Session 344: What is ‘outstanding’ in education?

  1. #UKEdChat - Q1.
As a teacher, how do you define an ‘outstanding’ practitioner? 
What skills are required?
    #UKEdChat - Q1. As a teacher, how do you define an ‘outstanding’ practitioner? What skills are required?
  2. At a conference on tues and told that if you're not all singing and dancing you're complacent and why are you teaching #ukedchat
  3. #UKEdChat - Q1.
As a teacher, how do you define an ‘outstanding’ practitioner? 
What skills are required?
    #UKEdChat - Q1. As a teacher, how do you define an ‘outstanding’ practitioner? What skills are required?
  4. @UKEdSch Sometimes you just know…get the feeling #ukedchat Their passion shines through.
  5. Outstanding is having students engaged, working and achieving their goals #ukedchat
  6. @ukedchat being a people person and showing empathy regardless of your own circumstances 👍🏻 #ukedchat
  7. Outstanding is being CONSISTENTLY inspiring, putting what the children need at the centre of what we do #ukedchat
  8. @digicoled #ukedchat at skills conference, one of the workshop hosts, session was how to be an outstanding teacher, he sand proud Mary
  9. @NVandenAbeele Sometimes ‘outstanding’ is defined by a criteria #UKEdChat The quality of criteria is not challenged, agreed or understood.
  10. Outstanding practice is being able to empathise with your students, "until you climb in his skin and walk around in it" #ukedchat 
  11. #ukedchat one who can get all their pupils excited and ensure they succeed ... and help others do it too.
  12. @SeanTheTeacher No one has the energy for this all the time but sometimes it is needed to boost them! Bit harsh though... #ukedchat
  13. @SeanTheTeacher Sounds like a very narrow criteria to be ‘outstanding’ judging from that then! #UKEdChat
  14. @ukedchat Truly adaptive and responsive to the need of pupils now, and anticipates the needs and thinks about the next needs. #UKEdChat
  15. @feguidebook definitely. You can't class yourself as outstanding until you know what they need, what they love #ukedchat
  16. @feguidebook @ukedchat Does passion fit within that? A passion of subject, for example? #UKEdChat
  17. @UKEdSch A1 I'd like to think it's one who pushes the boundaries, is innovative & passionate the get the best progress out of Ss #ukedchat
  18. @year6missNW That sounds like burn-out for many #UKEdChat Agree with you though :-)
  19. @ukedchat Outstanding teachers: 100% engagement, all chn making progress or exceeding their targets. #ukedchat.
  20. @stuartrgdyer “Ensure they succeed”…to the best of their abilities? #UKEdChat
  21. @digicoled people lose sight of why they got into teaching. Sometimes we need to just sit back and remember who it's all about! #ukedchat
  22. @digicoled @ukedchat of course, anything that will help you relate to your students #ukedchat what do you think @digicoled?
  23. Went on the @OLEVItalk OTP course and one teacher said that you had to be a rebel. Do people agree? #ukedchat
  24. @year6missNW Completely. Spreadsheet, inspectors, and paperwork? ;0) #UKEdChat I think that’s what you meant!!!
  25. A1 outstanding-Understanding your S's, providing them with the skills to be independent & collaborating with others to support you #UKEdchat
  26. @digicoled not at all! I may have a few crazy moments, but I don't need to jump through hoops or sing and dance to be outstanding #ukedchat
  27. A1 - Outstanding=Love for teaching. Passionate. Organised. Adaptive. Listener. Problem solver. #ukedchat
  28. @MisterE_Teacher Completely. Doesn’t have to be all singing and dancing #UKEdChat Some of the most compelling quietly get on with it.
  29. @digicoled Definitely what I meant! Sometimes I'd rather be in my classroom at wet break and just talk to them! Keeps you in touch #ukedchat
  30. @digicoled Blind passion can be an issue. Needs a sense of realism too. Burnout/disheartening can be the result. @feguidebook #ukedchat
  31. @feguidebook Depends on how many students you have. Possibly easier for primary teachers who teach fewer pupils in a day? #UKEdChat
  32. #UKEdChat - Q2.
