. @MsHMFL would be interested to see if there is an extensive programme like that. I do believe sometimes it's oversimplified. #ukedchat
  100. @aquaholistics @a_haq @ukedchat Yes, but stress is the byproduct. So many things cause this. We're leaving in a pressure cooker #UKEdChat
  101. @digicoled @UKEdSch agree but if we don't then our children suffer more - staff and parents need support as well 1/2 #UKEdChat
  102. How do you think that mobile/smart phones impact on our mental health (students/teachers etc)? #ukedchat
  103. @aquaholistics @chrisbourne2win I agree that we should address with same rigour and vigour etc but should strategies be the same? #ukedchat
  104. #ukedchat a3 girls (& boys) need to be supported over time-not just a one off chat. Important to have regular,quiet time to talk & check in
  105. #UKEdChat - Q4.
Supporting Female Staff 
Mental Health - What strategies work best?
    #UKEdChat - Q4. Supporting Female Staff Mental Health - What strategies work best?
  106. @KLMorgan_2 I believe in role modelling, if children see us being less judgemental to others and ourselves, they will reflect that #ukedchat
  107. Definitely can be a factor in promoting body image/self esteem issues with photo sharing etc #ukedchat 
  108. @KLMorgan_2 @ukedchat I agree. We are to obsessed with the outside and neglect how it affects us on the inside. #ukedchat
  109. @digicoled @UKEdSch we have been working with @YoungMindsUK with our peer mentors and reaching out to local orgs for training #UKEdChat
  110. @esioul @KLMorgan_2 @ukedchat #ukedchat absolutely. Also bear in mind stressed teachers can create stressed kids, so it all comes back to teacher stress again
  111. @TwinklEnglish I think still a HUGE problem, but when working with staff, sometimes it takes 1 person to just open up and trust #ukedchat
  112. @UKEdSch #ukedchat Enormously. We can never switch off, never fully relax and always holding a tool for judgement.
  113. @ukedchat @KLMorgan_2 @a_haq take our app, we are using positive aspects of social media to provide support: peer access, anonymity, speed
  114. @MsHMFL @a_haq what do you think are the main barriers stopping educators thinking about this? #ukedchat
  115. A4- The same as any member of staff. Being there to listen, offer advice and support, it's essential #ukedchat Agree @Isobel0Tyrrell ?
  116. @ukedchat A4 Similar to previous answers. Every person is different #UKEdChat
  117. A2 #ukedchat talking about the science behind good #mentalhealth habits helps take scepticism out of the conversation. Sporting role models✅
  118. @ukedchat-a listening ear, caring professionals and kindness. Unfortunately, there isn't always enough of this.
  119. @esioul @KLMorgan_2 Yes, but we are our own worst critics most of the time. Do we need to wear our masks all the time? #UKEdChat
  120. @ukedchat It probably depends on the teacher/student and is likely an area for expertise rather than speculation #ukedchat
  121. @nickotkdV @MsHMFL lack of expertise. Would hate to give someone the wrong advice. Although would love to listen. #ukedchat
  122. @ukedchat I think soc media can sometimes lead to a feeling of not being good enough when you see what others are doing/sharing #ukedchat
  123. @MsHMFL @a_haq what do you think are the main barriers stopping educators thinking about this? #ukedchat
  124. @UKEdSch #ukedchat as teachers we are not train to deal with any of these issues... It's scary ground! We all need formal training!
  125. @aquaholistics @KLMorgan_2 @ukedchat truth!! Help not just for pupils, but staff need MH support and prevention as well #ukedchat
  126. @TwinklEnglish As you were. #UKEdChat We were talking about face-to-face. Twitter isn’t f2f. All hiding behind avatars and keyboards.
  127. @nickotkdV @a_haq #ukedchat sometimes a lack of knowledge prevents #mentalhealth being part of a school priority list. #wellbeing champs pls
  128. @digicoled it's hard but you need to make the time & prioritise pupils. As head of year had diary meetings-nothing got in way. #ukedchat
  129. @digicoled @esioul I think we need to spend time understand why we wear the mask to finally be able to remove it? Judgement? #ukedchat
  130. @dailydenouement @ukedchat I think social media always leads to feeling of inadequacy which can be devastating for a young mind. #ukedchat
  131. @ukedchat... And bloody talking about it. Because it's about time, right? @Stormzy -spot on.
