Session 355: Teaching Career Choices

  1. It's 8pm - Welcome to #UKEdChat, this week exploring, "Teaching Career Choices" 6 qu's to follow (Q1, Q2, Q3 etc) -> Answer with A1, A2 etc.
    It's 8pm - Welcome to #UKEdChat, this week exploring, "Teaching Career Choices" 6 qu's to follow (Q1, Q2, Q3 etc) -> Answer with A1, A2 etc.
  2. I’ve only just started on my journey as a teacher. But, at 45, how far can I really expect to go? #ukedchat
  3. @ukedchat Wanted to see how high I could climb, but now focused on different matters and priorities #UKEdChat
  4. @UKEdSch A1, I was set on head of department reality is that there's not many jobs and you need to be in the right pace at @ the right time #ukedchat
  5. @MrGPrimary As far as you want. The last HT I appointed was mid fifties. #ukedchat
  6. @teacherchalky1 Totally, and probably be favoured by the ‘right people’ as well? #UKEdChat
  7. @mm684 Ah but how much experience as a teacher did they have? #ukedchat
  8. A1-all the way up. Got to AHT, and felt disheartened by a lot. I am now a part time teacher and making direct impact to ss online. #UKEdChat
  9. @ukedchat Honestly, when I first started I wanted to be the best class teacher I could be. As much for survival as anything else. #ukedchat
  10. @MrGPrimary There isn't a tick list - its about the right person in the right school. #ukedchat
  11. Q1 wanted to become HoD and SLT. Do I still want this? SLT? Yes, Hod? Hmmmmm not sure. #ukedchat
  12. @MrGPrimary I also employed someone on the leadership fast track programme that went from NQT to HT in five years. She's now an exec HT. #ukedchat
  13. @ukedchat I wanted a headship etc and work up. Now since having a family I'm not in a rush as well. #UKEdChat
  14. @teacherchalky1 @UKEdSch I think that is true in most professions. There are only so many top jobs. #ukedchat
  15. @_theteachr I find that fascinating & many of us are guilty of it #UKEdChat Think it’s important to remember why we entered the profession in 1st place.
  16. Ironically my love for teaching returned like a boomerang once I stopped having to deal with all the nonsense. Happier now! #ukedchat
  17. @mm684 Good to see that it is possible, maybe unlikely in my neck of the woods though. Too much competition! #ukedchat
  18. @teacherfent It's fascinating how our perspectives change over time #ukedchat
  19. Q1: the higher I see people go, the further they get from actually teaching children #ukedchat
  20. @digicoled @_theteachr Unfortunately the higher up you go the less teaching/hands on work you do. so removed from why you went into that career #ukedchat
  21. @DavidStrachan85 @ukedchat You still have plenty of time on your side…and more important priorities #UKEdChat
  22. #UKEdChat - Question 2

Does a teaching career always have to be linear?