Leadership will place an emphasis of receiving an ‘outstanding’ rating, but how does this trickle down to staff and pupils?
    #UKEdChat - Q2. Leadership will place an emphasis of receiving an ‘outstanding’ rating, but how does this trickle down to staff and pupils?
  33. #ukedchat Someone one who consistently teaches well, is innovative, tries out new methodology and is accurate at assessing children...
  34. @SeanTheTeacher @OLEVItalk differentiation? Or do you expect that they will all achieve the same high level? #ukedchat
  35. @SeanTheTeacher @digicoled agreed! It's about a genuine connection and engagement with students, not bells and whistles. #ukedchat
  36. @digicoled possibly, meeting everyone's standards are tough! So I try to put students at the forefront where possible #ukedchat
  37. @ukedchat #ukedchat a1 outstanding is being able to adapt and think on your feet. Also needs to have true understanding of how chn learn.
  38. @ICTmagic @digicoled some of the best teachers I've met had a passion for helping others, not necessarily for the subject #ukedchat
  39. @MisterE_Teacher Seen ‘one trick’ teachers who pull out their “outstanding” teaching only when being observed :-( #UKEdChat
  40. @MrLsMathsApps yes, but equally, uses that assessment to better improve teaching & learning, not just to tick boxes for Ofsted #ukedchat
  41. @ukedchat staff get overstressed over gradings, good is good enough in my book #ukedchat
  42. @SeanTheTeacher @OLEVItalk Therefore are you a rebel or are you just expecting them to do what they are bound to do? #ukedchat
  43. @feguidebook @ukedchat I completely agree, I like to think I am equally outstanding. Lesson obs are not based (solely) on relationships.
  44. @sing0utsue We’re collecting quite a lot of criteria here for ‘outstanding’ #UKEdChat
  45. A2 Doing the simple well e.g make sure S's know how to use the library to find resources rather than taking the books to the class #UKEdchat
  46. @digicoled @ICTmagic absolutely, I think more so for helping others but you should also want to share knowledge of your area too #ukedchat
  47. @UKEdSch A2 there has been an increased enthasis on constantly showing progression through marking or paperwork #ukedchat
  48. #ukedchat A2 Trickles down to staff to trying to ensure great progress and teaching to get great results! Pupils I am not too sure!
  49. @teacherchalky1 @UKEdSch So, the trickle down adds to stress, overwork and excessive time in school? #UKEdChat
  50. @MisterE_Teacher @ukedchat agreed. I've never been outstanding but good is good enough for me :) my students opinion matters more #ukedchat
  51. If you're Outsanding, where have you got to go? Always room for improvement #ukedchat
  52. @ukedchat #ukedchat a2 as pressure, stress and eventually, sick teachers. The system stinks.
  53. If you make someone believe that they are outstanding then they will become it in my opinion - same for adults and children! #ukedchat
  54. @ukedchat pupils go through the facade for obs, can we be free to truly reflect on our practice with constructive feedback #ukedchat
  55. @digicoled @UKEdSch Yep, and constant workload increases from SLT with very low teaching so don't feel the pinch #ukedchat
  56. @feguidebook @MisterE_Teacher @ukedchat we are graded on one hour, on one day. An hour shouldn't be enough to give that name! #ukedchat
  57. @teacherchalky1 @UKEdSch Often from leaders who are not ‘outstanding’ themselves #UKEdChat in many respects!
  58. @year6missNW @MisterE_Teacher @ukedchat the fact we are all engaging on twitter about education makes us outstanding in my book! #ukedchat
  59. @feguidebook @ukedchat It's why gradings aren't really developmental. Isn't there a need for Ts to become the best that they can? #ukedchat
  60. @year6missNW @feguidebook @ukedchat although we aren't now. Book scrutiny, pupil progress and 1hr obs, helps judgement. #ukedchat
  61. @year6missNW You need to be careful of arrogance and over confidence, surely? #UKEdChat
  62. #ukedchat outstanding like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  63. @ukedchat of course, it's not to promote arrogance, it's making people feel confident with what they're doing, not over-confident #ukedchat
  64. @nickotkdV Exactly. The criteria needs to be understood, believed and valued #UKEdChat
  65. There's inevitability that the students will then be expected to be outstanding #ukedchat
  66. Interesting that #ukedchat has v. quickly become about #Ofsted, rather than the definition of outstanding teaching (not a criticism btw!)
