Session 350: Outdoor Learning Opportunities

  1. It's 8pm, and welcome to Sess. 350 of #UKEdChat - tonight 'Outdoor Learning'. SIX qu's to follow Q1., Q2., Q3. etc. Answer A1., A2., A3 etc.
    It's 8pm, and welcome to Sess. 350 of #UKEdChat - tonight 'Outdoor Learning'. SIX qu's to follow Q1., Q2., Q3. etc. Answer A1., A2., A3 etc.
  2. #UKEdChat - Q1.
What are the best outdoor learning opportunities that you have experienced with your pupils?
    #UKEdChat - Q1. What are the best outdoor learning opportunities that you have experienced with your pupils?
  3. A1 So many best outdoor learning moments #ukedchat Better a bad day outside than a good day indoors :)
  4. #ukedchat A1 - Yr 6 residential working as a team to find different wood to build a sucessful fire, closely followed by shelter building!
  5. A1 #ukedchat Recently it's been maths experiences where children who are not deemed "able' in maths outshine 'more able' peers.
  6. @ukedchat The best I have seen is over 100 children spontaneously working together over a lunchtime play using loose parts in an ever changing project
  7. A1 #UKEdChat getting a boat to Lundy island for three days of teaching outdoor fitness
  8. @ukedchat A1: Project with Y1 where we had to improve our playground. Sent kids out with iPads to photograph areas which could be improved! #UKEdChat
  9. @UKEdSch A1 When the weathers nice, it can be fun to get out and do some sampling on the field #ukedchat
  10. We take deprived children on outdoor courses in the south east - produces happier more confident kids #ukedchat
  11. @ukedchat Glencoe Outdoor Centre - outstanding outdoor education for Y6 #ukedchat
  12. @ukedchat Teachers should use resources available to us, including the great outdoors, but it is a continuum, not a totally different thing. #ukedchat
  13. A1 #ukedchat playtimes -play for play's sake & much creative, productive, innovation via loose parts play - engagement teachers love to see
  14. A1. Work experience at a working farm has provided excellent social and work skills for autistic young adults #ukedchat
  15. @Askinschools Is there everything intrinsically special about forests, or are other environments equally useful for learning? #ukedchat
  16. @UKEdSch A1: being based in out preschools outside classroom. Outdoors 24/7 with forest school. Just perfect! #ukedchat #outdoorlearning
  17. A1 We make soap, lip balm -and let kids lead horses, play games #ukedchat
  18. A1 #UKEdChat listening to the sounds around in a quiet space as a transition from catapulting angry birds as far poss to returning inside
  19. @UKEdSch I’ve always thought it important to get pupils outside whenever possible in whatever subject #ukedchat No matter about age 😀
  20. A1: There are so many opportunities to learn outside from Active Maths to residentials. Develop experience #UKEdChat 
  21. @a_haq #UKEdChat Estimating one-metre by creating line of found objects. Checking re use of 1-metre sticks. Then estimating & checking distances...
  22. @a_haq @CreativeSTAR every Maths subject can be taught outdoors. We do it for a living! #ukedchat
  23. #UKEdChat - Q2.
How can Outdoor Learning be implemented across all curriculum subjects/areas?
    #UKEdChat - Q2. How can Outdoor Learning be implemented across all curriculum subjects/areas?
  24. @ukedchat A1 spontaneous learning, taking class outside and seeing where the learning goes;finding angles, making symmetry pictures,studying artefacts
  25. @hengehall @UKEdSch I've taken students outside before when there doing their own revision #ukedchat
  26. @ukedchat The development ch make at a well run residential is a thing of beauty, self belief, team work, memories and of course learning new skills
  27. @a_haq #UKEdChat using the 1m stick and comparing accuracy to use of 'pacing' 1-metre. Also used for perimeter work - making shapes on ground
  28. @UKEdSch @Askinschools if we label it forest school it might put off some from trying outdoor learning, as they do not have a forest... .#UKEdChat
  29. @ukedchat A2 Careful planning. Needs Practitioners to have an open mind to it #UKEdChat
  30. #ukedchat when we were doing perimeter y4. We are trying do put maths in real life situations and try and get outside as often as poss.
  31. A2 #UKEdChat there are as many was as your imagination will let you go
  32. A1. #ukedchat children love talking with others and good to connect them with their #local stories and places - like @urbanwiselondon
  33. #ukedchat Watch the children playing and then develop your school environment to create more of what they are already enjoying
  34. @ukedchat A2 Active Maths and Literacy. Outdoor Science Experiments #UKEdChat
  35. @ukedchat A2 with a bit of imagination and an acceptance that not all learning takes place using pen and paper #ukedchat
  36. @TGolightly @ukedchat Why only Y1? Every pupil should be involved, surely? @OPALOutdoorplay schs survey every child, parent and member of staff.