Don't forget to use the hashtag in your tweets.
    #UKEdChat - Question 2 Does a teaching career always have to be linear? Don't forget to use the hashtag in your tweets.
  23. A1 Just wanted to be CT - now DHT and will be Acting HT in Sep - loving it! #ukedchat
  24. @ukedchat Depends on the context - a sideways move to a bigger school could mean more money. Has to be considered… #ukedchat
  25. No. My philosophy now is do what you do well, and opportunities will come knocking at your door #UKEdChat
  26. I still believe a deep commitment to teaching & learning is the key. Didn't stick with it long enough to test that as a head! #ukedchat
  27. Q2 I moved from a 2nd in faculty position from a school in special measures to a MPS teaching role in a good school. #ukedchat 1/2
  28. @goodman_ang Keep taking the pills ;0) #UKEdChat Only joking. Some people really take to roles really well. Others don't, but are pushed there
  29. Q2 - although moving at Christmas wasn’t the easiest. 2/2 #ukedchat
  30. @UKEdSch A2 no, there's lots of sideway moves that can be made that lead further up the ladder other that just the HOD route #ukedchat
  31. @digicoled It is a problem as most of us want to do what we are doing but also move up. Its about inspiring others the higher up you go. #ukedchat
  32. A2 No - can move into specialisms, SEN, SpLD, PRU, training etc #ukedchat
  33. @amazing_muggle Depending on type/size of school? Know lots of local HTs that still HAVE to teach. #ukedchat
  34. @UKEdSch No. I believe it can be as changeable as you want it to be. Always depends on the Headteacher #UKEdChat
  35. A2 - think there is a strong argument for it being non-linear. Depth and breadth of experience is important #UKEdChat
  36. @sanrau Agreed! Opportunities come when you least expect them. Work hard, do what you do well and keep your eyes open. #ukedchat
  37. @teacherchalky1 @UKEdSch I moved backwards and have now been offered a pastoral role which I hadn’t considered before. #ukedchat
  38. @mm684 @MrMTeach1 I firmly believe that being involved in governance is a great way to find out about school leadership. #ukedchat
  39. @amazing_muggle Has to be a balance. Know HTs that cover PPA, some that class teach. Small schools though… #ukedchat
  40. @ukedchat Didn't want to climb it then, don't want to climb it now. Like being in the classroom, with the children, not in an office.
  41. @MrMTeach1 @mm684 It gives a very holistic view of a school. Some things you don’t even know about as a staff member. #ukedchat
  42. @teacherfent @teacherchalky1 @UKEdSch That sounds like a great opportunity which doesn’t suit everyone, so should be taken as a huge compliment #UKEdChat
  43. @ukedchat No. It was to teach young minds. Promotion was always a second thought. #ukedchat
  44. @s0f0nisba To be honest I’m not sure. I like working with other people a lot so wouldn’t mind ending up as an advisor of sorts. #ukedchat
  45. @ukedchat I made a sideways move to a bigger school 110 primary to 350 Juniors - just made AH in 4 years teaching #UKEdChat
  46. @ukedchat Was so proud to be a class teacher and that was as far as I wanted to go. 12 years later I am a deputy head.
  47. @kvnmcl @ukedchat Agreed. Priorities change. I just want to be a happy teacher now. #UKEdChat
  48. @digicoled @teacherchalky1 @UKEdSch Thats how I have took it. Came out of the blue as I had applied for a #T&L role so now have a decision to make. #ukedchat
  49. #UKEdChat - Question 3

What role do you see as the pinnacle of your teaching career. 
What are the next steps?

Remember the hashtag!
    #UKEdChat - Question 3 What role do you see as the pinnacle of your teaching career. What are the next steps? Remember the hashtag!
  50. @ukedchat Wanted to run my own dept... Anything higher now just increases the size of the target on your back 😕
  51. @ukedchat A1 Didn't think about the ladder, wanted to teach and love being in the classroom.Currently SLT. Who knows what the future holds! #UKEdChat
  52. @NicAbidi Woah! What happened? Circumstance, opportunity, or a considered move by you? #UKEdChat
  53. @ukedchat I want to be a head, I gave up a good career and only ever had one goal - I know my strengths running a successful business #UKEdChat
  54. @UKEdSch Consolidate in the classroom for a couple of years. Then, who knows… #ukedchat
  55. @teacherfent @teacherchalky1 @UKEdSch Would love such an opportunity - Just about being in the right place, at the right time, and knowing the right people #UKEdChat
  56. @ukedchat I feel I'm in limbo at the minute. I love my current school, but no opportunities for progression. I have quite a lot of influence
  57. @ukedchat My first school I learnt how to teach, my second I developed my own teaching and learnt about processes - very good move #UKEdChat
  58. @ukedchat A2 Depends on the experience you want and the pros + cons of any move you decide to make. Comes down to opportunities + choices. #UKEdChat
  59. @UKEdSch A3 I like the idea of lecturing teaching at a university in the end #ukedchat
  60. #UKEdChat The accountability of higher roles can certainly put people off exploring opportunities...understandably. 
  61. @ukedchat across school. But feel I need to make a change in order to be more heavily involved in strategy/leadership;I feel ready for it
  62. @ukedchat Some people in our profession are down on those who are driven to lead, it the private sector it's accepted progression #UKEdChat
  63. @ukedchat Slid up the greasy pole, steadily, and now delighted to be sliding back down to HoD - safer on the frontline; far safer.
  64. @ukedchat Never thought I'd be a teacher then teaching career ladder kept extending ahead of me: deputy headship #1 & #2 then headship #1, #2 & now #3
  65. @s0f0nisba @MrGPrimary The adviser jobs went 5+ years ago. Unless you have skills to be freelance the closest today is working for a MAT HQ. #ukedchat
  66. @Teaching_Mr_T Sounds like The Apprentice ;0) #UKEdChat Only kidding, but what contingency do you have in mind if it doesn't all go to plan?
  67. @ukedchat I only ever wanted to be the best teacher I could be-nothing  http://more.Now  I'm desperate to share expertise&drive change
  68. @mm684 @s0f0nisba @MrGPrimary #ukedchat Cross MAT advisers seems to be the way forward for non SLT progression.
  69. @MrGPrimary @ukedchat Moved as DH from a 1 form entry to a two for experience before Headship...#ukedchat
  70. @UKEdSch #ukedchat Only Acting HT next year so would love a successful year so I can apply for the perm post
  71. @teacherchalky1 That has its own challenges, but it is something that you should try to experience in a teaching capacity #UKEdChat
  72. #UKEdChat - Question 4