  67. @feguidebook @MisterE_Teacher @ukedchat probably should be but... the world won't end will it! and this is CPD right? ;) #ukedchat
  68. #UKEdChat - Q3.
How can teachers instil a sense of ‘outstanding’ learning in all students?
    #UKEdChat - Q3. How can teachers instil a sense of ‘outstanding’ learning in all students?
  69. @rondelle10_b @feguidebook @ukedchat agreed! Teachers need to be supported in learning news skills too. Not ok to do the same every year.
  70. @feguidebook @rondelle10_b @ukedchat Important for teachers to lead by example. Stretch and challenge keeps us fresh :) #ukedchat
  71. @ukedchat by gentle encouragement, praising the unexpected, noticing the little things, bring cake to celebrate progress #ukedchat
  72. @digicoled for me what I want to know is what I can do to improve. Next steps. #ukedchat
  73. @UKEdSch A3 be well prepared, be innovative and try different things, if your not enjoying what your doing your Ss wont #ukedchat
  74. @ukedchat A3. Instilling a love & desire to learn, self-challenge and reflect on one's learning. #ukedchat
  75. @UKEdSch A3. Make students believe in their own learning abilities, and make show them the ‘why’ in what is being taught #UKEdChat
  76. @UKEdSch reflective, innovative, intuitive and tuned in to children's needs q1 #ukedchat
  77. @ukedchat #ukedchat stress, constant pressure to achieve progress - leads to Ss having too many targets, pressure to progress rather than ❤ learning
  78. @UKEdSch Q3 By believing that students can achieve anything they put their minds to, then reminding them until they believe, too! #ukedchat
  79. A3 By example! If T's demonstrate best practice S's will follow. e.g Referening and giving credit. If we do it they will too #ukedchat
  80. @ukedchat by suiting learning to all, I had some students work on exam practice while others were taught new skills #ukedchat
  81. A3: Experiential learning, real-life, exploration, encouraging independence but being there to guide the way. Also lead by example #ukedchat
  82. @UKEdSch By getting S's to believe in themselves @ukedchat Q3 - model, explain, remind, repeat, motivate etc.
  83. @ukedchat #ukedchat Q1. IMO outstanding practitioner =consistently good lessons = engaged, independent learners, progress and sharing with other staff
  84. @digicoled @year6missNW @UKEdSch any recommendations for maths retakes students? Students who have failed before? #ukedchat
  85. @year6missNW I would say encouraging them to self reflect and change if necessary is more important. Think of needs of children #UKEdChat
  86. @MrsHumanities @ukedchat love of learning very important. Is this outstanding teaching: juggling these pressures. #UKEdChat
  87. @year6missNW absolutely! Independence is a skill that needs to be taught and nurtured. #ukedchat
  88. @ukedchat learning outside the classroom and showing you care. I sent all my students who pass their assessments postcards! #ukedchat
  89. @ukedchat An outstanding practitioner should be supporting staff and students to learn and develop #ukedchat
  90. @ukedchat how could you not be! Y6 are just desperate to try things out, learn through doing rather than listening #ukedchat
  91. @ukedchat #ukedchat demonstrate enthusiasm for learning & passion for subject. Facilitate learning over pushing for progress. Teach learners to learn
  92. @year6missNW I agree boosting self esteem helps but you need to b a critical friend and offer advice on how to become outstanding #UKEdChat
  93. A2 it should ensure we value the right ingredients that lead to 'outstanding' rather than apply more & more pressure School wide #ukedchat 
  94. @Elizabethutch taught in secret so it seems like they are making the choice themselves! #ukedchat
  95. @feguidebook @ukedchat that's such a great idea! Young people don't forget gestures like that. They have big ripple effects. #ukedchat
  96. #UKEdChat - Q4.
