UKEdChat is all about teachers sharing their classroom practice with colleagues globally, to help develop teaching and learning.

We love sharing your classroom, workload, or leadership stories. Sharing with the UKEdChat is a great way to build your networks, whilst also showcasing the amazing work you do on a daily basis.

It can be surprising that the most of mundane daily actions, we do as teachers, can be an inspirational idea to others

We invite you to write for us in the following ways:

  1. If you already write about the classroom with your own blog, we welcome re-blog submissions on the website, and then promote the article through our popular social media channels, helping you build and develop your own personal learning network. Scroll down this page for further information. If you don’t have your own personal blog, but just fancy writing for us, please see information by clicking here.
  2. Get yourself published in a recognisably popular teaching and learning magazine – The UKEdMagazine is read each month by over 25,000, and we welcome original articles to be considered in the publication. You will be guided through the process by the editor, Martin Burrett. Have an idea? Click here to submit your article proposal, and Martin will be in touch with guidance and deadline date information.
  3. We are building online teaching and development courses on the UKEd.Academy website, offering certified training to teachers globally, supporting common and popular training needs. We offer guidance on writing a course for teachers, and you receive a percentage of the course fee, where applicable (you can set the course cost). Interested? Click here for more information.
  4. Have you made a fantastic classroom resource that helps support the teaching and learning in your classroom? Share resources with other educators globally, by simply uploading the resource to your DropBox or Google Drive, and sharing the information with us to share via our UKEdResources, which is supported by the popular @UKEdChat social media accounts. These are your resources, and we believe that you should retain control of them, especially if you are sharing them freely with colleagues. Click here to read the guidance, and to upload your resources to be shared with the UKEdChat communities.

Of course, you can also get involved with the popular UKEdPodcast – just drop us a message

Re-blog your blog post to the UKEdChat Communities

We’re changing the way you can re-blog your posts

Our re-blogging feature has been a great way for educators to share their classroom ideas, practice, resources, and pedagogy over the last few years, and we have published over 1,000 stories helping promote such innovation.

Regular re-bloggers recognise the facility as a great way to share their stories to our vast global network, along with helping grow communities and making connections with individuals across the globe.

To make the process even easier, we are now inviting writers to register an account with the website, create a user-profile, so that all re-blogs correctly attribute the author, allowing for even greater recognition to our networks. Once registered, verified users can re-blog (or guest write) articles directly onto the website (subject to the conditions below, and editorial approval), which are given greater priority and consideration that those submitted via the online form.

We fully acknowledge that some writers need to stay anonymous, therefore the Google Form will remain live, otherwise we invite all educational writers and re-bloggers to register an account and publish directly onto the UKEdChat website.

The sign-up steps are simple:

  • On the menu bar above, click the arrow next to ‘My Profile‘, and then click ‘Register‘ to proceed.
  • Once verified, click the drop-down ‘My Profile’ arrow, and ‘Create an article’. You can then copy/paste text directly onto the form.


The original submission form is now located on the next page

If you wish to write a Guest Post exclusively for UKEdChat, please click here.

We select blog posts that, we feel, will inspire the UKEdChat Community that:

  • Help develop classroom ideas.
  • Pedagogy.
  • Resources for teachers at all phases of education.
  • Classroom ideas that worked for you.
  • Learning!

We avoid publishing:

  • Rants! – Writing can help get those frustrations off your chest, but these are best placed on your own website.
  • Open Letters – Especially to government ministers. Our site is visited by teachers beyond the borders of your country, so try to word your blog post that can help teachers generally.
  • Offensive Language.
  • Blogs that link back to commercial sites.
  • Blog entries that are overly political.

Please complete the form on the next page, or click here if the form is not loading.

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