How easy or difficult is it to restore your teaching career when you’ve unexpectedly been thrown off course?
    #UKEdChat - Question 4 How easy or difficult is it to restore your teaching career when you’ve unexpectedly been thrown off course?
  73. @ukedchat @samschoolstuff Yr 2000 as nqt I wanted head.Still wanted in 2004 when left SLT to be full time mum.Returned full time 2011.Ed world changed& wanted no more
  74. @goodman_ang @UKEdSch My goal is to be good at headteachering! #ukedchat still learning so much every day.
  75. @UKEdSch You need to find the right school #ukedchat but is suppose that is true for all roles.
  76. @gazneedle @ukedchat I do love teaching, but in the private sector you wouldnt hear someone say 'make sure you enjoy stacking those shelves' at Tesco #UKEdChat
  77. @UKEdSch Depends on the SLT and their support. Also depends on personal resolve. #ukedchat
  78. @gazneedle @goodman_ang @UKEdSch #ukedchat Recently made my goal to enjoy life, including work. Simple sounding yet hard to do
  79. @UKEdSch I've not had a typical journey - you need to be resilient but it can be done #ukedchat
  80. @ukedchat Can all depend on strength of character, self-belief, and support from others #UKEdChat
  81. @ukedchat To make a difference to children's lives and stay in the classroom #ukedchat
  82. @ukedchat Moving from school to school creates a spiral path for progression. Engaging in different cultures, working with different teams #ukedchat
  83. @Teaching_Mr_T @ukedchat But you would hear ex-players telling younger footballers to enjoy themselves and focusing on being the best footballer they can #ukedchat
  84. @neiljones Indeed, but you also need to quite flexible in being able to move to different locations? #UKEdChat
  85. @ukedchat Less measured, more timely! Duration of posts have varied, achieving different career goals each time.
  86. @ukedchat @gazneedle If you want to lead in ed people say 'enjoy the teachings first' but in the private sector those no expectation that you should wait to lead
  87. @Teaching_Mr_T @gazneedle Do you think that business and the education sector are similar beasts? #UKEdChat
  88. @ukedchat True. But by "cultures" I mean school cultures not only international experience, although that would provide an good non-liner path!
  89. @goodman_ang You must share your story at some point #UKEdChat It will inspire others
  90. @goodman_ang @UKEdSch #UKEdChat Guessing most won't share actual set backs and the measures taking to moving on. A mentor is the 1st step for me.
  91. @ukedchat Your passion for helping the children against the pres of targets etc can be daunting but u need to remember what u r doing it 4 #UKEdChat
  92. @ukedchat For me it was quite difficult but I was determined & eventually found a school who was willing to give me a chance & support me. #ukedchat
  93. @gazneedle @ukedchat I agree. I feel like I can't be open about being driven in ed. I don't step on people to get places, I listen & learn from others #UKEdChat
  94. Taught abroad for a while. Had reverse culture shock when I got back for a while. Maybe should've stayed abroad! #UKEdChat
  95. Sadly, you are probably very correct here Paul #UKEdChat It could be a great resource for those finding difficulties within their career 
  96. @UKEdSch A3 Lucky to have had opportunities at sch. Now part of SLT from starting as a graduate LSA. Not sure about pinnacle yet. #UKEdChat
  97. @ukedchat @gazneedle More and more so on current agendas which I think is a shame, but we already have 'school business managers' #UKEdChat
  98. @Teaching_Mr_T @gazneedle Being driven is good #UKEdChat Think many go into profession to teach, and being thrust into leadership is a shock
  99. #UKEdChat - Question 5

