Session 345: Disengaged pupils

  1. It's 8pm - Time for #UKEdChatSession 345: 
Disengaged pupils - SIX question to follow: Q1, Q2, Q3 etc.
Answer: A1, A2, A3 etc.
    It's 8pm - Time for #UKEdChatSession 345: Disengaged pupils - SIX question to follow: Q1, Q2, Q3 etc. Answer: A1, A2, A3 etc.
  2. #ukedchat Any tips for a parent volunteer on behaviour management? I do a stem club for p2/3. Some weeks are fine others are a nightmare!!
  3. @UKEdSch Students easily distracted; not focused on task; disruption #UKEdChat
  4. @UKEdSch A1 there usually st students who take any opportunity to distract others #ukedchat
  5. @ukedchat A1 Through observing and seeing students. Through seeing their motivation to complete work #UKEdChat
  6. @UKEdSch switched off, not responding during discussion, coasting, underachieving #ukedchat q1
  7. @ukedchat A1 I see everything from, low level disruption (fiddling, distracting other ets), daydreaming and out right chaos! #ukedchat
  8. A1: The restlessness, the misbehavior, the bored stares... those days where nothing seems to be working... #ukedchat
  9. @ukedchat A1 Noisy disruption, yelling out/trying to take control of the session, fiddling with mobile phones etc #ukedchat
  10. @ukedchat sometimes, as long as they are also listening or considering the subject at hand. I have a child who gets completely lost#ukedchat
  11. @JoThornton76 no worries Jo. We all have those days. You joining in our chat on #UKEDChat tonight?
  12. @ey_inspiration1 In the early years, isn’t it good to be distracted and curious though? #UKEdChat
  13. @MisterE_Teacher Has that always been the case, and the same with other colleagues? #UKedChat
  14. @ukedchat poor progress in exercise books, lack of care w/presentation
  15. #UKEdChat A1 Lack of progress, especially on tasks that are appropriately planned for ability, etc.
  16. @ukedchat a quiet classroom means a compliant classroom but an active classroom gets the best engagement.
  17. @ukedchat through observations and work produced. Progress made against expectations #ukedchat
  18. @AprilMasson @AprilMasson Spend time having conversations with students; share stories from your life, speak to them in the hallways... #ukedchat
  19. @ukedchat poor progress in exercise books, lack of care w/presentation #ukedchat
  20. @MisterE14073384 Is that disengagement, or highlighting other issues for the individual? #UKEdChat
  21. @ukedchat Lack of attention to detail and sloppy handwriting spellings as well as minial work...
  22. #UKEdChat - Q2.
How can teachers challenge pupils who seem to be disengaged in the classroom?
    #UKEdChat - Q2. How can teachers challenge pupils who seem to be disengaged in the classroom?
  23. @ukedchat A2 Quiet conversations away from the class aimed at finding what the problem is #UKEdChat
  24. @ukedchat Ooh, good question! No, it's not ;) You can use disruption to pick up what is being discussed & apply to the lesson :D #ukedchat
  25. @MrLsMathsApps …especially when you know the individual is capable of a lot more? #UKEdChat
  26. @ukedchat #ukedchat A2: I find #Kagan structures help ensure as many chn are engaged at anyone time. Why call on 1, when you can call all?
  27. @ukedchat A2 Praise on the occasions they are engaged. Specific challenges that suit and meet their needs as learners #UKEdChat
  28. @ukedchat plan from interests to engage those who aren't! Ask them what I'd like to learn? Show an interest and value them #ukedchat
  29. @MichelleDhillon Would agree. They are two separate things, but can overlap to cause mayhem #UKEdChat
  30. @Classkick @AprilMasson absolutely. Personal connection makes a huge difference. Don't be afraid to be firm.Ss can sense fear.😊 #ukedchat
  31. @MisterE14073384 So it’s worthy to explore the root of the cause? Not easy for teachers #UKEdChat
  32. A2: It depends whether they're disengaged because they are under-stimulated, or because they feel left behind. Both cause issues #ukedchat
  33. @ukedchat depends by reception I'd expect engagement and perseverance at a task they are engaged in #ukedchat
  34. @UKEdSch be consistent, stay on top of them, ensure HW is completed, ask them regular questions, force them to engage in group wk #UKEdchat
  35. A2: Spend time deconstructing standards & speak about the connections between things. Speak of why we are learning something. #ukedchat
  36. I don't ask for hands up but ask specific children questions.Funnily enough,the ones whose minds are elsewhere are often asked #ukedchat #A2
  37. @ukedchat #UKEdChat A2 Finding the one thing that engages them and build upon it, not matter how small the spark.