  132. @ukedchat #ukedchat empathy and understanding that every child has an individual perception and reaction to an event
  133. @dailydenouement It can, but I often realise how much people can exaggerate and lie on SM #UKEdChat
  134. @ukedchat Adds to a feeling of never being switched off. I have stopped having school email come through to phone for that reason #UKEdChat
  135. @a_haq @MsHMFL more training needed? Need more openness to allow conversations to happen. Transparency. #ukedchat
  136. A4 stop being so hard on themselves! Perfectionist & so consicentious & loyal. Need to be 'good enough'!  #ukedchat
  137. @ParmPlummer @Stormzy Yes, hence this #UKEdChat session, as a start. Take this chat session to your next staff meeting. I dare you
  138. @nickotkdV @MrPatelsawesome @UKEdSch I don't think focussing on gender to this degree is particularly helpful #ukedchat
  139. @MsHMFL @a_haq do we need an actual champion or is this just good practise? #UKEdChat
  140. @digicoled @KLMorgan_2 No I don't think so, vulnerability is important aspect of experience, important to role model that as well #ukedchat
  141. @TwinklEnglish (searches for make-up quickly) #ukedchat - Happy behind my mask thank you ;0)
  142. Always remember awesome peer mentors during a visit to @oakdalejunior18 - wonderful to observe such empathy & reasoning ;o) #ukedchat 
  143. A3 #ukedchat single gender small groups work really well to build #confidence in discussing #mentalhealth #lifeskills normalising we all hve
  144. A4: We can all support colleagues simply by radiating energy rather than draining it away #teamradiator #ukedchat
  145. @KLMorgan_2 @digicoled it kind of comes back to judgement again, what does it mean to be strong etc #ukedchat
  146. @MrPatelsawesome @nickotkdV @UKEdSch Because different things work for different sexes, which work for different people. #ukedchat
  147. @MrPatelsawesome @nickotkdV @UKEdSch Trying to draw out strategies that (generally) are more effective for the different sexes #UKEdChat
  148. #UKEdChat - Q5.
Supporting Male Staff Mental Health -
What strategies work best?
    #UKEdChat - Q5. Supporting Male Staff Mental Health - What strategies work best?
  149. @digicoled @nickotkdV @UKEdSch not sure Colin - #ukedchat should we be offering strategies at all? Or passing it up - straight to the docs ?
  150. @digicoled @MrPatelsawesome @nickotkdV Yes, diff strategies for diff gender often works but having a strat for both is what counts #ukedchat
  151. @ukedchat #ukedchat yes very negatively a massive outlet for bullying. walk round any playground and whole school gathered around phones
  152. Q4 talking! To friends, partners & colleagues & professional counsellors available via our free helpline  #ukedchat
  153. A5- I can say from personal experience, having someone who will listen and you can talk to. Even some sport with colleagues #ukedchat
  154. A5: same again - radiate energy, offer an ear and look after each other #ukedchat
  155. @MsHMFL @nickotkdV @a_haq totally agree, working with schools on wellbeing it is the schools that already get it that fully engage #ukedchat
  156. Q5 not sure advice different but maybe feel stigma of MH more & less likely to open up? #ukedchat
  157. @a_haq @MsHMFL exactly. Needs to be best practise that all staff are involved. #ukedchat
  158. #ukedchat A4/5 important to have access to a mentor/ buddy someone to have a frank discussion with is great for #wellbeing for staff
  159. @ukedchat Worked with a school where after a male member of staff committed suicide #UKEdChat - Many staff recognised signs….afterwards.
  160. Agree - we don't need to give further reason for people to think it doesn't apply to them - encouraging commonality very important #ukedchat 
  161. @nickotkdV @MrPatelsawesome @UKEdSch I think so, or just more awareness of what triggers different people and addressing this #ukedchat
  162. A5 @ukedchat can you detect early signs with close colleagues? listening #UKEdChat
  163. @ukedchat #ukedchat all staff need support. recommend meditation, me time, learning goal & time management strategies
  164. This is so true. There are times I avoid the staffroom at all costs! Surround yourself with positivity, makes a difference #ukedchat 
  165. @ChrisAFRIN Yes. Subtle changes in behaviour. Alienation #ukedchat seclusion, signs of stress etc.
  166. @digicoled @chrisbourne2win @nickotkdV @UKEdSch #ukedchat be careful -I've heard of teachers say things like 'you don't want to be on meds'
  167. @MsHMFL that has just made me think of- Better call frank advert. #ukedchat
  168. A5 having an open, kind culture where people genuinely care for each other is the best way to help any member of staff #ukedchat
  169. @Frederika_R @esioul @KLMorgan_2 @ukedchat teachers here clearly care. We have seen some levels of apathy among teachers. Is it fear?