  37. @hengehall @ukedchat Needs buy in from SLT though - still lots of “OFSTED Expects” going on! #ukedchat
  38. #ukedchat Think more about the sorts of play they enjoy rather than the sorts of equipment to install
  39. #ukedchat A2.. all of the curriculum can be done ouside... it depends on your openness and also your creativity to see potential
  40. A2. Create a lesson plan that includes a 'outdoor learning opportunity' so every teacher for every lesson considers an activity #ukedchat
  41. @neil_play @ukedchat @OPALOutdoorplay Agreed! For us it was a fictional project to get the children creating simple maps/to engage them further.
  42. @chrisbourne2win @a_haq #UKEdChat Agreed - we need to be given specifics to provide examples re maths. All fantastic.
  43. @ukedchat In its broadest sense, with imagination, any area can be developed through outside learning - from atoms to 1066 but it must be purposeful
  44. @UKEd_NE @PaulWN1 @ukedchat I reckon it depends on the weather... here in Sweden fine motor skills in temps well below zero are hard... #UKEdChat
  45. @UKEdSch At my old school we developed a school garden.When cared for by key staff it become a great place to teach different subjects. #UKEdChat
  46. @MrGPrimary @ukedchat Surely OFSTED would be as bored as the children if they never get the opportunity to leave the classroom #ukedchat
  47. @ukedchat By including a a pratical project to be implemented outdoor by learners.The project is 2 be a reflection ofthe theoretical input
  48. @ukedchat 'Can', yes. 'Should' it be is a more interesting Q. Probably yes, but must be with purpose, not an add-on or a (regular) jolly. #ukedchat
  49. #ukedchat "But they might get hurt." Balance the risks against the benefits and train chn to assess these for themselves.
  50. @UKEd_NE @PaulWN1 @ukedchat #UKEdChat Yes - aspects of chemistry which require lab conditions. This is harder to do outside.
  51. @UKEdSch A1 #UKEdChat Any lesson that involves a tub of chalks and the playground as a blank canvas! Bar models, 1m squares, story maps, life cycles.
  52. Implementing #outdoor learning into curriculum can be a challenge but its worth it! I want to teach curriculum but also to love the outdoors 
  53. @UKEdSch #ukedchat with the new Donaldson curric it is great opp to use OL across the curric creating creative learners
  54. We are talking outdoor learning tonight for our weekly #ukedchat discussion. Join in!
  55. A1 #ukedchat The museum game: integrating "British studies" content in an outdoor game w/ speaking skills & grammar (wh questions). Cool!
  56. @SuzanneAxelsson @UKEd_NE @PaulWN1 @ukedchat In Sweden its cold Here in England the biggest problem is mud. We have been living here for 10,000 years but don't seem used to it yet
  57. Our experience means we can recruit into all kinds of educational establishments & for all types of roles #EdTech #UKEdChat
  58. @mrdavidwatkins @ukedchat @DofE You are the #yaniv master! Good times indeed, I want another mountain trek DODW!
  59. How do secondary teachers manage with outdoors teaching and learning? #ukedchat
  60. #ukedchat Sometimes the basics are enough : mud pies, wood pallets, rope, tarps, planks, tyres
  61. A2: some teachers are too comfortable in the classroom. It's about being open-minded and experimental #UKEdChat
  62. @OPALOutdoorplay @UKEd_NE @PaulWN1 @ukedchat Oh mud is the best thing ever... we long for it... since it is hard as concrete for most of the year #ukedchat
  63. @CreativeSTAR #ukedchat An umbrella is a good teamwork solution with the I pad. Looks like a real film set!
  64. A2 Just think about the elements of your subject that have links w/ real-life situations! #ukedchat
  65. #UKEdChat - Q3.
What are the dangers or frustrations of taking pupils outside to enhance their learning?
    #UKEdChat - Q3. What are the dangers or frustrations of taking pupils outside to enhance their learning?
  66. @UKEd_NE @OPALOutdoorplay @PaulWN1 @ukedchat a Swedish saying... that rhymes in Swedish... Ingen dålig väder, bara dåliga kläder! #ukedchat
  67. @NWJINFed Oh the basics! What subjects do you use the basics for? #ukedchat
  68. A2: at least one lesson per topic could include 3 outdoor learning challenges for children to choose from #UKEdChat
  69. @UKEdSch Teachers being scared of it all going wrong, the lack of “control” feeling. #ukedchat
  70. @ukedchat A2 - many revision / topic review activities can be taken outside, just needs careful planning to ensure it's enhancing the lesson #ukedchat
  71. A2 e.g. #ukedchat for maths: odd/even numbers: take to the streets & let learners have a look at house numbers ...
  72. Q3 - that the time it takes to 'prepare' to do this is prohibitive the actual exercise! #ukedchat
  73. @ukedchat @UKEdSch Q2 #UKEdChat Use treasure hunt Q's, QR trails, augmented reality to make learning active and engaging. Magpie ideas from others too!