  38. @ukedchat We regularly use randomised name generator - the chn can't get away with not putting hands up. Also don't accept "dunno"#ukedchat
  39. @ukedchat not distracted... curious and exploratory but fixed on tasks they enjoy perhaps. They need to sustain attention and concentrate
  40. @UKEdSch I lot of the time, the disengagement is due to a misunderstanding of concepts, or external distractions #UKEdChat
  41. .@PaulWN1 @ukedchat couldn't agree more! Genuine connections with students can make the world of difference #ukedchat
  42. @ukedchat @ukedchat I think disengagement might be easy to spot among humans, whether they are Ss in our class or colleagues in a meeting! #ukedchat
  43. @ukedchat absolutely! It's all about relationships. Teach to the heart and the mind will follow #ukedchat
  44. A2 If a song is being sung (badly), apply that to #english or #literacy. Ask student to share their thoughts/write them down #ukedchat
  45. I always like speaking to all students one by one and they tend to give me a pretty good explanation on why they are disengaged. #ukedchat 
  46. @MisterE14073384 @ukedchat Positive relationships are at the beginning of most educational successes. #ukedchat
  47. @ukedchat maybe look at own practice @Question why you are losing the children?Can you change your lesson and adapt your plan? #ukedchat q2
  48. A2: Give them choice, even if just in a minor way. Give them power over their day so that they feel like who they are matters. #ukedchat
  49. @ukedchat boys in my class have try harder for neat handwriting, spellings and a range of sentences.. so obvious when they aren't engaged...
  50. @ukedchat #kagan structures ensures positive interdependence, individual accountability, equal participation and simultaneous interaction.
  51. @MisterE_Teacher @ey_inspiration1 Tricky when the teacher thinks that the content of the lesson is uninspiring #UKEdChat
  52. @ukedchat question why they are disengaged? What factors are causing it? How can we engage them? Do they need extra support? #ukedchat
  53. Emotional well-being should not be underestimated when it comes to behaviour issues; developing emotional intelligence is key #ukedchat
  54. @Classkick There are pupils who can see through that though #UKEdChat Nice idea in theory though
  55. A2 Turning the tables and getting them to teach/lead groups and work with you on ideas can be really effective. #ukedchat
  56. @MrLsMathsApps @ukedchat boys need a purpose to write so spellings and handwriting maybe bottom of their priority list #UKEdChat
  57. @ukedchat A2 children who aren't prepared for the day disengage- no breakfast etc. Need to fix that before learning #UKEdChat
  58. @ukedchat Praise, positive comments, very small achievable goals/success criteria and (where possible) keep it interesting!
  59. @ey_inspiration1 Getting them to open up is hard #UKEdChat Especially as they get older
  60. #UKEdChat - Q3.
At what stage can teachers investigate the root issues around disengagement?
    #UKEdChat - Q3. At what stage can teachers investigate the root issues around disengagement?
  61. @ukedchat Expressions can be a dead give away! Or it might be the fact that they are not joining in or getting involved in activity at hand.
  62. @ukedchat @ey_inspiration1 There are always those 'dry' lessons that you have to make extra whizzy/sugar-coat to engage the chn. #ukedchat
  63. .@mistercollard @ukedchat Yes! Such a simple thing, but no breakfast = less brain power = less concentration and engagement #ukedchat
  64. @TwinklEnglish @ey_inspiration1 @ukedchat Writing Year 6 for shifting formaility and - () , clauses doesn't always fit Yr6 kids "real life"
  65. A3 @ukedchat Time for reflection needs to be built in for teachers as well as pupils. Often there is little time to investigate. #ukedchat
  66. @ukedchat A3 Early on. If left too long it can be hard to catch them up on effort/work missed. Effect on peers to be considered #UKEdChat
  67. @ukedchat #ukedchat A3: at any point! A good teacher should recognise it in the moment and change the activity/ lesson to suit.
  68. @ey_inspiration1 @ukedchat It might be but Year 6 writing has to be 99% spelt correctly and handwriting joined and legible....