What are the key skills teachers gain over time, and how are these transferable outside the profession?
    #UKEdChat - Question 5 What are the key skills teachers gain over time, and how are these transferable outside the profession?
  100. @UKEdSch #UKEdChat Completely agree, and like all things in life: nothing goes smoothly
  101. @UKEdSch For me a change in SLT, followed by change in school, along with a very supportive husband were key to moving forward #UKEdChat
  102. @PaulWat5 It does for some people, it seems, who have no problems progressing #UKEdChat Plenty of back-stabbing goes on though usually!
  103. @UKEdSch Experience as a teacher. I believe you need to have been there and done the job to lead. #UKEdChat
  104. @Teaching_Mr_T @gazneedle @ukedchat I've heard of occasions where the opposite is true, that you are deemed strange and unworthy if you don't aspire to be SLT...
  105. @ukedchat PWC, Deloitte are recruiting teachers as they can handle 100s of communications a day, multiple deadlines and work under pressure #UKEdChat
  106. @ukedchat Possibly but for me it was difficult to get past the application phase due to reasons for leaving & 6mths unemployment. #ukedchat
  107. @ukedchat @gazneedle Many schools have multi million pound budgets, there's has to be an element of business minded leadership but not run for profit #UKEdChat
  108. @UKEdSch A5 Dealing with ppl, mentoring, responding to change, adapting to new situations/children, being resilient + organising workload. #UKEdChat
  109. @UKEdSch #UKEdChat I think we all have set backs. People miss huge parts of their child's upbringing or relationships suffer, some hide it is all
  110. @UKEdSch Thinking ahead, visualising, finding solutions to problems, forward planning, being empathetic. Skills useful in many jobs #UKEdChat
  111. @Teaching_Mr_T Do you have a link about that you can share with us please? #ukedchat
  112. #UKEdChat - Question 6

What is the best advice you would offer teachers just stepping onto the teaching career ladder now?
    #UKEdChat - Question 6 What is the best advice you would offer teachers just stepping onto the teaching career ladder now?
  113. @ukedchat At PwC we recognise that spending 2 years teaching in challenging circumstances will give you the skills you need #ukedchat
  114. @ukedchat Don't be afraid to ask for help. Seek guidance when needed. #UKEdChat
  115. @ukedchat Finally. Find a good school and a good SLT. The right surroundings are vital to success. #UKEdChat
  116. 1 something really ironic, when I stepped down from AHT, the time and space I got helped me consolidate my thinking at leadership #ukedchat
  117. @ukedchat Be true to what you believe, many people will try and pull you either way #UKEdChat
  118. 2 ... level. So many don't get that reflection space and steam through, sometimes blinkered. #ukedchat
  119. @ukedchat A6 Learn from your mistakes. Everyone makes them. Don't be too hard on yourself. Talk to colleagues you trust, they can help you #UKEdChat
  120. @ukedchat Q6 #UKEdChat other than "run... run, now!"?? 😉 Use Twitter, go to free events like teachmeets, don't try and do it all too soon - enjoy it!
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  122. I would say take time to consolidate your skills and exp at each level of management and leadership. You could be a head 1/2 #ukedchat
  123. 2/2 in 10 years or less but perhaps less effective (therefore frustrated) because of a short journey to get there. #UKEdChat