How can we create judgements to achieve ‘outstanding’ in an open and fair way?
    #UKEdChat - Q4. How can we create judgements to achieve ‘outstanding’ in an open and fair way?
  97. @UnioByHarness @ukedchat I got some students who said thank you to me today for it. It reminds me why I love my job #ukedchat
  98. @year6missNW @Elizabethutch great idea! Anything that makes students feel they're being treated as adults can work wonders #ukedchat
  99. @year6missNW True! sometimes it needs to be direct though. Allowing them to experiment once the skill is learnt. #ukedchat
  100. @year6missNW @ukedchat completely agree. My Y6 love experiential opportunities. Especially post May 11th activities.
  101. @feguidebook @year6missNW @UKEdSch Help them make the connections (join the dots) #UKEdChat Takes time, patience and empathy. Not easy.
  102. @ukedchat Grading shouldn't be the focus. Discussions surrounding strengths & working together to improve need to be had.Improvement follows!#ukedchat
  103. @UKEdSch #UKEdChat we use a framework so everyone knows what they are graded on and what they need to achieve, no judgements based on mood
  104. @UKEdSch #ukedchat a3 consistent high expectations, instilling resilience and also pride in everything they do.
  105. @MisterE_Teacher @feguidebook It should not be outstanding it should be just how it is done because it is the right thing to do. #ukedchat
  106. @UnioByHarness @Elizabethutch They love it I have an experimental classroom atm where the children choose where they want to work! #ukedchat
  107. @UKEdSch consistency of approach so pupils r used to independent learning, problem solving, critical thinking skills @ can apply #ukedchat
  108. @UKEdSch A3: Independence and constantly striving to improve! Wider learning and intrinsic motivation makes outstanding learners #ukedchat
  109. @feguidebook @year6missNW @UKEdSch Help THEM to join the dots. I assumed you already have the dots joined ;0) #UKEdChat
  110. #ukedchat A4 Without using too many labels I am not too sure how, and we try not to label individuals...more a year group...
  111. @ukedchat A4. Consider outside factors preceding observed lesson, flexibility/willingness to accept challenge or alternative POV. #ukedchat
  112. @nickotkdV @ukedchat It depends what you mean. I try my best to help everyone develop, including myself :)
  113. @year6missNW @Elizabethutch that's so cool! You're primary, right? Do you have any issues re behaviour with this set up? #ukedchat
  114. @UKEdSch peer observations, learning culture, training and development opportunities. Staff allowed to visit other settings #ukedchat
  115. @ukedchat A4: Learning walks and less emphasis on 'show' lessons. Contributions to students and school life too. #ukedchat
  116. @ukedchat @MisterE_Teacher They don't know that, they're the ones having to prove 9 months in an hour. Even Y6 feel the pressure #ukedchat
  117. @UKEdSch A4 Before Obs discuss the lesson with the T and help improve, observe then feedback with feed forward comments #ukedchat
  118. @ukedchat #UKEdChat a4 why not have good...or not.criteria for each j.ment changes so much, a concrete und. of judgements is a joke .
  119. @feguidebook @digicoled @UKEdSch Don't we all? I worked out a maths q WITH an 11 year old today - collaboration! #ukedchat
  120. @UKEdSch high expectations which are clear to pupils. Clear learning purposes and times to reflect, challenge and extend learning #ukedchat
  121. @engteachwbs @ukedchat I think all teachers are outstanding in their own way. It takes an outstanding person to become a teacher. #ukedchat
  122. @ukedchat #ukedchat emphasis on positive learning walks to identify strengths, collaborative planning, removal of judgements gradings in appraisal
  123. @feguidebook @SeanTheTeacher Ah semantics. I'd argue that the pursuit of 'better' is the real definition of an outstanding teacher #ukedchat
  124. A4: everyone to start on level pegging, shouldn't be on experience. Should be measured over the whole year #ukedchat
  125. #UKEdChat - Q5.