  74. @teacherchalky1 @MrGPrimary @hengehall @ukedchat No - begin with what you've got, not what you think you want/need. #ukedchat Otherwise it's an expensive painful learning experience for all
  75. @digicoled How do they manage without it?! Outdoor teaching and learning can enrich, extend, embed - or just make it more memorable / fun #ukedchat
  76. #ukedchat A2 - Science and geography obvious(?) English descriptions, fantasy stories, maths problem solving and measures :)
  77. @a_haq Maths is definitely the easiest but every subject has potential to go outside #ukedchat
  78. Hi All. Love this #ukedchat . Really interested how we enable more OL in local urban places - beyond school gates. Any top ideas!
  79. @ukedchat #ukedchat A2 why it is assumed learning always takes place indoors but rarely outdoors unless planned to the nth degree?
  80. @UKEdSch A3. Biggest danger & greatest frustration is NOT taking children outside. Lost opportunities to learn. #UKEdChat
  81. @digicoled @CreativeSTAR In lots of ways it's. It all about activities but processes within OL e.g. 1 Comp PE used Plan Do Review as basis for all work #ukedchat
  82. @MrGPrimary @UKEdSch yes, very much about teachers feeling confident. BUT do teachers NEED to have control? Shouldn't they b sharing control w children #ukedchat
  83. @ukedchat Using natural resources & group communication to enhance pupils' learning. Using the outdoors to relate to their experiences. #ukedchat
  84. A3. Risk assessment is vital. Know your environment and know your pupils. Even high risk activities can go ahead when planned #ukedchat
  85. @ukedchat With an understanding that some schools and teachers need support, inspiration and a starting point.
  86. A3: Finding the time to set up activities can be tricky. Easy to lose engagement if it takes too long! #UKEdChat
  87. @ukedchat A3 scorn from colleagues who think that English lesson should have been done in the classroom: 'what has drama got to do with SPAG anyway?'
  88. @CiarnaC @ukedchat Agreed. It is important to plan carefully - but surely that's true of indoor learning as well? #ukedchat
  89. @MrPatelsawesome @UKEdSch Oh no you didn't just go there. 🤦🏽‍♀️#ukedchat
  90. @ukedchat A3 Frustration - the paperwork! Dangers - shouldn't be any with the correct planning #UKEdChat
  91. @UKEdSch A3 Insufficient time spent considering potential dangers or frustrations when planning the lesson #ukedchat
  92. @UKEdSch A3 students can get off task very easily, it can be hard to get them all back together and British weather #ukedchat
  93. @UKEdSch A3 #UKEdChat Some fear behaviour slipping and OL turning into an extended playtime. Make the LO clear, voice the expectations of the outcome
  94. @Askinschools how much time are teachers given to really go out and explore the environment, so they can use it in play/learning? #UKEdChat
  95. @UKEdSch A3 time constraints can be an issue - getting chn ready to go out (and bringing them back in) can be a faff if not well organised #ukedchat
  96. Well said - definitely a good mix of both plus a belief and determination that they as teachers can teach outside & it's worth it. #UKEdChat 
  97. @CiarnaC @ukedchat The major planning can be a fear of going Outdoors so need to plan / explain #ukedchat
  98. @ukedchat A3- doing it for the sake of taking pupils outside, not enhancing the lesson. Pupils are also easily distracted outside! #ukedchat
  99. @WatsEd @a_haq definitely agree that they are all easily implemented, I just personally have more ideas for Maths #UKEdChat
  100. A4 #ukedchat Whoever first did the dirty shirt to explain EY approach is a genius. Need the same to explain clothing is for childhood.
  101. @teacherchalky1 @ukedchat @MrGPrimary @hengehall Want advice on how? Did you know you can use your doubled PE, sports and Active Play funding to pay for the training?
  102. Would love to see if we reversed it. Asking the students what do you think you could learn by going outside? #ukedchat 
  103. @ChrisAFRIN @ukedchat the great part of working in Sweden is that we don't have that paper work... downside - maybe some teachers should think about it #UKEdChat
  104. @ukedchat If it supports learning and is relevant, oh yes! I love outdoor learning, but believe teachers need to know WHY they're going out #ukedchat
  105. @caron_downes @ukedchat Poor planning then? Similar issues with use of tech - put the learning first #ukedchat
  106. @craigarmiger @ukedchat #ukedchat I think it shd be a part of teacher training to help take that fear away.