  170. @dailydenouement sad you feel you have to avoid the staffroom, schools really need to address their culture, positive or negative #ukedchat
  171. @aquaholistics @ukedchat staff can only help children if they have the energy & resources. Need to adopt 'oxygen-mask' approach
  172. @aquaholistics @ukedchat Agreed. Celebrating uniqueness, personalised language and space. Valuing the the MH of all in the community
  173. @dailydenouement totally agree, I avoid certain members of staff at times too #ukedchat
  174. @ukedchat so signs usually associated after notification of a lesson observation #UKEdChat
  175. This is often an answer to any issue. Having someone you can trust, who is non-judgemental, listens and offers advice and guidance #UkEdChat 
  176. Please remember, there is no wrong or right opinion during #ukedchat this evening. It’s about getting us thinking and talking about Health
  177. #UKEdChat - Q6.
Supporting Leaders & Managers Mental Health -
What strategies work best?
    #UKEdChat - Q6. Supporting Leaders & Managers Mental Health - What strategies work best?
  178. @psychologyzoe what about if only 50% of staff willing to contribute? #ukedchat
  179. @esioul I just go & hang with the cheery folk! Was being a tad flippant. Not staffroom as such, but certain negative staff in it. #ukedchat
  180. recommend health and well being sessions or inset days for staff. we've run some before & very effective. teach stress management tools too 
  181. A5 And having clear strategies & practical help in place (that come from the top) for when staff members need it is crucial #ukedchat
  182. @ukedchat A6 Making them more aware of the subject and how serious it is. This is a big first step #UKEdChat
  183. #ukedchat A6. Leadership and management can sometimes feel lonely and isolating. Can lead to MH issues, and bizarre, paranoid behaviours
  184. A6- Being there for them and offering them advice. Helping them focus on the positives too #ukedchat
  185. @nickotkdV A subject that needs to be discussed- and quite frankly isn't talked about enough! #mentalhealthfirstaider #ukedchat
  186. @bellaale Absolutely it can! You need to find the folk who are supportive though. Not get sucked in to the always-moaning! #ukedchat
  187. A6: as a manager I find making time for yourself so important again. Nothing beats a cuddle from my daughter after work! #ukedchat
  188. @ukedchat Q6 - Depends on the leader and what they prefer/want. #UkEdChat Often difficult to tell, unless they specifically open up to you
  189. @dailydenouement whew, was a bit concerned then... but yes, stick with the positive folk, and hopefully the positivity will spread #ukedchat
  190. @TwinklEnglish @digicoled @nickotkdV #ukedchat the world see talking as weakness- it's not - its strength! Strength to empower others ...
  191. @nickotkdV 50% better than 0% & over time a culture can change if leadership lead by example & people see the benefit #ukedchat
  192. @ukedchat Q6 - Ensuring you do your job to the best of your ability and meet deadlines can help though #UkEdChat Team work is a great help
  193. @JLJbusinessed agreed. How would you start the whole school conversation? #ukedchat
  194. @aquaholistics @Frederika_R @esioul @ukedchat Perhaps too much pressure for results,data, targets? The WHOLE child is what counts #UKEdChat
  195. @bellaale @ukedchat Ooh you were talking about social media I think, sorry! Getting wires crossed a bit. #ukedchat
  196. @nickotkdV Also need to have dedicated people who's job it is to help...staff need to know there is someone they can talk to #ukedchat
  197. @a_haq @Frederika_R @aquaholistics @ukedchat we are charity dedicated to wellbeing of ed staff with a free helpline, services & info.
  198. @a_haq @dailydenouement I think the cheery folk are the coolest folk out there LOL (but I think I'm biased) #ukedchat
  199. @ukedchat #ukedchat Create a culture that values the MH of all members of the community. Clear health & safety protocols to identify risks
  200. #ukedchat a MH issue doesn't mean you feel low or feeling depressed! It means that your brain is producing the right chemicals (etc.)
  201. @MrPatelsawesome @TwinklEnglish @nickotkdV Yes, you see we are singing from the same sheet. How do we open up these conversations? #ukedchat
  202. A6 Leadership same as all staff...though can lead by example & demonstrate the importance of looking after #wellbeing #ukedchat
  203. @bellaale I was getting my real-life and virtual staffrooms mixed up there! Social media can indeed be a fab support network #ukedchat
  204. Q6 school leaders need support as well so can be there for their staff. Peer to peer mentoring often helps #ukedchat
  205. #UKEdChat - Q7.
Supporting Community
positive Mental Health -
What strategies work best?
    #UKEdChat - Q7. Supporting Community positive Mental Health - What strategies work best?