What does a label of being anything below that of ‘outstanding’ do upon a school culture?
    #UKEdChat - Q5. What does a label of being anything below that of ‘outstanding’ do upon a school culture?
  126. @MrsHumanities Ooh ‘judgements’ #UKEdChat Makes it all sounds so scary. But whose judgements are really valid? #DeepQuestion ;0)
  127. @jamie2034 I had this last week. Is it our problem? I spoke to ch but couldn't discipline as was out of school! #ukedchat
  128. @sing0utsue @ukedchat agreed! Outstanding is impossible to determine and becomes pressure. Good and bad days are part of life for T's too
  129. @ukedchat adds an air of self reflection and self improvement. But we r always seeking this whether outstanding or not #UKEdChat
  130. @ukedchat When linked to appraisal targets e.g. minimum of 3 good+ obs - unfortunately too much lies on the observers 😣 do they like you?
  131. @ukedchat #ukedchat A5 Can often create a pressure cooker where teachers feel overwhelmed and unable to grow.
  132. @ukedchat it questions a teachers worth, I've been a 3 before and it crushed me. I'm happy with consistent 2's now #ukedchat
  133. It's demoralising for the teacher involved I imagine. Unfort, it doesn't measure progress, you might have been god awful! #ukedchat
  134. @ukedchat SLT are very realistic. Expect consistently good teaching, praise outstanding. Head knows where to drive school to o/s #ukedchat
  135. @MisterE_Teacher @ukedchat That's great to hear. It sounds like a positive environment in which to work. #ukedchat
  136. #UKEdChat Enthusiasm. Be passionate about what is being learnt. Encourage deeper questioning, discussion and curiosity.
  137. @feguidebook @ukedchat so much more to teaching than a grading on a day.. pupil wellbeing and happiness and of course progress #UKEdChat
  138. @UKEdSch It all depends on the culture of the leadership #UKEdChat and ethos of all staff to encourage and support students
  139. @ukedchat Not always the case sometimes can create a developmental culture and aspirations to improve.... but I'm still to see that.
  140. @engteachwbs @ukedchat just think teachers are under enough pressure without add labels. #ukedchat
  141. @TwinklEnglish @ukedchat initially deflated, that evening though I emailed my manager and thanked him with a view to improve #ukedchat
  142. @TwinklEnglish @ukedchat hence low turnover of staff (except for progression), highly sought for ITT and lots of CPD opportunities.#ukedchat
  143. @TwinklEnglish @feguidebook @ukedchat that feeling that nothing is ever good enough but think why u r doing it... for the children
  144. @feguidebook @ukedchat That's interesting - so do you think it worked? Did it make you a better teacher? #ukedchat
  145. @ey_inspiration1 @ukedchat when students cry about maths, and they end up passing an exam, they are outstanding, let's tell them #ukedchat
  146. @nickotkdV @ukedchat But as we are operating in labels at the moment I was working within that sphere. Like I said, conversation and teamwork is crucial :)
  147. Q5 teachers of the world: Ignore your ratings;get on with your job, improve practice & keep energy to inspire your kids & family #ukedchat
  148. @TwinklEnglish @ukedchat I think on reflection, I sought to show myself I can do this. I've seen others leave so there's a balance #ukedchat
  149. @TwinklEnglish @ukedchat agreed but what about our kids... it's all about their well being and education.we forget this sometimes #ukedchat
  150. @feguidebook @ukedchat I think that's in the delivery of the judgement and support given on feedback etc - do you agree? #ukedchat
  151. @davidhunter Interesting. Singapore are removing ‘gradings’ for students. Perhaps we should also do that for students & staff #UKEdChat
  152. #UKEdChat - Q6.
What strategies can we all put in place to ensure that everyone is achieving ‘outstanding’ within their own right?
    #UKEdChat - Q6. What strategies can we all put in place to ensure that everyone is achieving ‘outstanding’ within their own right?