  107. @PaulWN1 @ukedchat I know some schools that will take the children out no matter what the weather is doing #ukedchat
  108. A2 #Ukedchat eg English Literature: just watch the film "Dead Poets' Society" and you'll discover that outdoor learning goes w/ any subject!
  109. #ukedchat A3 it sometimes depends on your class. I couldn't do a lot of OL last year due to the cohort and the risks associated with them.
  110. @UKEdSch We mostly work with students 1-1 as tutors, but interested to know if in larger group some would get more distracted outdoors #ukedchat
  111. A2 #UKEdChat All Curriculum areas can be taught outside...Curriculum is what children need to know to be citizens in the real world !
  112. This #outdoorlearning #UKEdChat is really interesting - even #theatreineducation workshops can be taken in an outdoor space... on a dry day!
  113. @CreativeSTAR #ukedchat Yes, I love teaching outside, but it does depend on the establishment and what level of risk assessment etc they require of you.
  114. A3: ensure you keep the session focused towards the desired learning outcomes #UKEdChat
  115. @SuzanneAxelsson @MrGPrimary @UKEdSch Absolutely - as long as chn are prepared and know the expectation, task and required outcome - there shouldn't be a problem #ukedchat
  116. One of my best lessons in training was teaching music outdoors - bit of Marley in the sunshine! #ukedchat
  117. @outsideem #UKEdChat Open the gate ... and walk. Seriously - look at Outdoor Journeys - great approach for secondary & primary 
  118. @WatsEd @ukedchat #ukedchat ah yes the good old scout motto - perfect for all@outdoors activities.
  119. @AstrataEdu @UKEdSch maybe distraction can be another way to learn... they see an opportunity to learn their way #UKEdChat
  120. @outsideem @CreativeSTAR Be brave get permission and just go! Life beyond the gate Real world learning #ukedchat
  121. @UKEd_NE @ukedchat Definitely, careful planning is necessary! But the rewards from a successful and useful activity make it worth the effort #UKEdChat
  122. @ukedchat #ukedchat A1 trigonometry lesson where the class were 'surveyors' for the day - tied in with careers week too!
    @ukedchat #ukedchat A1 trigonometry lesson where the class were 'surveyors' for the day - tied in with careers week too!
  123. @digicoled @MrPatelsawesome Surely that's silly though, chn need to understand ad learn to manage risk. Especially as they beome older #ukedchat
  124. #ukedchat A3 You need to consider: behaviour, risks to safety and really well thought out learning (doesn't have to be obvious!)
  125. #UKEdChat - Q4.
What lessons can be taken from the Early Years sector in encouraging outdoor learning for older pupils?
    #UKEdChat - Q4. What lessons can be taken from the Early Years sector in encouraging outdoor learning for older pupils?
  126. @CiarnaC @ukedchat Quite agree. It also it should be advisors priority to encourage not to put barriers up #ukedchat
  127. @ukedchat I'm a big fan of maths treasure hunts at various levels. Symmetrical or not?
  128. @a_haq @chrisbourne2win Out and about, market research. Study of business use in locality, variation and targetted markets? #ukedchat
  129. @ukedchat My fav quote which I always hear in the EY "No such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!" #ukedchat
  130. @WatsEd @MrGPrimary @UKEdSch sorry I react a little to that... as I see learning comes from the children. "Required outcome" gives me the heebiejeebies #UKEdChat
  131. @SuzanneAxelsson @ChrisAFRIN @ukedchat Is outdoor learning embedded rigorously in the curriculum in Sweden Suzzane? #ukedchat
  132. @UKEdSch A4 That an element of choice leads to more interest and engagement #UKEdChat
  133. @bcotmedia @SkyCaves19 @ukedchat Absolutely. DM me the best time for us to have a chat about it and let's get going with it. 😀
  134. @ukedchat @PaulWN1 in these schools, yes. Adds to the holistic experience of the World #ukedchat
  135. @digicoled @ukedchat of course - Health and Safety guidelines!! Don't all Surveyors wear them?! 😉
  136. @T0nymca @OutdoorClassDay @ukedchat You need to try the human trundle- wheel @CreativeSTAR showed me have now used it so many times. Fun teamwork learning. Estimating #ukedchat
  137. Q4 - That it's valuable. That it enhances & helps. I always teach 'Blackberry Picking' by Heaney alongside blackberry bushes! #ukedchat
  138. @UKEdSch all really... and all environments... just returned from Palestine where I held the outdoor learning course... #UKEdChat
  139. @UKEdSch A4 Taking away the boundaries of four walls leads to more creativity and imaginative learning #UKEdChat
  140. #ukedchat A4 I think that evidence doesn't need to be paper based, chalk on the playground can show deep learning too.