  69. @TwinklEnglish @MrLsMathsApps @ukedchat def works 4the boys! Our latest pub is all about planning from interests and adding purpose
  70. This is tricky IMHO. #UKEdChat Teachers are teachers- Not social workers, but hold parentis locus - Sometimes just not enough hours in day. 
  71. @TwinklEnglish @ukedchat @TwinklEnglish Yes! We need to set a timer or whatever will stop us to reflect. Give them knowledge then let them work with it. #ukedchat
  72. @UKEdSch A whole-school approach is needed, with staff who can specialise in supporting individual challenges #UKEdChat
  73. @UKEdSch Prioritise building relationships & you will have greater ability to intervene at earliest opp #ukedchat
  74. A2 it's a mixture of what they are interested in and how engaging your lessons are. Some things have to be taught, it's how #UKEdChat
  75. A3: Finding out the cause for disengagement is the crux of the issue. Try apps like @YouHueApp; they track kids well-being daily #ukedchat
  76. @MisterE_Teacher @ukedchat which is why things need to change from the top. Follow the eyfs example and inspire interests and give purpose
  77. @ey_inspiration1 @TwinklEnglish @ukedchat Funny how the assessment for writing in Y6 is all abour grammar not how interesting it is!
  78. @Classkick @ukedchat Sometimes we're so focused on the children evaluating I'm not sure we give ourselves enough time to evaluate our progress etc
  79. @UKEdSch A3 I think the earlier the better as once they get into KS4 a lot of the damage is already done #ukedchat
  80. @ukedchat some great answers to Q1 tonight! Fidgeting, disruption, quality of work & discussions! If they enjoy the subject too #ukedchat
  81. @MrLsMathsApps @TwinklEnglish @ukedchat exactly! How good would the results be if u had freedom to do what your children need #UKEdChat
  82. @SanchezGemma @ukedchat What about when they're disengaged before they've got into the lesson? #ukedchat
  83. @ukedchat Talk to the children, talk to the parents, share ideas amoungst teachers in school/ on @Twitter each child is an individual
  84. @UKEd_SW @ukedchat yes! There's something great in everything, you just have to look for it! #ukedchat
  85. @ukedchat #ukedchat A3 investigating this needs to be deep set in the school system. One teacher might be able to offer insights…
  86. @ey_inspiration1 @TwinklEnglish @ukedchat Make it too interesting (pretending to be Darwin sketching and describing) = not enough grammar!
  87. @teacherchalky1 @ukedchat then they obviously are expecting to be disengaged. Class and team building to build safe environment for learning
  88. @MrLsMathsApps @ukedchat I agree teachers hands are tied esp by y6 but it's so sad! Brilliant creative ideas but... #UKEdChat
  89. @ukedchat sooner the better! Don't be afraid to deviate from a plan either #ukedchat
  90. @ey_inspiration1 @TwinklEnglish @ukedchat If the content and style were more important they everyone would write better-it would sound real!
  91. @MrLsMathsApps @ukedchat if the spelling & handwriting doesn't match 😳 the fact that everything will soon be on computer and not handwritten
  92. #UKEdChat - Q4.
How do you make classroom content relevant in order to keep all pupils engaged?
    #UKEdChat - Q4. How do you make classroom content relevant in order to keep all pupils engaged?
  93. @ey_inspiration1 @ukedchat or in text speak... I wonder if that counts as informal writing.... haha!