  153. @TwinklEnglish @ukedchat absolutely, I have a supportive manager, also I was new, so I'm always open to critique on my practice #ukedchat
  154. @TwinklEnglish Still going strong but I will be posting an update blog in a few weeks to show developments! #ukedchat
  155. @engteachwbs @ukedchat totally agree. We still deal with labels in my school too. #ukedchat
  156. @feguidebook @ukedchat u no your influence on your children @ how u can inspire and change their lives. This makes it worthwhile #UKEdChat
  157. A6: A trusting, mutually respectful place of work. If you want people to grow, treat them right! #ukedchat
  158. @feguidebook @ukedchat That's good, not always the case, but a good manager should make you feel this way.
  159. @ey_inspiration1 @ukedchat if you make an impact, they may become lifelong learners. We've seen students thrive in FE #ukedchat
  160. @UKEdSch A6. Compassion, empathy, support and belief in the abilities of others #UKEdChat
  161. @feguidebook @TwinklEnglish @ukedchat Did your manager support / develop you so that you became consistently 2's? #ukedchat
  162. @TwinklEnglish @ukedchat I aspire to be sympathetic to other teachers if I ever get to line management too! I've learnt a lot #ukedchat
  163. @ey_inspiration1 @TwinklEnglish @ukedchat at the end of the day if your S's are doing well and you are rated good that is hard! #ukedchat
  164. @TwinklEnglish @ukedchat yes. We have a good network and regularly support other heads/schools. Still LA run too
  165. @ukedchat while t'obsession with measuring continues until 2217 it's not going to happen.But stress proven to inhibit performance #ukedchat
  166. @UKEdSch @ukedchat positive and supportive environment where all staff feel valued and able to ask for support @ advice if needed #UKEdChat
  167. @feguidebook @ukedchat I'm sure you will and pleased to hear that you'll take that attitude forward so others can grow too. #ukedchat
  168. @rondelle10_b @TwinklEnglish @ukedchat Yes, he encouraged me to read and develop my practice and observe outstanding staff #UKEd hat
  169. A6 really leveraging formative #assessment as an opportunity for “now what” for both Ss & Ts to learn & develop toward their goal #ukedchat
  170. @feguidebook @ukedchat exactly and it starts from our eyfs, allowing innovation and creativity to develop and a self belief #ukedchat
  171. @UKEdSch @ukedchat a sympathetic approach, a supportive staff room, a drive for improvement in everything we do #UKEd hat
  172. @ukedchat Providing coaching so that teachers takes ownership of achieving/ sustaining outstanding #ukedchat
  173. @ey_inspiration1 @ukedchat the work you do makes a massive impact, keep spreading the joy of learning #ukedchat
  174. @feguidebook @rondelle10_b @ukedchat The chance to observe others is SO important - sometimes this is glossed over in a 'busy' school.
  175. @Elizabethutch @TwinklEnglish @ukedchat but it might be on the day or a cohort that didn't do as well as expected we know the diff we make
  176. @TwinklEnglish @rondelle10_b @ukedchat absolutely, I'm lucky to have Friday admin times, so i try to spend time observing then #ukedchat
  177. #ukedchat A6 - Support, modelling and staff well being need to all be in place so that everyone can be their own kind of outstanding!
  178. @WHSDenbigh yes! Learn by your mistakes. Admitting where you went wrong is a good example for students too. #ukedchat
  179. If you want evidence of the excellent practice in teachers, look no further than @ukedchat #ukedchat
  180. It's 9pm - HUGE thanks for all contributions for this #ukedchat session - See the archive and summary now at 
  181. @UKEdSch @ukedchat ensure we're fostering co-coaching environments without destroying The excitement of teaching q6 #ukedchat
  182. Ace chat tonight, majorly positive about the teachers that we have in this country. Keep inspiring, keep being inspired #ukedchat
  183. @TwinklEnglish @ukedchat I think more schools should follow our model. Invaluable for CPD, undoubtedly contributes to o/s judgement.