  141. @ukedchat Maths treasure hunts outdoor can also include buildings...and lead to grand designs..
  142. @craigarmiger @ukedchat So many secondary level subjects used to be all about being outdoors but cuts mean no more trips etc #ukedchat
  143. @EarlyYearsIdeas @UKEdSch #UKEdChat Yet the more this happens the slicker it gets. And this is a valuable learning activity in its own right for little children
  144. @SuzanneAxelsson @MrGPrimary @UKEdSch Sorry - as in "what is the learning and do the children know what they are supposed to do?" If they don't it can lead to issues #ukedchat
  145. A4. Early years focuses on play, building relationships, taking measured risk. The digital teen needs all those revisited! #ukedchat
  146. A4: Bringing learning to life. All children should be afforded chances to explore, regardless of age #ukedchat
  147. @ukedchat Maths treasure hunts...for circles for example in Sheffield city centre!
  148. @a_haq @ChrisAFRIN @ukedchat it is something done every day in the early year 1-6 yrs and then often in school... #UKEdChat
  149. @ukedchat @UKEdSch All you need to do is apply some creativity. We use goats in science, geog, textiles, art, Computing. You just have to think outside the box
  150. @CreativeSTAR @UKEdSch I agree. And when it's regular, chn are more likely to have right coats, shoes etc which can be a big barrier in the first place #ukedchat
  151. @UKEdSch #ukedchat q4 that outdoor shouldn't be indoor stuff put outside. It is bigger, messier and noisier.
  152. @ukedchat #ukedchat A4 invest in appropriate clothing for all is the key.
  153. @CiarnaC @ukedchat Virtual field trips on You tube.Can't get the feel and magnitude of a glacial valley although can visit a real glacier by laptop! #ukedchat
  154. @chrisbourne2win yeah... just done it 30°C with women wrapped up as afraid of getting sick from cold... I do it in -20°C. What IS adverse? #UKEdChat
  155. @UKEdSch A4 #UKEdChat Providing opportunities for ch'n to be free to explore the outdoors and be tactile when doing so. Plan awe and wonder opps!
  156. @UKEdSch #ukedchat A4 - You know what they do? Do that. Chn with +ive experience will be able to continue as they grow #ukedchat
  157. @MrGPrimary @hengehall @ukedchat Indeed. But ofsted is looking for pupils to show 'enjoyment, fascination and curiosity'. The outdoors certainly provides that opportunity
  158. @WatsEd @MrGPrimary @UKEdSch still freaks me out... "supposed to do" where is the teacher learning about what how the children learn? #UKEdChat
  159. @craigarmiger @ukedchat #ukedchat I was thinking about pond dipping & you are up on top of glaciers!
  160. @UKEdSch Providing time to just PLAY! Yes there are always things we'd like them to achieve, but sometimes they need that freedom #ukedchat
  161. @Jsharkey02 Use #UKEdChat hashtag and click on latest tweets button at the top to see the thread. Then start tweeting :) Good luck
  162. @WatsEd @MrGPrimary @UKEdSch its a different approach here in Sweden esp in ECE (1-6 yrs) where we learn WITH children and outcomes are not clear in that sense #UKEdChat
  163. @ukedchat Teamwork and collobaration, it shows different skills and personal qualities outside the classroom and engages all pupils #ukedchat
  164. #UKedchat A4 Lots of good ideas coming from EYFS but haven't read anything so far that doesn't already happen in secondary good practice.
  165. @ukedchat #ukedchat A4 Ss interact with the 'real world' not just classroom-Early Yrs go outside to see how things work-works in KS3/4/5 too
  166. @ChrisAFRIN @ukedchat A bus/train trip maybe? A visit to local museum? A single outdoors adventure can provide the context for learning across the whole curric!
  167. @VictoriaPendry1 @hengehall @ukedchat No arguments here. It's why I now work in a school in the country, with our own forest #ukedchat
  168. @EarlyYearsIdeas @UKEdSch yes yes yes yes ... learning happens IN play... and it is our job to make this learning visible #UKEdChat
  169. Q3 #UKEdChat We need to remove the urban myths about the dangers of going outdoors to learn. The children live and play in these spaces!
  170. @MrGPrimary @UKEdSch That fear goes, the more you do it - not the less. Chn and teachers need to experience and the confidence #ukedchat
  171. #UKEdChat - Q5.