  94. There’s a lot of “companies” on #UKEdChat tonight - Would be really nice to see “people” connecting IMHO
  95. @ukedchat A4 I give them a why. Why they are learning about the topic and how it will be useful for them in life #UKEdChat
  96. @ukedchat I try to relate it to contextual examples, such as paying bills, buying your first house etc in maths! Standard stuff! #ukedchat
  97. @UKEdSch A4. You need to constantly evaluate your teaching, and the learning outcomes that emerged #UKEdChat Always look to improve T&L
  98. @ey_inspiration1 Rule 1 of teaching should be 'don't turn them off future learning.' Everything else comes 2nd! @MrLsMathsApps #ukedchat
  99. @ukedchat A4 Ask the students to give reasons and explain why or how the learning will benefit them in life or later life. #UKEdChat
  100. A4 Ask what inspires THEM. For eg, what music are they listening to? What would THEY choose to write about? Engages every time #ukedchat
  101. @TwinklEnglish @ukedchat What, How and Why are my ways of displaying objectives and criteria at the moment #UKEdChat
  102. A4: If a child has already mastered something then let them work on something else. But 1st we have to find out what our Ss know. #ukedchat
  103. A4: Ask students what they already know through a survey, an informal pre-test, or a conversation. #ukedchat
  104. @ukedchat Keep it varied and use content that you know has links to children's hobbies, trends, local events/jobs, festivals etc
  105. @ukedchat q4 make it purposeful and real starting from early years. Give a problem they want to solve and make the learning irresistible
  106. @MisterE_Teacher Indeed. But I worry this leads to a cycle of learnt behaviour which benefits no-one. @PaulWN1 #UKEdChat
  107. #UKEdChat A4 - pace, keep them challenged and celebrate all progress
  108. @UKEdSch A4 gamify it all the way, a lesson without dice or counters isn't complete, a big models work well #ukedchat
  109. .@PaulWN1 @ukedchat great point - providing context with learning can really help conquer the 'what's the point' mentality #ukedchat
  110. @ukedchat #ukedchat A4: regular team and classbuilding oops where you get to find out more about your class without them realising.
  111. @ukedchat A4 I know that it's 'old hat' but (at the risk of a QI alarm) resources that address VAK still work. #UKEdChat
  112. @ICTmagic @MrLsMathsApps agreed so many are labelling themselves as failures by the end of eyfs! It has to stop #ukedchat
  113. @ukedchat #UKEdChat A4. challenging answer but can you always engage every child to the same degree all of the time?
  114. A4 I have a formula: music + choice = engagement. The freedom of choice gets KS3 students to write around 400+ word music reviews #ukedchat
  115. @ey_inspiration1 I find it hard to believe it begins that early, but something happens to many as they move into KS2 IMHO. #UKEdChat
  116. @teacherchalky1 @ey_inspiration1 @ukedchat I guess you're 2dry? I would do something non academic to relieve their tension b4 cracking on
  117. @PaulWN1 @ukedchat Using a small context box when you go through objectives works well #ukedchat
  118. @teacherchalky1 @ukedchat @SanchezGemma attitudes to learning, parental attitudes passed down, scared to fail so they don't try! #ukedchat
  119. @UKEd_SW @ukedchat No but engaging every child some of the time can be pretty effective. We have to teach them to be resilient too #ukedchat
  120. @digicoled Yes, I built lesson plans on this. Every song or album can be used. It works, & with disengaged & class 'troublemakers' #ukedchat
  121. @ICTmagic I disagree many eyfs pupils are pushed too soon to read and write to be ks1 ready but when they can't they switch off #UKEdChat
  122. @ICTmagic @PaulWN1 completely agree. I try to balance it, praise balanced with disappointment for disengagement. Ok for Y6. #ukedchat
  123. A4 @ukedchat we have to teach children to be resilient and self-motivated as well as excite/engage. Life skills. #ukedchat
  124. #UKEdChat I always try to make the scientific concepts I'm teaching relatable by connecting them to our locality (Plymouth)
  125. #UKEdChat - Q5.
How can teachers positively deal with disengaged pupils when they threaten to become disruptive?
    #UKEdChat - Q5. How can teachers positively deal with disengaged pupils when they threaten to become disruptive?
  126. @digicoled I encourage use of 'swearing' in lyrics but in a controlled way. Here's a post to illustrate:  #ukedchat
  127. @SanchezGemma @ey_inspiration1 @ukedchat If you get a S who's spent the first 4 lessons being shouted at after being ignored at home it may
  128. @SanchezGemma @ey_inspiration1 @ukedchat Have more of an impact than whatever you do at the start of the lesson
  129. @ukedchat A5 Set them different tasks that they can achieve. Give them responsibilities. Praise others that are on task #UKEdChat
  130. @ukedchat #UKEdChat A5. If calm reasoning does not work, we must not be shy 2 use strategies like parking or remove. 1 class = many children
  131. #ukedchat A4- teach the 'lifestyle' of your subject. Sell it as something beyond the classroom e.g- artist
  132. @ukedchat A5 Ask them a challenging question or to share their work to engage them and give them a chance of success #UKEdChat
  133. @teacherchalky1 @ey_inspiration1 @ukedchat these sounds extreme and would need some support from a learning mentor. An unhappy S will not
  134. @ey_inspiration1 @teacherchalky1 @ukedchat that does not mean you don't start. You are the greatest role model. Have a GM too!