  206. @dailydenouement I don't really differentiate... have met so many "twitterbuddies" in "real life" that the line has blurred #ukedchat
  207. @Frederika_R @a_haq @ukedchat learning time management good place to start. Good way to reduce stress and aid focus on priorities
  208. @psychologyzoe The point here is that the role can be even more isolating #ukedchat leading to bizarre and paranoid behaviours
  209. Last yr I had a coach as part of Teaching Leaders programme @Ambition_SL He definitely supported my well-being in a tough year. #ukedchat
  210. @MrPatelsawesome @digicoled @nickotkdV It's a little bit 'chicken and egg' isn't it - which comes first..being honest or judgement? #ukedchat
  211. A7: get out there and support everyone. If every person did a good deed each day the world would be a happier place #ukedchat
  212. @ukedchat A7 Getting together. Social activities. Doesn't always have to be talking about it. Just being there can help #UKEdChat
  213. @esioul @dailydenouement liz think we need to take this conversation elsewhere. Clare is going to shout at us. LOL #ukedchat
  214. @nickotkdV with students?? staff or both?? I'd definately approach it differently.. #ukedchat
  215. Conclude with your thoughts and concerns about modern dayMental Health issues.
    Conclude with your thoughts and concerns about modern dayMental Health issues. #UKEdChat
  216. @a_haq @dailydenouement oops... runs and hides and drops the ukedchat hashtag along the way... LOL
  217. A7- Community support groups and HWB Events for parents and locals #ukedchat
  218. @TwinklEnglish @digicoled @nickotkdV #ukedchat I want to live in a world where we are not scared of MH- I guess I will have to be braver
  219. Not enough is being done to support those who are in most need of it. Should be a key focus in teacher training #ukedchat
  220. Think it is crucial to make time & space for staff & students to be able to talk. #ukedchat
  221. @digicoled Collaboration v important, tho comes back to importance of being authentic/willing to share - is v hard for some people #ukedchat
  222. Never has there been a better time in this current day and age to support people around us. Radiate positivity and keep smiling #UKEdChat
  223. It is becoming increasingly common in primary students in the last 10 years. Was previously unheard of. More support needed #ukedchat
  224. @sunshoweradvise @UKEdSch #ukedchat pass it in every time ... But are the structures in place to support ?
  225. @ukedchat Conclusion. Still plenty of work to be done to both raise awareness and support those with mental health concerns #UKEdChat
  226. A7 I thoroughly recommend practicing mindfulness techniques - I use @Headspace and I love it, but loads of options out there! #ukedchat
  227. @psychologyzoe Absolutely. Hence the question and my point. It can be sad to see the MH demise of people #ukedchat and people back off :-(
  228. @UKEdSch It's important to be that person who metaphorically (or not!) sticks their hand up & says 'you can talk to me' #ukedchat
  229. @ukedchat - If I took it to the next staff meeting. *tumbleweed*... We are crushed by workload, but won't admit it #ukedchat
  230. #ukedchat I think modern educators need to recalibrate to educate academic &life skills. Positive #mentalhealth boosts attitudes to learning
  231. @JeevanSChagger Unheard of, because it was not recognised and talked about. It was there though #ukedchat
  232. They do. And the speed of change too. Allowing things to settle & people to feel at ease instead of so much newness #ukedchat 
  233. Before you dash away from #UKEdChat - The poll for next week's session is now open. Vote now via 
  234. A7 I worked in a school that did 'random acts of kindness' for staff. It was lovely & helped perk up a tough day if needed! #ukedchat
  235. @nickotkdV i'd use body suits, hula hoops and ballpit balls with students in KS3... poundland pedagogy all the way #ukedchat
  236. Sincerely hope that all contributors and those reading #ukedchat this evening take something away from the discussion. Think, and act.
  237. #ukedchat concerned that some students have access to #mentalhealth #lifeskill teaching yet others do not. Parity for all students needed.
  238. Definitely worth saying that if anyone is worried about their own or anyone's #mentalhealth, @MindCharity are amazing #ukedchat
  239. #Ukedchat thank you for tonight guys! I needed it. MH is everyones issue!Let's all continue the conversations at school and break the stigma
  240. We all need to be more open about our MH, kinder & less judgemental about others MH #ukedchat
  241. @nickotkdV hula hoops.. on tables to create venn diagrams.. balls with words written on them relating to MH, discussion as starter #ukedchat
  242. It's 9pm - Huge thanks for all the fantastic contributions this evening. The summary & archives are available at
    It's 9pm - Huge thanks for all the fantastic contributions this evening. The summary & archives are available at