What are the greatest outdoor learning opportunities available in your local environment?
    #UKEdChat - Q5. What are the greatest outdoor learning opportunities available in your local environment?
  172. @EarlyYearsIdeas @UKEdSch not expected outcomes for the children... maybe expected outcomes for ourselves 1/2 #UKEdChat
  173. @Sarah__wright1 @WatsEd @CiarnaC @ukedchat @CreativeSTAR Our local TeCher training all complete the OLC course which is a great starting point. #ukedchat
  174. @FarmStokehill Just joined & this is the first tweet I see Great reference to good early years practise! good to hear happening in secondary too #ukedchat
  175. @ukedchat It should be purposeful and relevant but the school site is under used. It doesn't need to be developed, staff need skills on how #ukedchat
  176. A4: The World is more than a classroom. Early Years have got it right, have KS1 and KS2? #ukedchat
  177. @EarlyYearsIdeas @UKEdSch 2/2 and being aware of what we hoped and learning how the children learn and make adaptions for learning thro play #UKEdChat
  178. #UKEdChat Q3 in #CfE in Scotland all chn should be risk assessing as part of HWB lessons. No better place to do this than the real world.
  179. @WatsEd @UKEdSch Totally agree Mike. We are too risk averse rather than aware though. It's why I love @westrisejunior approach #UKEdchat
  180. #UKEdChat  Nice quotation and a pic of our kids - agree what others say about the importance of outdoor play
    #UKEdChat Nice quotation and a pic of our kids - agree what others say about the importance of outdoor play
  181. @UKEdSch I love a good nature walk. Always something new to observe and take their interest :) #ukedchat
  182. @UKEd_NE @ukedchat Think that's my Q4 ans-tweets from our Junior School remind me to keep learning fun & accept a bit extra planning for it #UKEdChat
  183. @TwinklEnglish It's a curious paradox re management expectations given H&S law is same UK-wide #ukedchat
  184. @ukedchat Sometimes the weather, parental attitudes - not getting muddy, teachers thinking they need resources, developed areas #ukedchat
  185. @MrGPrimary @hengehall @ukedchat Ofsted gave @KenderSchool Outstanding rating for their play provision. Too many schools misunderstand what Ofsted actually like to see
  186. Why is dresssing children up as little buinessmen with ties or white socks and pleated skirts meant to show a good school? #ukedchat
  187. A5: school playground! Markings, use of chalk, surrounding buildings. Endless opportunities without having to even leave school #ukedchat
  188. @mrsvchilds @ukedchat Nature v important but open ended play good second option. Check out play pods for playground creativity using junk #ukedchat
  189. @UKEdSch A5. Is this more difficult for schools in the middle of a city #UkEdChat? Including air pollution?
  190. A5: Lots to learn about child-iniated lines of enquiry and open-ended tasks! #UKEdChat
  191. A3 #UKEdChat @gtcs All teachers are expected to teach Outdoors to meet the teaching standards
  192. @ukedchat a5: architecture, parks, traffic, air quality, river, pavements, lampposts, bins, trees, people, shops, sounds, patterns & stories
  193. @CreativeSTAR @TwinklEnglish Maybe it's a confidence thing for teachers? More perceived risks/ out of their comfort zone? #ukedchat
  194. @ukedchat @dailydenouement Child centred learning....see what children are drawn to and then capitalise on that interest
    @ukedchat @dailydenouement Child centred learning....see what children are drawn to and then capitalise on that interest
  195. @ukedchat A5 Apologies as coming from a P.E background. Orienteering (again) Cross Country round the surrounding fields #UKEdChat
  196. #ukedchat q5 the local woods. Unfortunately children are not taken to local woods to explore, learn and observe the beauty around them.
  197. @ukedchat Teamwork & opportunities for social skills, children need to continue develop this to improve tolerance & understanding of others #ukedchat
  198. @digicoled @UKEdSch I live in Stockholm... if you want to do this you can... but we use public transport a lot to get places and explore... #UKEdChat
  199. @digicoled @UKEdSch Outdoor learning is a place so adapting to that env to where ever you are #ukedchat
  200. @PaulWN1 @ukedchat I had the best orienteering lessons at school and experience on a residential and I STILL remember it and the enjoyment we had
  201. A5 Open grassy areas are fab as well. Especially if there is a hill for rolling and a few trees for leafy shade #ukedchat
  202. @WatsEd @MrGPrimary @UKEdSch @westrisejunior Often lack of understanding too. If practitioners knew how important it was they would give it more effort and time #ukedchat
  203. @mrsvchilds @ukedchat And also the senior leadership team need to encourage teachers to get out with kids
  204. @WatsEd @UKEdSch @westrisejunior Mike's book is a fantastic read about how to manage risk in an appropriate manner #UKEdchat
  205. @OPALOutdoorplay #ukedchat We need to think of school uniform as "play clothes" that should be getting grubby through play
  206. @ukedchat Local environment? How about the school Playground? Ensure it offers every learning, engaging and playing opportunity.