  135. @PaulWN1 @ukedchat When taking about the Haber process we use the context of making fertilisers #ukedchat
  136. @teacherchalky1 @ey_inspiration1 @ukedchat it's never too late to start and should be a whole school approach. Maybe I can help ?
  137. @UKEdSch I think peer pressure has a crucial part to play here, at all ages. Peer support should not be underestimated either #UKEdChat
  138. @CathPrisk @ICTmagic at their own developmental rate and when ready they will fly but pushed too soon they will shut down #ukedchat
  139. @ukedchat to keep on top of them-find their hook to keep them's got a lot to do with building relationships #ukedchat
  140. @teacherchalky1 @ukedchat I like that. I'm going to find ways to introduce something similar in my PE lessons #UKEdChat
  141. #ukedchat A5 differentiate your expectations of outcomes- 'get what you can' to keep disruption to min
  142. @SanchezGemma @teacherchalky1 @ukedchat I agree im@not disputing its gains! I'm saying it's not that black and white
  143. @ukedchat through passion, pace, pitch and purpose...if you're genuinely excited, they will become enthused as well. #ukedchat
  144. @ukedchat allow all children to feel success and create a positive learning environment. Engage and inspire, change practice and adapt
  145. @ukedchat #ukedchat 'Positive' is the key here, remind them of what they are capable of, that you care.
  146. @FloraBarton Yes #UKEdChat Finding the hook is a constant thought-process for teaching.
  147. @ukedchat indeed- and how it might provide an exciting/fulfilling career/lifestyle #ukedchat
  148. @FloraBarton @ukedchat Agreed! If you love what you're doing and show passion, that passion becomes infectious #ukedchat
  149. #UKEdChat Q5 get to know your pupils, connect their learning to what makes them tick, and show them how the two can be related.
  150. A5: Reassure students frequently that you believe in them, and that they don't need to cut corners to succeed. #ukedchat
  151. #UKEdChat - Q6.
What are your best strategies to keep pupils engaged … even after lunch time?
    #UKEdChat - Q6. What are your best strategies to keep pupils engaged … even after lunch time?
  152. @ukedchat Q2-usually it is the disengaged who really need challenge...have high expectations for all consistently...raise the bar! #ShineOn!
  153. @UKEdSch A5 often if your lessons are innovative and the pace is reasonably quick it solves alot of it before it happens #ukedchat
  154. @ukedchat keep it practical and fun, keep it pacy and think on your feet. Don't stick to the plan if it's not working! #UKEdChat
  155. @ukedchat explain that you understand them and how they feel. Suggest an alternative reaction. Ask them how they want to be engaged
  156. @ukedchat A6 Polite reminders of expectations. Use your energy to engage students #UKEdChat
  157. @ukedchat A5 Teamwork with TA, diversionary tactics, positive enforcement - find a moment for a quiet chat. Know your pupil. #UKEdChat
  158. @ukedchat get them up and moving, using brain breaks and physical activity to wake them up #UKEdChat q5
  159. @ukedchat Keep it relevant to their world - reference current events and always be enthusiastic and interested #ukedchat
  160. @ukedchat well-sequenced lesson combining upbeat, positive atmosphere w/ range of collaborative tasks ensuring progress for all #ukedchat
  161. @ukedchat Resources like Topical Science Updates highlight current science progress and discoveries - really bring a topic to life #ukedchat
  162. @SanchezGemma @teacherchalky1 @ukedchat @HabitGetInTo look at reasons for it? What strategies can be put in place? Look at whole child?
  163. @ukedchat quick maths right after lunch is a great challenge-chn love it- I love seeing the 'joy of the struggle'! #YesUCan!
  164. @FloraBarton Love that idea #UKEdChat Do you stretch and challenge, or just go over previous stuff?
  165. @Glazgow @ukedchat yes vital to keep it real! Why would they want to@learn about it otherwise #UKEdChat
  166. @ey_inspiration1 @teacherchalky1 @ukedchat absolutely agree. Treat them as individuals. Some of the tweets sounded more whole class. Sorry