  207. #UKedchat A5 If you have only a wall, a lawn and a flowerbed, you can still do meaningful outdoor learning with a bit of creative planning.
  208. @ukedchat Just walking outside. #ukedchat The landscape, the air, sights, smells, textures, language everything is an opportunity
  209. @ukedchat (Sorry for delay) Best work from outdoors for me has been poetry after a... Wonderful Wednesday wet welly walk. Wahoo!!
  210. A5. Available to all. Traffic surveys, consumer polls, museums, orienteering, outdoor cooking, farms, nature photography #ukedchat
  211. @ukedchat The playground and school field right outside my classroom - local wildlife areas, country parks, woodlands anywhere we can get to and use
  212. @ukedchat I like Geocaching. We used a Geocache location in our local area to look at GPS points, maps & how to find it and we did! #ukedchat
  213. @PaulWN1 @ukedchat ugh... fighting against orienteering for my autistic son here in Sweden WHY? I mean nature on a time limit - also not own exploring
  214. @mrsvchilds @ukedchat But who decides the purpose? Children need to follow their own hidden paths sometimes
  215. @PaulWN1 @ukedchat sure orienteering can be fun, but it's not a way to explore nature... not REALLY.
  216. @WatsEd @ukedchat In Finland, public health officials recommend that citizens get 5 hours a month, minimum, in the woods. to stave off depression." #ukedchat
  217. @UKEdSch Q5 We're in London so depends how big an outdoor space you want but there are parks with green spaces, small local woods etc. #ukedchat
  218. @CreativeSTAR @TwinklEnglish Always an excuse HSE and then replaced with school policy to protect the nervous Head! #ukedchat
  219. @EarlyYearsIdeas @CreativeSTAR @TwinklEnglish yes I agree... teachers need the time to mess about in nature to feel confident there #UKEdChat
  220. My school has a wonderful outdoor learning environment in Forest School! Try to go out at every opportunity to maximise learning #ukedchat
  221. @UKEdSch A5 #ukedchat everyday seasonal changes are best seen up close rather than read about. Plants, trees, water butts etc in playground
  222. @mrsvchilds @ukedchat Not always skills, we have they teaching skills, it is ideas and opportunity and sadly, sometimes permission. Leadership fear? #ukedchat
  223. @UKEdSch A5 #UKEdChat We're blessed to have the beach a 10 min walk away down a woodland path! Science, PE, Art, story writing/telling, beach cleans
  224. @UKEdSch A5 ...but obviously London has many other things to offer "outside" classroom, just not always muddy and dirty type of outside! #ukedchat
  225. @PaulWN1 @ukedchat #UKEdChat Never apologise for PE - the original outdoor learning educators who have lead the way but never shouted out about this. :)
  226. @TalesToolkit @WatsEd @ukedchat and it makes such a difference getting out - and yet we have mental health issues amongst children - getting out costs nothing!!
  227. A5 #ukedchat Maths is an easy win! Buildings are full of angles, symmetry and times tables... look at them in these flats!
    A5 #ukedchat Maths is an easy win! Buildings are full of angles, symmetry and times tables... look at them in these flats!
  228. #UKedchat 5 If you can visit green space e.g. farm, orchard, wood, or create a garden, you can provide fantastic learning and great memories
    #UKedchat 5 If you can visit green space e.g. farm, orchard, wood, or create a garden, you can provide fantastic learning and great memories
  229. @ukedchat We are very lucky to have lots of lovely grounds & a #forestschool @MountSchoolYork have been known to use chalk &window pens too! #UKedchat
  230. #UKEdChat - Q6.
What are you own strongest outdoor learning memories? What made them so memorable?
    #UKEdChat - Q6. What are you own strongest outdoor learning memories? What made them so memorable?
  231. @OPALOutdoorplay @ukedchat But then there is a purpose, child led is valuable too but there is often an ideal outcome and questioning to challenge #ukedchat
  232. @natsywhite #UKEdChat This was my plea to all teachers in Hong Kong - celebrate the views for learning potential of skyscrapers
  233. @ukedchat A5 @DofE express are one of my favourite times of year! Fresh air, hills, sky....nature has a certain calmness & reverence! #UKEdChat
  234. @UKEdSch Space is a big one Either running free on the beach or cosy den making nooks where adults can't see you. And getting wet and muddy #ukedchat
  235. A6: My best experiences have been as a practitioner and seeing the smiles on children's faces when enjoying outdoor learning #ukedchat
  236. @WatsEd @ukedchat I haven't had that obstacle, it was lack of understanding of how to use spaces in my experience #ukedchat
  237. @AstrataEdu @Teach_on_beach @UKEdSch There's a school in Tower Hamlets East London that take the children every week on the train for a day of beach schools #ukedchat
  238. @PaulWN1 @ukedchat Some great orienteering activities connected with numeracy & literacy with using an orienteering map #ukedchat
  239. @ukedchat #ukedchat .Grow your Own is delicious learning. Maths, science, languages... Start by exploring an allotment, plan own!!
    @ukedchat #ukedchat .Grow your Own is delicious learning. Maths, science, languages... Start by exploring an allotment, plan own!!
  240. A6. PGL holiday aged 10. Hiking, sailing, canoeing, archery. Away from home and making friends. I still have the photos #ukedchat
  241. @CreativeSTAR @PaulWN1 @ukedchat yes... it was outdoor learning for sure, but not about nature. I do agree that PE does not get the status it should have! #UKEdChat
  242. Whenever I think of my last nursery job (before I started my ITT) I always think of the outdoor area and all of the fun we had :) #ukedchat
  243. @ukedchat Sadly, I do not have that many from school - mine are from Scouting: friendships, life skills, but most of all fun #ukedchat
  244. @chrisbourne2win I agree, especially the children that haven't experienced it before! #ukedchat
  245. @UKEdSch @OutdoorClassDay A6: #ukedchat Probably the time I went outside and all the childrenwere engaged in purposeful learning rather than running about! 👌🏼👌🏼
  246. @digicoled @UKEdSch No. It shouldn't matter. Use your environment #ukedchat If the chn already live there - keeping them indoors makes little difference
  247. @ukedchat A successful lesson we had: using maps & photos comparing historical with current land use of local area. Discussed as exploring #ukedchat
  248. @UKEdSch A6 Going to a woods. Memorable because we spotted a kingfisher. Got to see so many creatures that I'd only read about until then #UKEdChat
  249. A5. Look how much fun these children are having outside with a cardboard box! You don't need much... #ukedchat 
  250. @UKEdSch Building rockery at village hall - planning, teamwork, planting - then entering it in schools helping community' comp which we won #ukedchat
  251. How come that all of us here understand the importance and outdoor learning, but in reality it rarely takes place? #ukedchat
  252. #ukedchat I have found the outdoor surface has affected children's play enormously... so I have always wanted to vary that #UKEdChat
  253. @WatsEd @ukedchat Me too! I think it shows and promotes such resilience in the children too, so many don't go out if there is a cloud in site #ukedchat
  254. @EarlyYearsIdeas Worked in a school with stream in the garden. Hot weeks we'd block the drain, flood the yard and all bring in swimwear. Loved it #ukedchat
  255. @digicoled coz its a small number of people here that all enjoy outdoor learning #UKEdChat we are not reaching those who matter
  256. @ukedchat A1 Forest sch type experiences when learning about Stone Age and habitats. Visiting an organic farm and seeing chn with animals #UKEdChat
  257. @ukedchat A6 Foraging through the long grass at the back of the school field - #ukedchat
  258. @Teaching_Mr_T @ukedchat #UKEdChat A6 completely agree-don't remember going outside (in lesson times) after KS1-thankfully it's all changed!
  259. @CreativeSTAR So many children miss out on space and freedom! Really sad :( It should be compulsory in every school! #ukedchat
  260. @ukedchat A5 Local parks, buildings with history, museums that are nearby ... so many opportunities just need time to think about them. #UKEdChat
  261. @rcoultart open ended materials and loose parts are great - boxes, guttering, tyres, blocks, fabric, pegs, so much creativity #ukedchat
  262. @T0nymca @Teaching_Mr_T @ukedchat LOVED my primary school in UK... ouside often for learning... back in 1970's and 80's - even secondary school was outside at times #UKEdChat
  263. #UKEdChat Valid point but the quantity of OL is slowly increasing - & breadth, depth, variety & quality is phenomenal that is happening :) 
  264. I was always taken to the woods as a child, unfortunately a lot of children are not given that opportunity. #ukedchat
  265. @ukedchat A4 Ppl like being outdoors. It's about thinking how could this lesson be done outdoors so it's active #UKEdChat
  266. @Teach_on_beach @ukedchat I'll look into that. I have spent endless hour's designing different maps 😂 #UKEdChat